The Nanny S02, Ep05 – The Curse of the Grandmas

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: The Curse of the Grandmas
Original Air Date: October 10, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Does anyone know what today is?
Niles: Another one of your colorful holidays involving plague?

* Fran: You’re just gonna have to earn a merit badge to find out.

* Fran: How would you feel is you were old and alone and forgotten? Oh, bad example.

* Niles: I am guessing the field trip was less than a success considering there was a body count.

* Max: Miss Fine, you’ve barely spoken a word to me in 12 hours. It’s beginning to scare me.

* Grandma Yetta: See honey, you’re not a jinx cuz I’m not dead and I wish I was.

* Fran: Look at me, I’m hanging on every word like you’re Yoda.

* CC: I can’t walk down the aisle alone.
Niles: I say prepare for the inevitable.

Synopsis: Fran and Grace get ready for her Red Robin Troop meeting. Max asks Fran if she’s available Saturday night. She thinks he’s remembered it’s her one year anniversary. Now Fran is leading a troop meeting. Maggie and Brighton come downstairs to head out and shop. Fran tells the troop they are going to her grandma’s retirement home and going to adopt a grandma. CC doesn’t agree with the idea. They arrive at the home and each go find their grandma. Grandma Yetta doesn’t recognize Fran. Grace comes over to Fran. Her adopted grandma passed away. Back at the house, all the Red Robin’s go home. Grace is a little upset. The doorbell rings and its one of the Red Robin moms. She’s trying to steal Niles. Later, Maggie and Brighton are still discussing a gift for Fran. Fran goes into Max’s office. She tells him about the woman wanting Niles. He tells her he gets a call nearly every day. Fran also learns that Max and CC are going to New York Saturday night. Fran gets Grace ready for their next trip to the retirement home. She has a new grandma for Grace. Max comes in and he’s clueless. When they get to the home, Fran assures Grace her new grandma is healthy. They learn she’s dead. The rest of the residents think Grace is a jinx and run for it. Now Grand Yetta is her adopted grandma. Grandma Yetta notices Fran’s upset. But doesn’t help the situation. At the house, Max and CC get ready for their trip. Niles finally clues him in to why Fran is upset. As Max talks it out he realizes he’s screwed for forgetting Fran’s one-year anniversary. It’s Saturday night. Fran yells for the kids, as Max won the award. They watch him give his acceptance speech. Her wishes her a happy anniversary and CC faints. Back at the house, Max thanks her again.


The Nanny S02, Ep04 – Material Fran

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Material Fran
Original Air Date: October 3, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Grace: I just don’t know if I can sleep alone.
Fran: Oh, don’t worry, you get use to it.

* Fran: I don’t know what they expect from me these are hands, not wands.

* Grace: Let’s face it, I’m codependent and teddy is my enabler.

* Kathy: He rear ended me.
Val: I’m not into that.
Kathy: Now I remember you.

* Fran: Oh well, I might be old but the noodle is sharp as a tack.

* CC: I wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.
Niles: You’d have to be dead six months to fit into it.

* Niles: Either Miss Fine’s date with Theo went well or we are hosting the wake.

* Max: Miss Fine, aren’t you a little overdressed for breakfast?

* Fran: How could you nap with $19.95 a pound staring you in the face.

Synopsis: Fran’s looking through the personals. Gracie comes downstairs. She doesn’t want to go to a sleepover. She’s worried they’ll make fun of her teddy bear. Later, CC comes in going on about a luncheon. Maggie wants to go to a concert but she wants Fran to ask her dad for tickets. In the living room, CC introduces Maxwell Sheffield. Fran enters the party. She recognizes someone as a high school classmate. CC nearly chokes Fran. In the kitchen, Fran tries to console Grace. Val comes over and they talk about Kathy. Kathy pops into the kitchen and catches up with Fran and Val. She sets Fran up with a rich guy. Maggie asks Fran again to ask Max for the concert tickets. Fran plays him easily. Fran’s date arrives. He looks more like her grandfather’s age. Fran is a bit shocked and has trouble keeping it together. The next morning the house is filled with flowers. Miss Fine walks into the breakfast room. She’s decked out in a tiara. Everyone is a bit shocked by it. The doorbell rings and Theo has arrived. He’s whisking her off to Paris for dinner. On the plane, Kathy and her husband are there too. Fran gets quite excited over lobster on the plane. Back at the mansion, Val and Fran are confused as to which tower leans. Fran announces she is breaking up with Theo. Val pretty much calls her an idiot. Somehow, they start talking about soap operas. Max comes in and asks about the concert tickets. He says everything she is telling Val and doesn’t realize it. Fran sends all Theo’s gifts back. It’s now the night of the concert. Fran and Max aren’t having fun so they get food. They both talk about how old they feel at this concert. Max spots Theo at the concert and low and behold he’s with CC. It’s now the night of the sleepover and Fran is dropping Grace off. They all have teddy bears and Grace nearly faints. They take a momentary leave to go get the bear.

The Nanny S02, Ep03 – Everyone Needs a Bubby

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Everyone Needs a Bubby
Original Air Date: September 26, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: You should have seen her with the Chippendale’s. Her entire Social Security check went down a G string.
Max: As lucrative as that sounds, I have to get back to work.

* Sylvia: She’s not married. She all alone!!

* Max: Can’t she stay with your mother?
Fran: No, the big cats can’t share a cage.

* Max: Well Miss Fine, seems I underestimated your booby.
Fran: That’s bubby, no one’s ever underestimated my booby.

* Fran: Well, I was right. She was smoking.

* Fran: Are you out of your mind??!! This is the Sheffield house, no one has sex in this house!!

* Max: You knew about this?
Niles: Yes, my room is directly below theirs. Bravo!

* Fran: Oh boy, here she comes now, devil with the blue hair on.

* Grandma Yetta: Hotpants? Tell her to go for it? What am I senile? Your husband would throw me out of the house!

* Max: Please Miss Fine, I’m just not in the mood.
Fran: Wow, no man’s ever said that to me before.

Synopsis: Gracie worries about the end of the world and Brighton doesn’t help matters. Fran, Sylvia and Grandma Yetta come back from a play. They are all over the place. Sylvia is complaining how bad her feet her, turns out she grabbed the shoes of the woman sitting next to her. Sylvia has to rub in the fact that Fran’s not married. Grandma Yetta discovers that she has someone else’s purse. Grandma Yetta’s home is being fumigated so she winds up staying with Fran, Max and the kids. In Max’s office, CC gushes at Max. However, when she takes a call for Maggie she doesn’t know who Maggie is. Fran and Niles come in. She tells him about Grandma Yetta’s situation. Max goes too far with the jokes though Max winds up caving in and letting her stay. The next day, Max brings Fran a video he found in Maggie’s room. Maggie had a date earlier and is still on the porch. Max ends the date. The next day at breakfast, Niles is concerned about the fight between Max and Maggie. Maggie comes in singing a different tune. Maggie wants to go out with Greg again and with Fran’s prompting gets to go. They smell a fire and everyone runs upstairs. Max kicks opens the door to her room. They find Yetta in bed with a man. The burning smell is coming from some bagels in a toaster oven. After Max finishes yelling, Fran takes her turn. In the hall they both freak out together. In the kitchen, CC walks in and gloats. He tells her about Grandma Yetta getting some loving last night. She leaves depressed. Fran complains to Niles about Grandma Yetta. Gracie comes in. They learn that Grandma Yetta told Gracie to go for it, not Maggie. Fran goes looking for Max and finds him on the porch. She tells him about the Grandma Yetta mix up. They go back inside where Max continues to freak out. She tries to calm him. She then sends him to bed. When Maggie comes in Fran yells at her but what Maggie tells her calms her.

The Nanny S02, Ep02 – The Playwright

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: The Playwright
Original Air Date: September 19, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: It’s not my place, God will punish you.

* Fran: Brighton that was very mean. Now look what you’ve done. You’ve made her wheeze.

* Fran: It’s never too late to right a wrong that you’ve done to another human being.

* Fran: Oh Jeffrey, what have you been doing since high school?
Jeffery: Shock therapy.

* Fran: Do I sound like I’m coming down with a cold?
Niles: Constantly.

* Fran: I don’t think I’d be comfortable sitting on wooden balls. At least not on the first date.

* Fran: Jeffery, I think I pulled a hustle muscle.

* Fran: See you did the right thing and God smiled on you. God, Maybelline and half a box of Kleenex.

* Brooke: I don’t need an A I want to see what a D feels like.

Synopsis: Fran sorts laundry and finds some sexy male underwear. She thinks it’s Max’s but its Niles. Brighton comes in with Brooke, his science partner. There is a dance coming up and neither have a date. Fran tells a scary story about going to a dance with a kid with two left feet. At school, Brighton says something about Fran that she does not appreciate. Brooke comes up and his friends make fun of her. Then Brighton is mean to her and she wheezes. They take a cab home. The driver turns out to be a classmate of Fran’s. Jeffrey tells them all about what he went through. He asks her out again. It’s now the day of Fran’s date and she is trying to get out of it. CC comes in begging Max to do something. Fran tells a story about a hernia truss. Maggie is taking Grace to ballet class. She likes the teacher. Fran arrives at the restaurant. While they talk, he tells her he’s written a play. He returns some makeup to her that a teacher took. He asks her to do the hustle with him. So she agrees. They get applause. He totally proposes. She turns him down and he goes out on the ledge. She tells him she works for Maxwell Sheffield to try and stop him from jumping. Fran runs in the door and beelines to Max’s office. She tells him about her date threatening to kill himself. They all ask about a different story she might have told him. At the restaurant Max is trying to read the play. Max loves the play. Jeffrey gets so excited he falls off the ledge. Thankfully, he lands safely in a mountain of garbage. It’s now the night of the dance. Brooke arrives and Brighton is shocked. As they leave Maggie comes down the stairs. Fran has a chat with her.

The Nanny S02, Ep01 – Fran-Lite

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: Fran-Lite
Original Air Date: September 12, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: All work and no play
Niles: Makes the man rich enough to pay our salaries.

* Fran: Well what could be so humiliating about being smaller in a locker room?

* Fran: Oh he’s so naïve. I hope he doesn’t come walking out with RuPaul.

* Fran: The man’s got a life and I don’t. It’s a world gone mad.

* Miss Babcock: Good God, it’s multiplying.

* Fran: If anyone knows what a sweaty man smells like, it’s me.

Synopsis: It’s the first day of school and Fran and Niles are thrilled. After the kids leave Niles destroys the Nintendo. Fran is looking at the list of most eligible bachelors and Max has moved up to number three. He’s not amused. The kids come home and the noise returns with them. Gracie is excited about school. Brighton comes in very unhappy. Fran goes to check on him. When he tells her what is wrong, she misunderstands. Fran goes straight to Mr. Sheffield. It takes him a few minutes to catch on. Once he understands he’s distressed. Mr. Sheffield tries to talk to Brighton and it goes badly. Val is over. She and Fran have plans. They invite him to join him. He decides he doesn’t want to go. They egg him on and he decides to go with them. Mr. Sheffield gets into the club, but Fran and Val are left standing in line. Max comes out and tells them he met someone. He brings her out. She looks and sounds like Fran. At the house, Max is getting ready to go out with Leslie again. Niles is curious what she looks like. When he opens the door he does a double and triple take. He runs for Miss Babcock. Niles drags her in the living room to show her the Fran twins. CC is horrified. Niles can’t resist. He has to ask Max if Leslie reminds him of someone. But he gets it wrong. In the living room the two twins are having a blast. Fran is excited for them as they leave. It is driving Niles insane that no one sees how similar she is to Fran. Brighton comes in actually totally normal and Fran suspects something. He didn’t go to gym class. She goes to check on him. He starts talking about how he’d need to grow another foot to be equal to the other guys. Now she’s in territory she can handle. Later than night, Fran is watching at the door because Mas isn’t home yet. Max comes home. He tells her that they have broken up. He thanks her for reminding him that he’s still alive.

The Nanny S01, Ep22 – I Don’t Remember Mama

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: I Don’t Remember Mama
Original Air Date: May 16, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Trust no one.

* Fran: I’m a fake? Let she who is without silicon cast the first stone.

* CC: Nanny Fine’s pageant has turned into a complete disaster. Niles break out the bubbly.

* Niles (to CC): You have no power here. Be gone before someone drops a house on you.

* Grace: Me and Fran are going to kick some country club butt.

Synopsis: Fran is getting ready for Mother’s Day. She’s converting some old videos for her mom. She asks Niles about how they celebrate it and finds out that Max tries to distract everyone on that day. This year they join a country club. There is a Mother/daughter pageant on Mother’s Day and Max doesn’t want them to be in it. He’s afraid she’ll be hurt. At the house, Fran and Grace are practicing a magic trick. Grace is going to saw Fran in half. While she is stuck in the box she talks to the kids about their Mom. She is cut in half and CC is thrilled. CC decides to be a jerk and spins her around. It’s now the day of the competition and they check out the rest of the entrants. The talent part begins. They take a break and one of the other girls comes to chat with Grace. Grace tells her that Fran is her nanny. The mother of that child goes into a rage over it. Grace is forced to admit that she doesn’t have a mother because she died and runs off upset. At the house, Max finds Niles juggling. He’s hiding from CC. She hunts him down. However, she falls on the oranges that Niles was juggling. Grace and Fran come running in and Max wants to know what’s going on. CC is delighted. Max goes to check on Grace. Fran then talks…too much. Grace tells them she is upset because she doesn’t remember her mother. Max tells her how much her mother loved her and apologizes for not telling her that more often. It’s now the talent show again. Fran and Grace do a puppet show. After the puppet show they head back stage and meet Patti LaBelle. She and her daughter are in the pageant too. She sings with her daughter. They win first runner up. At the house, they watch family videos of Fran. Max comes in with a video of their mother.

The Nanny S01, Ep21 – Frannie’s Choice

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: Frannie’s Choice
Original Air Date: April 27, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Everyone’s got their own life but me.

* Fran: Happy is not a good color on that woman.

* Max: No one could ever replace you Miss Fine.

* Fran: Do we have to tell the children?
Max: I think they’ll notice you’re missing.

* Max: The incredible thing was you let her get away.
Niles: Yes, I was remarkably stupid, wasn’t I sir?

* Max: You think it’s easy for us to watch you walk out that door and throw your life away on that Neanderthal.

Synopsis: Fran is fixing a teddy bear for Grace. Max comes in in a tuxedo. Niles runs off to his butler’s meeting. Everyone heads out but Fran. Val pops over. Val tells her that Danny broke up with Heather and has been asking about her. She will talk to him, and be the one to do the dumping. Val gets Danny to come out. The kids are with Fran as well. He tries to apologize and fails miserably. He starts kissing her. She turns to leave and he proposes to her. She tells him she has to think about it. Fran goes to her mother to tell her the good news. But her mom thinks it’s Max who proposed. When she tells her it’s Danny her mom is not happy. They talk about dating. Fran is unsure, she just keeps thinking about the kids. She decides to marry Danny. Back at the house, Niles is very upset about losing Fran. Niles makes Fran tell Max she is getting married. CC is so excited she practically offers to pay for everything. Max is upset that she is marrying Danny after how he treated her. But he offers to pay for her honeymoon. She doesn’t want to tell the kids, but Max makes her. The kids get upset. CC starts singing and everyone runs for it. Max starts interviewing nannies to replace Fran. Max keeps comparing the applicants to Fran. Niles tells him a story to try and get him to wake up. It’s the day of Fran’s leaving. CC comes in singing and happy. Fran comes down the stairs with her make up bag. The doorbell rings and Danny yells through the door. He comes in for introductions. Danny and Fran have a little fight. Grace wrote a poem for Fran. Everyone pretends to be happy for her except Brighton. The truth comes out. Fran doesn’t want to go. Fran dumps him. Then he hits on CC. Fran stays and they all go out to celebrate.

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