The Nanny S02, Ep18 – The Nanny Behind The Man

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 18
Title: The Nanny Behind The Man
Original Air Date: January 23, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Why shouldn’t he do it? His shows are just as good.
Max: As good as Phantom of the Opera?
Fran: uh huh

* Fran: Honey, it’s the 90s, le geek say chic.

* Fran: You want to set him up with Cindy Crawford? I don’t know. From Richard Gere to Yosemite Sam.

* Dakota: Give me an uptight, alcoholic spinster and I’ll give you a play.
Niles (points at CC): Ta-da!

* CC: It’s your fault! Maxwell let’s kill her.
Max: CC, I prefer to do this without any witnesses.

* Max: Miss Fine, I could just kiss you.
Fran: Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

* Niles: Miss Fine you have more lives than Garfield.

* Yetta: Hold it, this was business? I’m just a cheap, tawdry sex toy?

Synopsis: Fran compliments Grace for writing a letter to the president. CC and Max come into the living room fighting over a play. He doesn’t want Andrew Lloyd Webber getting it. Fran lies and tells him his plays are better than his.

In the kitchen, Maggie doesn’t want to get help from a geek. Fran explains it’s all the rage. She gives her a progression: pocket protecter, software company, house in Malibu. Max comes in and he’s setting up a dinner with the play’s writer. He wants to set him up with Cindy Crawford, but Fran is not onboard.

It’s now the night of the dinner. Everything is set up. CC starts kissing up to him. She walks right into a Niles zinger. Fran giggles at the joke. Dakota hears it and is captivated by her. He thinks Fran is his date. However, Fran has actually set him up with Grandma Yetta. Max is livid.

Max is practically in tears. CC comes in the kitchen. She’s furious. Max yells at her and chases her through the kitchen. They wind up in the living room and find that he’s into Grandma Yetta. Grandma Yetta tries to give CC some lessons on picking up a guy.

The next day, Niles is making breakfast for Yetta. Max is in a fabulous mood. He owns Dakota Williams next play. Yetta joins them for breakfast. Yetta really likes Dak. She tells them they are a great match. And then drops a bomb, that Dakota hasn’t written a word in 20 years. He’s got writers block. Max starts freaking out. Fran comes up with a plan. She needs to get Yetta to dump him.

The two go out to talk to Yetta about dumping Dak, however, the things Max is saying is only good stuff to her. They tell her it was just business and she’s upset.

The next day Maggie is upset. The computer nerd asked her out. Her best friend is going out with a hot football player. Fran gives her a reality check on brain versus braun.

CC arrives and has bad news for Max. She reads the newspaper article to him. Dakota has a new play that he finished in one night. He was inspired to finish his play because Yetta broke up with him. She makes a run for it.

Roger Clinton has stopped by to see Grace on the President’s behalf. Sadly, Grace is not impressed.

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