The Nanny S02, Ep11 – When You Pish Upon a Star

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: When You Pish Upon A Star
Original Air Date: November 21, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

*Jack: Well, well, well. That just leaves me and you.
Maggie: Not unless that head screws off and you put on Jason Preistly’s.

*Fran: As long as you’re under my roof –Ma, stop throwing your voice.

* CC: I could kill you. I could rip out your heart with my bare hands.

* Max: You are going to rectify this situation.
Fran: Wow, that sounds painful.

* Max: You hear that sucking sound? That’s the sound of investors pulling money out of my show.

* Fran: Don’t you feel good?
Max: I feel poor. I feel good and poor.

Synopsis: CC is pushing Max to hire a young actor. Fran goes on and on about the kid. The discussion turns very similar to their life. Later, Fran and the kids watch the Royal Flush show to see the kid. Max is not happy they are watching the show, when Jack is set to arrive. He couldn’t care less about Max, he’s got eyes for Fran. Jack pinches her and she finds it amusing. He tries to make a pass at Maggie, but she stops him cold. In the kitchen, Niles makes CC pudding with expired milk. Meanwhile, Jack has brought some ladies home with him. Fran is not happy and kicks them out. She and Jack have a little dust up. Fran is losing her mind over Jack. Niles sides with him due to the tips. She heads into Max’s office and he’s over the moon with thanks for Fran. He’s so overjoyed that he kisses Fran because of all the money pouring in. However, Jack comes in the office and says he’s quitting. He leaves but then comes back in to thank Fran. When Jack drops the bomb that she is why he’s quitting, CC explodes. Max finally loses his temper. He informs her she’ll be getting all dressed up and take Jack to an expensive restaurant and get him back on board. At the restaurant Fran is very star struck but some of the actors eating there. She loses it over Bob Barker. Fran tries to convince him not to quit. Fran tries to console him. At the mansion, Max is depressed as his investors are pulling out of his show. Fran tells Max he’s doing the right thing by letting him out of his contract. Suddenly, a tabloid show pops up. He’s staying with the tv show and getting a massive raise. Later, Bob Barker stops over.

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