The Nanny S02, Ep15 – Kindervelt Days

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: Kindervelt Days
Original Air Date: January 2, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Val: Maybe she’s still single.
Fran: Val, you’re confusing her with us.

* Max: Niles, get that hideous thing off the terrace.
Niles (to CC): Mr. Sheffield wants you to get off the terrace.

* Max: You’re sitting on John Malkovich.
Fran: I don’t hear him complaining.

* Fran: Come on Mr. Sheffield what do you say?
Max: Goodbye?

* Fran: Yep Niles, in the old days you could hallucinate a date.

* Max: Miss Fine!!
Fran: What have you got me lojacked?

* Max: Stop it CC! You’ve been driving me crazy all week!! Now smoke!!!!

* Fran: I can’t believe this, my hair came out too big and my dress too small.

* Val: You can’t wear a helmet all night, Fran.
Fran: Why, Madonna wears two traffic cones strapped to her chest.

Synopsis: Fran’s Mom, Fran and the kids go through Sylvia’s storage room. She’s going to convert it to a den for her dad. Sylvia finds an old wig of Morty’s and puts it on Brighton. Fran finds a Win a Date with Eric Estrada form that she filled out but her mom never mailed. Fran brings home a fake lemon tree. Val is there too. She asks what Fran is going to wear to the reunion. Fran doesn’t want to go unless she has a hot date. Max walks in and starts talking about the things she is saying. Maggie got a pair of platforms from Fran. She falls. Max makes CC smoke outside. Niles, happily, insults her. Fran pops into Max’s office. She asks him about her camp reunion on Friday night. He makes an excuse and says if it were any other day. She gets him by telling him its actually Saturday. Fran then tries to guilt trip him into going when he turns her down. Fran then asks Niles, who also turns her down. Meanwhile, Max is upset that Andrew Lloyd Weber got a play he’s been trying to get. Niles points out that is how Fran feels about her camp rival. Max then decides that he’s going to take her to her reunion. In the living room, Fran tries her platforms back on and demonstrates her disco whistle. The platforms take her down. The doorbell rings and all three kids run to answer it. When the door opens its Eric Estrada. Fran realizes it’s him and falls backwards over the couch. He gallantly rescues her. The kids tell her he’s there to see her as they send in her entry form. He offers to take her to her reunion. She’s beyond excited. Max comes out and announces that he will take her to the reunion. Max listens to her talk on the phone to Val and thinks Fran is describing him. In the kitchen, Niles congratulates CC on quitting smoking with multiple baked goods. Later, Fran comes back and Max catches her. Niles then throws a pizza in front of CC too. Max hands Fran a paper that Brighton wrote. It’s clearly copied. In the living room, CC is tapping insanely and Max snaps. He screams at her she’s been driving him crazy and to go smoke. Sylvia and Fran come down the stairs. Eric pulls up on a Harley to take her to the reunion. At the reunion, Fran doesn’t want to take off her helmet. When she announces Eric Estrada everyone pushes her out of the way. Val gets her to take off the helmet and her hair is flat. Eric walks over and tells her that he’s leaving to take his wife and kids to see Beauty and the Beast. Her rival shows up right after Eric leaves. She tells her to wait so she can show off her finance. Judy brings him over. Fran starts to stutter and quote a song. Max shows up. He makes it sound as if they are together. Max introduces himself and Judy’s fiancé breaks into song. And tells Judy’s real name, Kent. Max asks her to dance. Fran asks Max what he’s doing there. He tells her he got the call from Eric’s manager. He shows off his dance skills. Then decides to give them an eye full. As he dips her, her dress rips.

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