The Nanny S02, Ep17 – The Will

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: The Will
Original Air Date: January 16, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Every story has to have a moral? What am I, Mother Goose?

* Niles: I know something you don’t know.
CC: I’m not the least bit interested Niles.
Niles: Nanny Fine is in the will.
CC: What??!!

* Fran: Oh honey, to you he’s an obnoxious brother but to other little girls he’s 79 pounds of pure studmuffin.
Grace: Ew.

* Fran: Val, I’m gonna be a widow.

* Max: You’re actually insane. Have those chemicals you use to color your hair finally seeped into your brain?

Synopsis: Everyone is eating breakfast but somehow the topic turns to death. Grace joins them an announces she has a new friend. Max is going to the doctor to get a physical. Fran tells a story about a cousin who got run over by a wheat germ bus. Meanwhile, in Max’s office, Niles informs CC that Fran is in the will and she is not. She loses it. She asks what he left her in the will. Niles tells her it’s the kids. She is suddenly no longer mad. Fran and Max enter. Max is excited. He’s got Doug Emerson coming to diner. Niles and CC leave. Max tells Fran he has an important proposal to make. She thinks he’s going to propose. He then tells her that he’d like to put it in his will that she continues to be the children’s nanny if something happens to him. In the living room, Fran gives some dating advice to Grace’s friend. Brighton comes home and her new friend is smitten. CC goes in the kitchen and asks Niles to pour her some more tea. He ignores her until Max comes in the kitchen. She doesn’t know Max came in and she rips Niles. Max is not amused and calls her out for how she is yelling at Niles. Max gives him a strict menu for their dinner guest. Val finds the menu that is heart safe. They think it’s Max’s. Fran finds Grace in the living room. Brighton kicks Erica out of the bathroom. Max enters the foyer with a large box and Frank freaks out. She tries to take the box away and its far too heavy. She falls straight down on it and Max’s foot. He asks her again about the will, then smells a rose. Fran starts crying. They start talking about dead relatives. Val’s cousin just redid his funeral parlor. He took over the Chines restaurant next door. Max comes in the kitchen and greets Val. The doorbell rings and saves him from the weird questions. At the dinner, Fran can’t hold it together and cries. Maggie tries to help but makes it worse. Max asks her to pass the salt. As he pours on the salt, she tries to blow it away. Then when Niles tries to give Max Hollandaise sauce, Fran actually sticks out her hands and then pretends she uses it as moisturizer. Max loses his patience and throws her over his shoulder and hauls her into the kitchen. She freaks out Max. She then throws the menu in his face. He explains it’s Emerson’s diet. He tells her he’s in perfect health. She’s beyond relieved. Fran then actually explains that she’s been putting all of Max’s sauce, butter and cream on his plate. They wind up in the ER. CC appears and she says all is well, the check cleared. The doctor comes out and tells Max that Emerson is fine. The stress of everything has made Fran decide to sign the will and be the caretaker of the kids if Max dies. Back at the house, she signs the paperwork. Max tries to open his wall safe to secure the will and he forgets the last digit. Fran and Niles both tell him right 42. Another day, Maggie comes home with a friend. Bright is so smitten he faints.

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