The Nanny S02, Ep20 – Lamb Chop’s on the Menu

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: Lamb Chop’s on the Menu
Original Air Date: February 13, 1995

Favorite Quotes:

* Max: I’m producing a film with a sock?
CC: Maxwell, last year that sock topped $100 million in merchandising.

* Fran: Mr. Sheffield, don’t snub the lamb she’s the whole show.

* Fran: You have the feeling Lamb Chop’s fleece is not as white as snow?

* Niles: how about Woolitte on the rocks?
Lamb Chop: I work alone, Benson.

* Fran: Now he’s upset the lamb. You better go over and pet her.
Max: Miss Fine, I’m not petting a puppet.

* Max: Take it off.
Niles: Three words she doesn’t hear often (fist bumps Lamb Chop).

* Fran: Val, Chester ate Lamb Chop.

Synopsis: Fran enters Max’s office and lets him know she has to take her mom to the bunion center. CC has to find a kennel for her dog while her floors get redone. Fran volunteers to watch Chester. The next day, Maggie comes home from school excited about a boy. Fran gets rids of him by telling him it’s a female thing. CC arrives with Chester. He gives Fran all kinds of love. CC tells Max she landed them some movie rights and he doesn’t seem interested. She got them the rights to “Lamb Chop, the Movie.” Max is not impressed. CC tells him just how much money Lamp Chop makes and suddenly he’s happy. Later, Max is yelling because there is poop from the dog on his shoe. Chester pooped under his desk. The doorbell rings and suddenly Max screams. He found more dog poop. Fran opens the door and it’s Sherry Lewis and Lamb Chop. Max comes out and greets Sherry Lewis but ignores Lamb Chop. Fran makes him greet Lamb Chop. Grace meets Lamb Chop. CC arrives and apologizes for being late. Lamb Chop freaks out when she sees her coat. It’s a fur coat made of New Zealand Lamb. Lamb Chop dramatically faints. She’s forced to take off the coat. The Lamb Chop puppet makes a pass at Max. In the kitchen, Fran is concerned about Chester. Maggie comes in very excited. Before Fran assumes anything she asks what’s going on. The guy she likes asked her out to a movie. Fran, Val and Chester go to Sherry’s room to see the puppet. Val freak out because Lamb chop is not on the bed anymore. Chester has the puppet in his mouth. They try to catch him but it’s too late. Chester has eaten Lamb chop. Fran talks to Niles in the kitchen and tells him what happened. Niles, instead, makes a bad joke. They start joking but don’t realize that CC walked in the kitchen. Fran hands off Chester and she and CC race to get to Max first. CC shoves Brighton out of the way. Grace is aware there is a race and gives her water. As she gets to Max’s office, the door slams in her face. Max is frighteningly quiet. It is CC’s dog, but Fran was responsible. Max comes in the kitchen and freaks out. Fran is trying to make a replica of Lamb Chop. Sherry comes in and she is not impressed with the makeover that Fran did. Sherry says it’s not her Lamb Chop. Fran throws CC under the bus. Fran yells CC’s dog at Lamb Chop. As Niles folds the laundry, he finds the real Lamb Chop and everyone is happy, except for Lamb Chop. The puppet is outraged and they start to leave. Fran tells Max he will have to get Miss Piggy to do his project. Lamb Chop is not happy about Miss Piggy. So she decides to talk. Lamb Chop kicks Fran, CC and even Sherry out of the meeting.

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