The Nanny S02, Ep26 – Fran Gets Mugged

Show: The Nanny

Season: 2 Episode: 26

Title: Fran Gets Mugged

Original Air Date: May 22, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Brighton: I don’t want to wear some stupid, wire rimmed here comes Urkel glasses. Which happen to look excellent on you dad.

* Max: I just said the same bloody thing and she just nearly bit my head off.

Niles: It’s all in the delivery, sir.

* Fran: Please tell me that MacBeth is something you eat with McFries.

* Max: That document lasted 350 years before it met you.


Max’s Uncle died and left him a piece of Shakespeare. CC is overjoyed as it will make them a hit. Fran and Brighton come in fighting. Brighton doesn’t’ want to pick up his glasses. Then Fran tries to read an invitation and has trouble as well. CC agrees, glasses will cause him to be bullied more. Max offers the town car to pick up the glasses, but Miss Fine wishes to walk. Max asks her to grab the list of errands on his desk and take care of them. But she accidentally grabs the Shakespeare paper. Fran and Brighton are in the park. He is wearing his glasses and sees everything clearly now, including a man who walks up and opens his trench coat, its full of fake watches. He finds a bucket of KFC. Some guy runs up and steals Fran’s purse. They run around screaming. Brighton tries to calm her down, but he faints. Back at the house, Max tries to comfort them both. But she is upset about replacing her credit cards and drivers’ license. She realizes he has her discontinued lipstick. Max calls the police, and a detective arrives. She makes eyes at him. Max asks him about the paperwork. Brighton tells him the thief had a stocking on his head and Fran describes the brand, color and run in the stocking. The detective flirts with her again and leaves. Maggie and Grace are worried about Fran. She then beats a bag of chips with a stick. She and Grace scream at each other. Maggie offers to take Grace to ballet. Niles has come back with the three sprays she requested. He requests to change the label and torture Miss Babcock; Fran agrees and wants pictures. In Max’s office, Niles asks for the Shakespeare to take to the framer. Max yells for Fran. Niles starts to defend her but then he yells too. Max asks her about the Shakespeare, so she retraces her steps and what happened. She then picks up the actual list and realizes she picked up the wrong paper. Max realizes she had the Shakespeare, and it was in her purse that was stolen. CC rushes in announcing the Princes of Wales is even coming to their event. She thought it was just fancy stationary. Max tells CC and she tries to kill Fran. Max just lets it happen. Niles gets a call that they found the robber so Max stops it so Fran can identify him. The detective makes them put on the stockings so she can identify him, it’s number two. Max asks where they go to get the stolen items back. The detective laughs and walks away. Back at the house, Max is pouting. Fran to tries to take his mind off it but just makes it worse. Max starts yelling at Fran about the Shakespeare but gets interrupted by the arrival of the detective. Max gets into an argument with the detective about who Fran really is. Max kicks out the cop. Max takes Fran back to the park to get over her fear. Brighton starts to attack a mine and he runs away. Fran starts screaming, “it’s the mugger!” over and over. However, the real mugger is there picking up trash. Brighton comes back and screams like a girl at seeing the mugger again. He gives Max the piece of Shakespeare back. They finally sit. A man in a trench coat is there, she thinks he’s selling watches but he’s not. Fran and Max comes back form the Shakespeare festival. They enter the house. They have a sort of good night moment, but Fran suddenly hears Niles making noise. The house has been cleaned out. CC comes running in, the alarm company called her. She leaves Niles tied up.

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