The Nanny S02, Ep14 – I’ve Got a Secret

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: I’ve Got a Secret
Original Air Date: December 12, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Is there something you’d like to tell me?
Max: Good night Miss Fine?
Fran: Oh, I don’t know. How was your day? How’s the weather? King Tut in the trench coat?

* Fran: I just came in for a little girl talk.
CC: With Me?
Fran: Yeah, we’re both women. I don’t care what Niles says.

* CC: What is his password?
Max: Busted.

* Maggie: Oh look Brighton’s got a bird. Polly want an afterlife?

Synopsis: The kids are watching a horror movie. Fran sneaks up and scares them. Niles comes in with a pizza. The doorbell rings. Niles opens it and it’s a person with their head completely wrapped in gauze followed by Max. He avoids talking about the person and Fran asks point blank. He won’t go into detail. Fran pops into Max’s office and finds CC. Fran tries to get the name of the houseguest out of her. Fran learns CC doesn’t know either. The two search Max’s office. Max walks in and finds CC going through his laptop. He busts CC. Fran is still there and Max questions her. As she exits, her skirt is stuck in the filing cabinet. In the kitchen, Brighton has a new bird. Niles is worried that it’s life is going to be short. Niles is making food in a blender for the houseguest. She tries to play him for the name of the guest and he already knows. Fran finally breaks into the guest room. The guest is snoring and wearing shades. She starts singing a lullaby song as she tries to figure out who it is. Maggie catches her. Fran even takes off her shades and opens an eye. Max catches her and she tries to make a run for it. They have a fight in the hall. The guest wakes up and walks to the door and tells Fran that her name is Cher. But Fran thinks she is just saying share. Meanwhile, Brighton is trying to teach the bird to say mean things. Max tries to convince Fran to keep her mouth shut about the house guest. Val comes over. Fran can’t stop making Cher references. It gets out and the media swarms the Sheffield house. Max is upset. Brighton comes in and says the bird is talking. It rats out Fran. Both Fran and Val get called in Max’s office. And they get talked to like it’s the principal’s office. Max hold a press conference. It’s actually Fran’s cousin Ira impersonating Cher as a distraction so she can get out of the house. He doesn’t really look like her though, he’s much larger than Cher. The bird’s owner comes to get the bird. He’s the one who blabbed about Cher. It was revenge for Max blabbing about his girlfriend. Max tries to make a run for it but Fran catches him.

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