The Nanny S02, Ep25 – The Chatterbox

Show: The Nanny

Season: 2 Episode: 24

Title: The Chatterbox

Original Air Date: May 15, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Ma, how could you be going through a midlife crisis? What are you going to live to be 130?

* Fran: The bakery didn’t fire you because you’re a woman. They fired you because you ate like a pig.

* Max: Really, Miss Fine. Is a Sweet 16 party just about making your friends hate your guts?


Fran joins the group for breakfast while talking to her mother who thinks she’s going through a midlife crisis. Once Fran is off the phone, she reminds Maggie she has a hair appointment at the Chatterbox. CC arrives and Max asks her if she had a Sweet 16. It’s revealed she didn’t because she had no friends. It’s another day and Fran comes home with the kids. Max is holding auditions and Brighton is upset because he started without. A skinny lady comes in to audition as well. CC is a bit mean. She tells Fran her story, which is similar to Fran’s story. Fran offers to take her with them to the Chatterbox where they need a new shampoo girl. Claude answers the phone at the Chatterbox and informs the caller than cancelling an appointment with Mr. Anthony requires 48 hours’ notice. He doesn’t care that the person died. Meanwhile, Mr. Anthony is doing Sylvia and Yetta’s hair while singing. The three arrive at the salon. Mr. Anthony compliments Fran on her hair conditioning. Then Fran introduces Maggie. After she goes to get a wash, she introduces the skinny actress. She promptly puts her foot in her mouth. He is still kind enough to hire her. Fran checks with Yetta. Sylvia is also getting her nails done. Sylvia thinks she is going to be Mr. Anthony’s new shampoo girl. Fran tries to talk her out of it. While Fran is hugging her mother, the skinny actress thanks Fran for getting her the job. Later, Kim shows Mary Ruth (the skinny actress) the best nail she’s ever painted. Suddenly, there’s a scream. Kim tells her its just a bikini wax. Mary Ruth is distracted by Mr. Anthony. He checks to see that she’s done what she was supposed to do. He lets her stay in the back room till she gets back on her feet. Mimo, Mr. Anthony’s son arrives. Mary Ruth points out his cut. He tells her its normal because his dad owns a beauty parlor. She goes to clean it up and winds up fainting. As she looks for a band aid she finds a photo in a drawer. Mr. Anthony and his son do a small number but he halts as soon as he sees Mary Ruth holding the picture. He’s not happy and threatens to fire her. At the house, Sylvia is screaming at Fran for betraying her. Then Max yells at her. Maggie’s new wig that makes her look 25. His business associate spotted her and called her hot. Fran tries to return the wig and gets told all sales are final. Kim is getting her hair done. Mary Ruth fixed the photo. They discuss relationships. Claude tells Mary Ruth she needs to stay out of it. The two have quite an argument. Mino speaks up and says he wants the picture. Back at the house, Maggie comes down and Max is happy about she looks. Fran comes down in the wig and he likes it. She then asks him about ice cream. He’s now got a second wind and is happy to go get ice cream with Fran. He comes back in after hailing a cab and offers to take her to a movie as well.

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