The Nanny S02, Ep10 – The Whine Cellar

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: The Whine Cellar
Original Air Date: November 14, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Niles: Is there some reason you don’t want your family to handle silverware?
Sylvia: If it’s on a toothpick it’s not fattening.

* Fran: Ma, you gotta stop inhaling when you spray your hair.

* Brighton: This will be a great party, a bunch of old ladies pinching my cheeks.
Maggie: Learn to love it, that’s as close to a woman as you’ll ever get.

* CC: Did I tell you we have a private cottage? And tonight is a full moon.
Fran: I hope she packed a lot of Nair.

* CC: My therapist says I’m obsessed with him.
Fran: How much you have to pay to find that out?

* Fran: Next to Mr. Sheffield all the guys I date seem like morons. Maybe that’s because the guys I date are morons.

* CC: I’m going to wake up one morning a dried-up old spinster.
Fran: If that didn’t bring Niles down, we’re doomed.

* Fran: So Niles, did you let “it” out?
Niles: Yes, and the villagers were not happy.

Synopsis: They are getting ready for Sylvia Fine’s birthday party. She then arrives and pretends to be surprised. Sylvia is suddenly inspired to try and set Maggie up with someone in her family. Max comes down and wishes her a happy birthday. Max and CC won’t make it they are going to see Gene Shallot. Before he leaves he gives two nice wines to the party. They’re in the kitchen getting the sangria ready. Niles is horrified that Fran is using Max’s best burgundy to make it. She cheers him by telling him about one of her cousins. CC storms in quite mad that Max left without her. CC goes down to the wine cellar to pick something out to take. When she goes to leave, the handle comes off the door. Fran comes down looking for her, but lets the door close, trapping them both. Fran tries to fix it and then freaks out. Upstairs, the party is in full swing. Grandma Yetta gets Brighton into a little scam. Grandma Yetta wants it all split 50/50. Fran and CC are trapped in the cellar. Fran wants to do CC’s hair, but she is not interested. When Fran starts to sing 99 Bottles of Beer…she caves in and lets Fran do her hair. They have some drunken girl talk. Sylvia comes in the kitchen worried about Fran. Meanwhile, in the cellar, CC’s hair is now enormous. CC is now officially losing her mind. When Fran shows CC her hair, she nearly faints form shock. The part is in full swing when Max arrives home. He is horrified. Niles tell him that Fran is missing and he’s worried. He tells Niles Miss Babcock has gone missing too. In the cellar, CC and Fran are talking about Mr. Sheffield. CC is beyond jealous when she finds out that Fran has seen him naked. Max storms into the cellar to rescue them. CC goes a bit nuts. Sylvia thanks Fran for the party. Max confides in Fran that he worries CC has a thing for him.

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