The Nanny S03, Ep01 – Pen Pal

Show: The Nanny

Season: 3 Episode: 1

Title: Pen Pal

Original Air Date: September 11, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* CC: What’s going on?
Fran: She is hopelessly in love with her business partner, but he doesn’t even know she exists.
CC: What a loser.

* CC: So what’s going to happen? Is she going to get the British guy or bash his head in?

* Fran: This is a soap. We’ll be lucky if six months from now that coffee she’s making is ready.

* Fran: You know, if she was Jewish her last name would be iceberg.

* Fran: He who wore a plaid skirt to his high school graduation should not throw stones.
Max: It was a kilt.

* Fran: You wouldn’t believe I’m the fastest woman on Earth?
Max: In that outfit I would.

* Max: What, no Oprah?
Fran: I don’t do daytime.

* Max: Do you think he still has all his hair?
Niles: Oh on sir, you’re the fairest of them all.

* Max: I just mean your absolute worst is absolutely lovely.
Fran: You know there’s a pooper scooper law in this city.

* Max: Miss Fine, how much did I have to drink this evening?
Fran: Not as much as them.


Niles is off to the post office with CCs taxes. Now they are late and she will be fined. Fran detects a horrible smell, but it turns out its’ Maggie’s new perfume. Fran sits on the couch watching soap operas. CC comes in and makes a joke about soap operas, but the story line is about her life. So the joke is on her. She says hi to Max, but he doesn’t notice her. She asks Fran how it turns out on the soap. It doesn’t give her hope. Max asks about her Saturday night. She is going to do a blood transfusion for a cousin but will cancel as she has six months. Fran gets another letter from her pen pal. He asks what Lenny looks like but they agreed to never exchange photos. Lenny is coming to New York and wants to meet her. She stretched the truth a lot and is worried. She’s told him quite a few lies. Max is horrified. Brighton met his girlfriend after school, and she dumped him because he doesn’t look like Brad Pitt. Fran also lied and said she went to space. It’s the night Fran is supposed to meet Lenny. Max plans to drop her off. Max asks where Fran is. She is upstairs getting ready. They start discussing Yiddish words. Fran asks Max for reassurance but fails. Max decides to take her himself. She starts coming up with excuses. CC comes over in a hot black dress. She’ll be starting work without him. Max drags her to the tearoom. Max decides to sit with her until Lenny comes. Some weird guy hits on her so she drops her voice to sound like a man. Fran comments about a woman she sees but it’s a mirror with her reflection. CC has set up the office for romance. Someone enters, it’s actually Niles, but she thinks it’s Max. He keeps pretending and gets her to cluck like a chicken. She finally turns around and screams at the sight of Niles. Back at the tearoom, Fran and Max continue talking. She gives him permission to work the room. Max points out that Lenny is now half an hour late. She thinks she spots Lenny. She walks up to him and tells him to give her a kiss. But then we learn he’s not Lenny. He’s with the band. But she makes him kiss her again. As they leave, she is handed a note. He’s bowing out. Back at the mansion, Niles and CC are drunk on the couch together. She asks Niles how he entertained himself before she arrived. They share some insults and then kiss. Max and Fran walk in the door and see it all. They are both speechless. Max and Fran almost have a moment.

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