Book: From Potter’s Field by Patricia Cornwell (6)

The Christmas holiday season is not Dr. Scarpetta’s favorite time of year. Crime goes up and spoils it.

There is a body in Central Park. A female who is naked and leaning against a fountain. Upon visual inspection there’s a gunshot wound to the head, missing skin and the way the body has been left it’s giving Kay visions of Her arch nemesis, Temple Brooks Gault.

But is he back? If it is him, can Kay, Marino and Wesley catch him? Is this a copycat? Are their more murders?

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That’s a lot of Ginger

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Hot in Cleveland S04, Ep13 – It’s Alive!

Season: 4
Episode: 13
Title: It’s Alive!
Original Air Date: June 19, 2013

Guest Stars:
Georgia Engel: Mamie
William Shatner: Sally
Danny Pudi: Tommy
Brian Baumgartner: Claude
Shirley Jones: Sophie

Synopsis: This is was a live episode. The truth comes out that Elka and Mamie are selling pills to seniors at cost. The storm cellar is loaded from floor to ceiling. The ladies are shocked. Tommy, the person who use to have the pill black market to himself, is not happy. He threatens Elka and Mamie. Joy calls Bob for help. Since he is out of town he sends his brother Claude. They convince him to pretend to be a mobster to scare Tommy off. Joy gives him alcohol…

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Family Matters S02, Ep06 – Boxcar Blues

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: Boxcar Blues
Original Air Date: October 9, 1990

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iTunes Family Matters, Season 2 – Family Matters

Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: No problem Dad. I could always be a model.
Judy: Are you gonna be the before or the after?

* Murtagh: Six months in the academy will firm up that grip.

* Steve: Relax, they’ll find us, it’s not like we’re going anywhere.
[train starts rolling]

* Harriet: The joys of being a cop’s wife. You panic every time they’re five minutes late.

* Eddie: How about some sympathy Aunt Rachel? I mean my modelling career only lasted a half an hour.
Laura: Well, that’s longer than most of your dates.

* Steve: I can see the headlines now, “Cop flips out. Kills four cows and an Urkel.

* Steve (to Carl): Sometimes I wish you were my father.

Synopsis: Carl is waiting for Harriet and is getting impatient. A pair of her shoes are missing. Harriet blames Rachel. Rachel comes in looking for something, she also blames Harriet. Mother Winslow comes out of her room. She is wearing the missing shoes, the missing jacket and something of Laura’s. Another evening and the family is eating dinner at the table. Carl asks the kids about school. Laura could go to Harvard, Eddie’s goals are not as lofty. Eddie comes home early from his date. Carl chooses to have a sit down talk with Eddie. Carl suggests Eddie become a police officer. He thinks it’s a joke, but it’s not. Carl invites Eddie to go on a ride along. The next day, Carl brings his Sargent to the house to meet Eddie. Eddie and Steve come home. Eddie decides not to go on the ride along, he has an appointment with a modeling agency instead. In the living room, Murtagh and Steve are looking at photos. Murtagh is not happy and Steve volunteers to keep Carl from getting in trouble. Steve does his ride along with Carl. Carl gets a call. The suspect is in the railyard. Carl goes into one of the rail cars looking for him, but he finds cows. Steve doesn’t follow directions and joins him in the rail car. While he deals with Steve, the suspect locks them in the car. Carl pulls his gun to shoot off the lock, but Steve points out the cows and he stops. Before a plan b can be formulated the train starts moving. At the house, Harriet is concerned that Carl is not home yet. She’s so worried she put the salad in the oven. Eddie comes home looking glum. The modeling agency did not hire him. Back on the train, Steve is spilling his guts to one of the cows. Carl blows up at Steve several times. Carl asks Steve how he snorts, and Steve gives him a lesson. It lightens the situation. Steve tells him how great a dad he thinks he is and how he wishes Carl was his dad. They discuss their futures. Steve’s dad is pressuring him to make a decision about his future. Carl realizes he’s doing that to Eddie. They have a moment and hug. Later that night, Carl is home and tells them how they got out. Steve’s singing caused the cows to stampede. The kids come down to say good night. Eddie and Carl have a chat. Carl apologizes for pressing Eddie about his future.

A T Rex snack?

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Criminal Minds S02, Ep06 – The Boogeyman

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: The Boogeyman
Original Air Date: October 26, 2006

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iTunes Criminal Minds, Season 2 – Criminal Minds

Favorite Quotes:

* “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

Synopsis: The episode starts with a recap of Elle’s actions on the previous case and her killing the suspect. At the BAU, Elle goes to see Hotch in his office. She’s been cleared in the shooting of him. Hotch, however, orders her to a psych evaluation. We move to Ozona, Texas. A few kids are telling other kids a scary story. The younger boy points out a house on a hill and tries to make everyone scared of the man who lives there. Back at the office, Hotch is notified that Elle didn’t show for her counselling. Hotch and Gideon are concerned. Hotch stays to check on Elle and the rest of the team goes to Texas. Elle leaves her apartment, throws away her cell phone and drives off. Hotch follows. On the plane, they discuss Elle. Then they move to on the case. JJ gets a call, a new victim, a little girl. When they land, they split up to visit both crime scenes. They determine whoever the killer is lives in Ozona. They hold a town hall meeting to update the citizens. Some of the kids meet a the scary house. A scared kid goes up to the door and the other two run off. He suddenly screams. The team delivers the profile at the station, while another mother comes in to report her son missing. The little brother tells them what he knows. Elle goes to visit her dad’s grave. Elle and Hotch have a chat. Some of the team goes to the house to search for the missing boy and the homeowner. Morgan discovers there’s no power either. The house is empty. Gideon finds Matthew hiding. Garcia calls Reid and lets him know that Finnegan’s wife went missing a while back. Morgan scares the crap out of him. A deputy scours the backyard. He finds a trap and when they clear it away he also finds Mr. Finnegan. If Finnegan is dead, who’s been living there? They go through the house to try and figure out who’s been living there. In the living room, Morgan asks JJ why she’s afraid of the forest. She found a dead guy and helped catch the killer…then she tells them it was a joke. Garcia calls Morgan. There were two sets of prints on the food in the fridge. The guidance counselors prints are on it. The other set is a kids. When they go to talk to him, he tries to run. Morgan tackles him. The bag he has, has evidence. It’s the hat of one of the murder victims. They throw him in interrogation and Morgan questions him. Garcia calls Gideon, the kids prints don’t match any victims. JJ gets a call. The guidance counselors son never arrived at school today. They search the James house. Reid finds an epi pen. When he looks in the fridge he finds some oddities in the fridge. Gideon talks to Mr. James now instead of Morgan. He lays out the case against his son. He finally gets him to talk. Kids get off a school bus. They leave the little girl by herself. Jeffery shows up to help. He’s also got a baseball bat and glove with him. A deputy pops in the room to tell them a little girl is missing. At the park, Jeffrey starts scaring her. Then he tries to attack her and she defends herself well enough to get away. The team shows up to where the school bus dropped her off. They begin to search the area. Tracy begins to run for her life. At the park, they find her back pack. They spilt up and start fervently looking for her. He tries again to hit her with the bat and she starts screaming. Every one runs towards the sound of the screams. Gideon grabs the kid. When Gideon asks Jeffery why, the answer is chilling. Jeffery’s dad is heartbroken. On the plane, Reid expresses guilt about Elle. Gideon calls Hotch from the plane. Ellen enters Hotch’s office. She hands over her badge and gun. She just can’t do it anymore, it’s too overwhelming. She tells him she’ll miss that fact that he never smiles. After she leaves for the last time, he says he’ll miss her too.

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