The X Files S01, Ep18 – Miracle Man

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 18
Title: Miracle Man
Original Air Date: March 18, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Samuel: You doubt the power of God ma’am?
Scully: No, I doubt the veracity of your claims.

* Mulder: I’ve encountered dozens of psychic healers in the x files but none like this. I think the kids for real.

* Scully: I was raised a Catholic and I have a certain familiarity with the scripture. And God never lets the devil steal the show.

* Scully: Is it your sister you think you’re seeing?
Mulder: I’ve seen her twice now.

* Scully: Mulder, don’t discount the power of suggestion.

* Scully: Imagine a miracle and you’re halfway there.

Synopsis: A man brings a small boy up to a body bag. Inside the bag is an extremely badly burned dead man. The boy says words over him and holds his hand. Suddenly, the arm moves and the dead man holds the little boys hand. Later, the man is in a tent church. But it’s a video that Scully is showing Mulder. Mulder tells her about his history. Scully hits play on the video to show Mulder why they’ve been given the case. The boy is trying to cure a woman of a brain tumor. Twenty minutes after the video ends the woman dies. The pair head out to Tennessee to investigate. Mulder and Scully attend one of the services. This is the first time that the boy, Samuel, will not be in attendance. After the service, they ask to talk to Samuel, but the Reverend does not know where he is. The speak with the sheriff. He tells them that Samuel’s gift might be fading as people are now dying instead of being cured. The graves are exhumed, but the ministry shows up. They give up and head into town, to a bar. Samuel is there. He’s drunk and smoking and he picked a fight. Mulder and Scully talk to him. Samuel reads Mulder. Samuel is arraigned in court. Bail is set. The court room is over run with locusts, but they are actually grasshoppers. At the hotel, Mulder shows Scully patient files of spontaneous healing. He thinks Samuel can alter the body’s electromagnetic field. There is a knock at the door. Vance (the burned dead man resurrected) has come to take them to speak with the Reverend. He invites them to see Samuel tonight in the tent church, doing God’s work. Mulder thinks he sees Samantha. Scully is concerned. That night people flock into the tent. Samuel doesn’t want to perform this evening. Mulder and Scully take a seat as the Reverend makes his entrance. Samuel comes out and starts his work, as Mulder chases after the ghost of Samantha. He tries to heal a woman in a wheelchair, but she dies. Scully pronounces her dead. The dead woman is the daughter of the coroner. He allows Scully to perform an autopsy on his daughter. Scully sees the side effects of a poisoning and that is what lead to her death. Mulder goes to visit Samuel in jail. Mulder tells him that she was poisoned. He then starts asking about his sister. He leaves. The sheriff puts two more people in the cell with him and he’s beaten severely. At the sheriff’s house, a deputy informs him that Samuel was killed in jail. The two go back to the courthouse. Mulder notices that grasshoppers are in the vent. On the roof, he finds a trail of potatoes for the grasshoppers to follow directly into the court room. Vance wakes from sleep to see Samuel’s ghost. Mulder, Scully and the sheriff arrive to arrest Vance. He confesses and speaks of Samuel forgiving him. Vance dies, ending their case. Mulder goes to Scully’s room and tells her Samuel is missing from the morgue. The morgue attendant tells them that she saw Samuel walk out of the morgue. He can take no more and goes home. The deputy shows up and takes him to chat with the DA. Mulder and Scully go back to the tent one last time. It’s being dismantled as they drive away.

Book: Frozen Heat (Nikki Heat #4) by Richard Castle

The crime scene is something out of a horror movie. A woman is stuffed in a suitcase. She was stabbed to death. Nikki Heat has been assigned the case. But things get interesting when this case links to her mother’s ten year old murder.

Solving this case means that Nikki will have to delve into her mother’s past as well. The case takes them through history and even to Paris. Although, Paris doesn’t go as planned since Nikki and Rook get kidnapped.

Can Nikki handle all that she learns about her mother? Does she solver her ten year old murder? Who murdered the woman in the suitcase? Does the pair escape their captors?

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Bones S01, Ep18 – The Man with the Bone

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 18
Title: The Man with the Bone
Original Air Date: April 5, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: We are looking for answers, Jack, not treasure.

* Booth: You dive too?
Bones: I have the time because I don’t own a tv.

* Angela: So you believe there’s treasure?
Bones: I believe there’s greed. That’s the real curse.

* Bones: Ok let’s say it’s a pirate. This would be an extraordinary find.

* Hodgins: I wonder if there was gold dust on it.
Bones: Perhaps you should start working with a parrot on your shoulder.

* Bones: Maybe we’re looking for someone else.

Synopsis: Booth introduces Bones to Harry. He has a body for them to investigate. He was holding a bone and the doctor put it in a solution to cause it to break down and destroy any trace evidence. Back at the lab, it’s been determined the finger is over 300 years old. Hodgins thinks it’s the bone of a pirate from a treasure island. The two head to the island. When everyone ignores Booth, Bones gets their attention. Back at the lab, Zack and Hodgins are researching Blackbeard’s Treasure. Harry arrives with Bones and Booth. He has a soil sample. Hodgins needs a soil sample from the bottom of the hole to determine if he died at the bottom and floated to the top. He insists on collecting the samples himself. He is a certified cave diver. Back at the dive site, Booth tries to ensure that Hodgins will be safe during the dive. The mayor is interfering with the investigation. Back at the lab, Bones examines the bone again. At the dive site, Hodgins gets suited up and begins his descent. He makes it all the way to the bottom. He finds a skull and the entire skeleton that goes with it. The evidence suggests that the person was killed at the top after reaching the bottom. The millionaire investor flies in quite angry about the bones belonging to him. Booth talks to one of the treasure hunters. Bones goes into the bone room and finds that there are no bones. She’s livid and everyone telling her to calm down is making her angrier. Booth talks to the mayor’s wife about her affair with the man who was murdered. Hodgins checks the bone again. Harry then tries to back up his strangulation theory with Bones. It triggers something in Bones brain. Zack has everything that could make the hole. She determines the bones were placed in the bottom, it’s a fraud. She calls another curator in with a set of bones. She proves that the bones he has are fake. His bones are actually missing because they were placed in the bottom of the pit. The FBI director is stunned and everything is laid out for him. Hodgins is at the shaft hanging out with the guy who helped dig it. He tells him the bones were planted. He admits that he wants to go down again. Booth and Bones question Hardwick again. He gives them full access to the books. Angela goes over the security footage. Someone turned off the camera during the bone theft. She and Goodman do a little test run. Goodman suspects a guard. They figure out who took them. He got paid 10 grand to steal them. He was actually hired to steal the bones twice. Booth and Bones go back to the dig site They find Hardwick dead. Harry decides Hardwick died the same way. Bones compares both sets of X-Rays. She demonstrates how it would have to be done. It’s a special forces skill. They meet with Rose. Bones proves he was never in special forces. Later that night, Hodgins is suiting back up to dive the pit. Booth runs the dive master’s name. He served in the Navy and was a Navy Seal. Booth and Bones approach the shaft, they don’t know that Hodgins is diving. He explains he killed the two people because they turned the dive into a con. Booth shoots out the monitor and gets him to bring Hodgins up. At the lab, Hodgins and the team authenticate the coin. Angela draws Hodgins as a pirate.

The Curse of Oak Island S04, Ep14 – Sticks and Stones

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 4
Episode: 14
Title: Sticks and Stones
Original Air Date: February 14, 2017

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iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 4 – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: The brothers look at all the timbers brought up from the third hole. It appears that it’s just been clay since those timbers were brought up. They are at around 120 feet depth at this point. This grab brings up a circular piece of wood. A wedge of wood is also brought up. A rainstorm hits and they can continue to work in the rain. Lightning starts and the crew is forced to shut down operations because of all the metal. The brothers take all their finds over to Dan’s house to get his opinion on them. Marty shows him the round log and asks if it could be one of the original logs found on the ten foot platforms. Dan holds his opinion until the carbon dating comes back. Rick, Charles and Jack take a couple of stonemasons to see Nolan’s Cross. The rock they show them is the one that is carved like a face. They determine it is sandstone. A second rock is shown to the masons. It’s the granite stone at the bottom of the cross. The two are speechless and believe it’s been altered by humans. The bottom is extremely smooth and it would have to have been drug a long distance to achieve that. The team meets later that night in the war room to discuss the carbon testing results. Results are from the 1600’s, including the round oak log. This round log is not the kind of material that any previous treasure hunter has used. It has to be from the original money pit. The storm has cleared enough that the money pit dig and bore hole T1 has resumed. Wood is not coming up anymore, just clay. The can is at 148 feet and so is the excavation. They are anticipating wood on this hammer grab, but it’s only clay. The next grab is only clay as well. The brothers are very confused that they are only getting clay. They’ve hit a wall, so to speak. The excavator teeth have hit something that may be metal and has brought them to a halt. They try to break though and the hammer grab brings up slate. It may be the bedrock. It is bedrock and this hole is terminated. Marty and Rick are both disappointed. Marty wants to quit and Charles gives him a pep talk. Back at the war room they regroup and call Craig and update him. Marty wants to give up on the money pit, but Rick won’t let him cry “Uncle!” Craig is on board for a fourth bore hole. Marty does not want Rick to have regrets, so they decide on a fourth hole. Rick gets to pick the fourth hole location. Rick already knows where he wants to dig. He wants to chase the debris field of a tunnel implosion during a dig in the late 1800’s. Marty likes his logic as well. Rick pays him a tribute. The next day Rick tells Andrew about the fourth hole and gives him the location of the hole. They mark it and label it GAL1. Andrew gets the equipment moved to dig the new hole. The excavating casing is swung into place.

The Golden Girls S01, Ep18 – The Operation

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 18
Title: The Operation
Original Air Date: February 8, 1986

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iTunes The Golden Girls, Season 1 – The Golden Girls

Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: You drink out of a paper bag in the park and suddenly everybody is your friend.

* Sophia: I won’t dance, don’t ask me.

* Sophia: A mother knows when her child is lying, it’s like bat radar.

* Dorothy: You win, you always win but you don’t play fair.
Sophia: That’s why I always win.

* Dorothy: Rose, do a big ugly man with a limp a favor and shut up.

* Dorothy: You’re not serious.
Sophia: No, I’m just acting as stupid as you are.

* Dorothy: More men have seen my bottom today than in my entire life.

* Blanche: I think I caught what Dorothy has. My foot hurts.

* Rose: If you end up in a puddle tonight you better break into Singing In The Rain.

Synopsis: Blanche and Rose bring Dorothy home, limping. She has injured herself tap dancing. Dorothy brushes it off as no big deal. They head into the kitchen for a snack. Dorothy’s foot continues to cause her pain. Blanche tells her to do a Cincinnati Time step and when she does she exclaims in pain. The next day Blanche and Rose practice while Dorothy is at the doctor. When she comes home she lies and tells them she is fine. Sophia tells her she is lying and forces her to tell the truth. She has a small tumor in her foot that needs to be removed. It can be removed, but she does not want to do it. She has a panic attack. Sophia guilts her into having surgery. Dorothy checks in to the hospital the night before the surgery but the girls don’t calm her fears and she tries to leave. After the girls leave a doctor comes in and tells her that he will be doing her surgery because the scheduled doctor is going to be in court. Later that evening a Priest arrives. He starts giving Dorothy her last rites. He’s in the wrong room and doesn’t help her fears. Back at the house Blanche is getting ready to go out. She sees Dorothy walk by. Rose runs in telling Blanche to call the police. They try to get her to go back to the hospital. Sophia comes in and Dorothy keeps trying to not go back. So she tells about being left alone at 5 years old in the hospital. She continues to say no, so Sophia tells her she will remove the tumor. Dorothy agrees to go back to the hospital. She has a roommate now who has to have surgery as well. After she tells Dorothy her story, Dorothy is singing a whole different tune. Back at the house, Rose is trying to get Blanche to go to the recital. Blanche tells Rose that she is afraid to perform in front of groups. She then tells her an embarrassing story from her childhood. Rose, however, is not taking it. She makes her go. Dorothy wakes up to find her mom asleep in the chair next to her. Blanche and Rose come to visit Dorothy. The two had to change up their act. They perform their routine for Dorothy and Sophia. She’s impressed but pissed. She puts her arm through Rose’s hat.

Photos: Tiger 009

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080 tiger 009

Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep08 – LeBron is Le Gone #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: LeBron is Le Gone
Original Air Date: March 9, 2011

Guest Stars:
Jon Lovitz: Opera Guy
Isaiah Mustafa: Kevin
Dan Bakkedahl: Jasper
Cyndi Martino: Patricia
Anthony Holiday: Ben

Synopsis: Melanie and Elka are at the bar. Melanie gets the game turned off for Oprah. Elka tells her to use her “powers” to get the guys to get them ice cream. A coach from the Cavaliers comes in and Melanie goes gaga over him. Elka tells her to use her powers to get him. They talk and later Joy comes in. She announces she’s engaged to homeless man “opera guy” so she can get her green card. Melanie and Elka are skeptical. Back at the house Elka is trying to teach Melanie basketball for her date with Coach Jason. During her date, Melanie follows Elka’s instructions and everything is fine while they are at the house. But…

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The Nanny – S01, Ep17 – Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 17
Title: Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off
Original Air Date: March 16, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* CC: How does Miss Fine know about her?
Niles: He talks in his sleep.

* Fran: Don’t be greedy, God will punish you.
[Miss Babcock walks in]
Fran: See?

* Fran: Well, honey, you’re marrying a duke. If it were me I’d be throwing leaflets out of the goodyear blimp and my mother would be flying it.

* Fran: Mark my words, Jocelyn don’t love the Duke.

* Fran: Well I got the song, “Baby you could drive my car.”

* Fran: She’s very sensitive. She senses doom.
Max: Miss Fine, she senses doom at Disneyland.

* CC: Maxwell, I just love weddings.
Niles: Well, we all want what we can’t have.

* Max: Miss Fine, where is Jocelyn? It’s time to give her away.
Fran: Too late, she’s already gone.

* Fran: Next time I get a hunch I say we go to the track.

Synopsis: Max is on the phone with his sister in London. She is coming to visit and bringing a man with her. Max and Niles are shocked because she’s never brought a man to meet the family. It’s now the day of Jocelyn’s arrival. The doorbell rings and Max answers it. They happily greet each other. Her boyfriend is the Duke of Salisbury. Her driver, Lester, brings in the bags. They all sit and chat. The pair announce they are engaged. At dinner, Miss Babcock arrives. Fran offers to help plan the wedding. They decide to get married the following Sunday. Grace is worried about being the flower girl. Some wedding supplies arrive with Kenny, but he’s afraid to stay. Fran shows her the dress but she is skittish. She asks her about favorite songs, but she comes up empty. Jocelyn goes for a ride and her driver Lester is the only one able to give Fran all the answers for the ceremony. As Fran and Niles talk in the kitchen Lester brings in Jocelyn, in his arms. Fran starts to become suspicious. Later that night, Fran wakes up Max. She tells him that Jocelyn is in love with Lester and that he needs to call off the wedding. Max is incensed. It’s the day of the wedding and everyone is nervous. Fran promises not to mention anything to Jocelyn. So instead she has a chat with Lester. As the guests arrive, Miss Babcock acts quite lecherous towards Max. In Max’s office, Jocelyn is getting ready. Lester sneaks in to tender his resignation. Before he leaves he starts kissing her arm. Meanwhile, the wedding is starting. Fran goes into Max’s office to find Jocelyn and Lester kissing. When Max finds out he’s furious. Fran has Kenny do some standup comedy to stall. The Duke discovers the two kissing and is heartbroken. Max and she make up. Lester proposes and she accepts. Fran ends the comedy routine and then replaces the Duke with Lester. Max walks Jocelyn down the aisle. Later that evening Max gives Fran the bouquet she caught.

Recipe: Baked Vanilla Coffee Donuts

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with donuts. I love the combination of coffee and vanilla too.

Click here to get the recipe.

The Curse of Oak Island S04, Ep13 – One of Seven

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 4
Episode: 13
Title: One of Seven
Original Air Date: February 7, 2017

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iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 4 – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: The first two bore holes did not get them the results they wanted. They have let Craig pick the third bole hole. So far they have not hit water on this hole. In the war room, they speak with a researcher. He enlisted the help of a professor and his assistant to assist with the cipher. They’ve determined that French is the language the cipher was created in. A translation is brought about, but it’s incomplete. There is also an inscription on this cipher that translates to one of seven. Which means 6 other pieces are missing and all 7 are needed to solve the Oak Island mystery. Rick, Dan Henske and Jack head to Smith’s Cove the next day to continue searching for the box drains. For today’s work, they have hired a professional operator for the excavator. As the digging begins water starts pooling in the pit. They are forced to quickly set up a drainage pump to remove this new water. Jack jumps into the hole. There is a mysterious pattern of rocks. The archaeologist isn’t sure what it is either. It is determined to be an anomaly. They are forced to stop digging as they get too close to the coffer dam and they can’t risk compromising it for their own safety. In the war room, they meet with the owner of a small island just off the coast of Oak Island. He shows them surveys that were down on the island. It proves the island was man-made. He states that his island is connected by several tunnels to Oak Island. He presents additional pieces of evidence. After his presentation, he makes them an offer to be a consultant for one season to allow them to use the information he has. He’d get a 15% cut of anything found using that data. The whole team returns to Smith’s Cove. Marty hops in the excavator bucket to get lowered into the hole to examine it more closely. He determines it’s man-made. Dan makes the trip over. He believes it’s a box drain also known as a French drain. The coffer dam is too close to excavate the whole system. It would need to be reinstalled farther out and be considerably larger. The archaeologist states that it is a man-made structure. That afternoon, they head to T1 for an update on the progress. Vertical timbers have been pulled up. They’ve been hand cut. This find is a first for the team. A different kind of wood is also pulled up. It’s shaped like a log and based on the smell is very old. Craig wonders if it could be from the original money pit. They send a portion of it for testing.

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