Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep13 – Unseperated at Birthdates

Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: Unseperated at Birthdates
Original Air Date: June 29, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Mahoney: Roy
Steve Lawrence: Jack
Frank Caliendo: Kenny
Patrick Fabian: Richard
Richard Burgi: Timothy
Vincent Ventresca: Dr. Doug
Danielle Burgio: Susie

Synopsis: It’s the ladies non-birthday again. Elka insists they set each other up on dates again. Elka wants Jack Huntington, Melanie wants a laid back guy with a beard and long hair, Joy wants British sex icons and Victoria wants no man boobs. Joy gets Jack Huntington for Elka. Elka acts like a bimbo to get him and then dumps him. Elka gets Dr. Doug for Melanie, but he looks like Jesus which…

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02, Ep03 – Follow the Leader

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Follow the Leader
Original Air Date: November 2, 2013

Links for the first six volumes below:

Amazon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 6 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite Quotes:

* Donnie: Your lady friend is getting really good at setting ambushes.

* Leo: Sweet, captured and now totally humiliated.

* Karai: Footbots, deshell him!!

* Raph: I’ve never had so much fun following your orders.

* Splinter: Karai is my daughter.

Synopsis: The guys are on patrol searching for mutagen. On the roof, they find the first of 63 tubes of mutagen missing. They take a break from the hunt and do some training. They defeat Leo and he’s pissed. He talks to Splinter. Karai trains with foot soldiers. The turtles are out looking for mutagen, Leo is still upset. Karai set a trap for them with this mutagen. The turtles and the foot fight. However, they are forced into a tactical retreat. Donnie discovers the foot soldiers are robots. During their escape leo falls down an elevator shaft. The three return to the lair without Leo. Splinter is not surprised. Karai has Leo in a cage. She’s intent on revenge. She releases him and sets the Footbots to kill him. Donnie hacks security footage to track down where Leo was taken. They spot Karai’s van going to Bradford’s Dojo and head there. They manage to get in and find Leo captured. Now Karai is holding all four turtles to get Splinter to come. The turtles outsmart the bots and escape. The Footbots pursue them. Leo gets an idea from the training session they did earlier. So they switch it up and be unpredictable. They manage to defeat the bots but now Karai takes on Leo. He continues the unpredictability and defeats Karai. Some of the Footbots are still attacked the turtles. They all safely escape. The four make up. Leo tries to ask Splinter about Karai. He finally tells Leo that Karai is his daughter.

Mama’s Family S02, Ep06 – Obscene Call

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: Obscene Call
Original Air Date: November 10, 1983

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iTunes not available at this time

Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: You trust a total stranger and you won’t even tell your mother in law the price of the toilet paper.

* Mama: May I suggest you start getting friendly with my groceries.

* Naomi: Would it kill you to show me a little kindness one time?
Mama: Missy, you used up your one time they day I let you in the door.

* Vint: An obscene phone call. How do you know?
Naomi: Trust me.

* Mama: I don’t allow no weirdos on the phone unless its family.

* Mama: We’re not gonna let some pervert cut us off from the outside world.

* Naomi: Recognize his voice? I don’t even recognize half the words he uses.

* Mama: Good Lord, if that blouse was any lower it would be a skirt.

* Naomi: That’s just the way I move.
Mama: Well, its’ the way most people Rumba.

Synopsis: Naomi is checking groceries at the Food Circus. Mam is waiting in her line and getting annoyed. Naomi keeps helping everyone else except Mama. Back at the house, Fran is reading the paper. Vint and Naomi come in and announce Naomi won the friendliest checker award. The whole family celebrates. The phone starts ringing and finally Naomi answers it. However, the person on the other end says some very obscene things to her. She hangs up, but it rings again. Everyone keeps asking what the caller said. Naomi tells a clean version of it and everyone is horrified. The phone rings again and they all stare at it. Vint answers it but the person asks for Naomi and then he hands her the phone. It’s the obscene caller again. Mama decides that she’s gonna deal with the pervert herself. However, the next call that comes in is actually Naomi’s boss. After he calls the obscene caller is back. Mama calls the police and gets told to change her phone number. Mama turns on Naomi and blames the harassment on her. Fran gangs up on her too. Naomi turns to Vint for support, but he doesn’t provide any. Naomi blows up and stops talking to the whole family. The next day, Vint is sleeping on the couch. While she tries to cheer up Vint the phone rings. The caller asks for Naomi and when Thelma tells her she not there he gets obscene with Thelma, Fran and Vint. Now they have some sympathy for Naomi. Mama says they all need to apologize to Fran and they all head for the Food Circus. Naomi is not interested in talking to them. She freaks out on several customers. The three pick out an item each to buy. They attempt to apologize while making their purchases. She finally accepts their apologies. They all head back home and the phone is ringing as they enter. Thelma answers it and gives him a taste of his own medicine.

Book: The Xibalba Murders (Lara McClintoch Archaeological Mystery #1) by Lyn Hamilton

Lara McClintoch is newly divorced from her now ex-husband and ex-business partner Clive. To relax and recover from the loss of her marriage and business she takes a trip to Mexico. She’s going to meet an older archaeologist who she is attracted to.

Her trip doesn’t go as planned. When she arrives her beau disappears before she even gets to see him. Her trip continues to go sideways. She witnesses the robbery of an antiquity. Then she finds a dead body in a museum. All this excitement make her a person of interest for the police.

What is the antiquity that was stolen? Who is the dead body? Where is Lara’s beau?

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iTunes The Xibalba Murders – Lyn Hamilton

The X Files S01, Ep19 – Shapes

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: Shapes
Original Air Date: April 1, 1994

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Amazon The X-Files: Season 1

iTunes The X-Files, Season 1 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I want to believe.

* Scully: You’re a law enforcement officer, you can’t destroy evidence.

* Mulder: Charlie, do you believe in shape-shifting?

* Mulder: That’s not from anything I’ve ever seen. Sheriff, we need to talk.

Synopsis: Two men are on a ranch in a storm. They find a dead cow. Some crazed animal attacked one of the men. The other shoots it. However, a man is laying shot on the ground instead of an animal. Mulder and Scully visits the man who did the shooting. He tells them what happened. The son’s injuries could not have been caused by a human. The son takes the two out to the corral. On the way, he tells them about all the strangeness that had been going on for the last few months. In the corral, Mulder finds some interesting footprints. He also finds a piece of skin-like material. They head to the reservation to try and examine the body. The Sheriff finds them. The three go to the Sheriff’s office. Mulder asks about the legend that was referenced. Scully sees some interesting scar tissue. Mulder looks at his teeth and finds fangs. Mulder wants to have an autopsy done but the Sheriff refuses. Later that evening, the funeral is beginning. Scully is suspicious of Mulder. He shows her the very first x file. It’s eerily identical to this case and several others in the same area over many decades. Scully explains it away as the psychosis of a person believing they are a werewolf. Scully tries to give her condolences to the deceased sister, but she wants no part of it. However, she gives Scully one of his possessions. As the funeral continues, the son who was attacked, comes to show his respects. Back at Parker’s ranch, the father is smoking on the porch. He hears something and then gets attacked. The next morning, Scully determines he was attacked by a large predator. The son and the sister are both missing. Mulder is walking through outskirts of the ranch. He finds a path of hair and another sample of the same weird skin. Scully is walking around the barn area and is greeted by a mountain lion in a cage. As she walks around she sees the son laying in the field. She brings him back, puts him in the car and takes him to the hospital. Mulder talks with the Sheriff and gets taken to meet someone with answers. At the hospital, Scully talks with the son. He tells her he got drunk and remembers nothing. She breaks the news to him that his father is dead. She also tells him he looks as if he was attacked by animal and she thinks it’s suicide. Mulder speaks with the man who accosted him in the bar. The man speaks of one of the x files that he has, the Watkins case. Watkins had been attacked by an evil spirit that could change them into a beast and it turned him into an evil spirit as well. He then tells of his experience. And also how the curse, or disease, is transmitted and also passed on. They catch Gwen. She tells them that she saw Parker’s murder. She’s hysterical. Mulder calls the hospital to speak with Scully, but he finds that she has left. The doctor tells him that the blood work was strange. Some of his father’s blood type was in him and that can only be ingested. Scully is driving him home and he opens his eyes, they change. Once inside, he tells her he feels sick and asks for help into the bathroom. The Sheriff and Mulder race to get to the house. In the bathroom, he starts to change into the creature. He suddenly breaks through the bathroom door as the monster and scaring the daylights out of Scully. Mulder and the Sheriff arrive. Mulder enters and with his flashlight finds scratches. Mulder goes through the house trying to find Scully. Instead, he catches a glimpse of the monster. He finally finds Scully. As they try to get to safety they hear the growling. Downstairs, the animal jumps at them and the Sheriff shoots it. It’s the son. Back at the Sheriff’s office the three say goodbye. Ish, the man who had the answers also says goodbye, as well as, “see you in about 8 years.”

Bones S01, Ep19 – The Man in the Morgue

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: The Man in the Morgue
Original Air Date: April 19, 2006

Click either link to get a copy.

Amazon Bones: Season 1

iTunes Bones, Season 1 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: What happened to Wednesday?

* Bones: I sent you the x-rays of a murder victim?
Booth: How’d he die?

* Angela: You’re hopping the street car named Desire with Booth? Oh I love this.

* Booth: We don’t make zombies.
Bones: Jesus rose from the dead after three days.
Booth: Jesus is not a zombie. I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

* Booth: That whole zombie stuff probably puts a crimp in your public relations.

* Bones: Something bad happened here
Booth: Oh yeah, something bad.

* Booth: No matter how bad they’re saying it is, it’s worse.

* Zack: Sometimes a person should look for things that aren’t there instead of things that are there.

* Caroline: Three degrees and still a fool.

* Bones: I’ve noticed that very few people are scary once they’ve been poked in the eye.

Synopsis: A makeshift morgue in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is overwhelmed. Bones is there helping. A detective brings in a body. Bones wakes up covered in blood in a bathroom. She only has flashes of memory. There is a call and it’s her airport shuttle. She goes to the doctor. The detective from the morgue comes to her assistance. Booth shows up. She is missing an earring and is upset because they were her mom’s. At the lab, Zack looks over the x-rays of the John Doe brought in by the detective. He gives her the details of the murder. They eat at a diner. The cook at the diner fills in a blank. She ate dinner there Tuesday night. They head back to the morgue and talk to Sam. They get a mini lesson in good and bad voodoo. When Angela and Zack call, Booth tells them what happened, but they are skeptical. The two visit the voodoo shop that Sam directs them too. They get a list of people who bought a specific ingredient and the medical examiner is on it. They go to visit him and find him extremely dead. The detective arrives and Booth explains why there were there. Booth spots Bones missing earring and he steals it from the scene. At the morgue, Bones collects all the files that she worked on. The file for John Doe 361 is missing. The assistant can’t find the file. They go into the morgue and she is looking for the body but don’t find it. At the lab, the case is driving the squints nuts. They can’t examine anything because they only have x-rays. Zack gets an idea thanks to Hodgins. In the hotel that Bones is staying at she worries it could have been her. Booth assures her she didn’t do it. He sees something on her pillow. The detective busts in. She has arrived to arrest Bones for the murder. The detective interviews her. Booth brings in Caroline to defend her. She is furious that Bones was talking. Zack discovers that John Doe had spina bifida. Caroline gets her out and the two meet with Sam over lunch. After he leaves, they have a moment. Caroline joins them with hospital records. Caroline suggests copping a plea. Bones looks at the x-rays. The doctor read the x-ray wrong and it gives Caroline some room to work. Zack calls Bones and gives her the name of the murder victim. She lets it slip about the murder charge and the team freaks out. Hodgins tries to cheer Angela up by telling her that Bones is just trying to be more like her. Back at the morgue, Booth tells Bones about the murder victim and all he did. Now they search all the bodies in boxes and find another employee dead in one. The coffin girl is now a suspect. Sam sprinkles some ashes and a pattern appears on the body. The voodoo shop owner owns the caddy and its grill marks are on his chest. His daughter was sleeping with Mike Doyle. They go to the shop to see Eva. In her room downstairs, she has impaled herself on a spike to kill herself. Bones realizes Eva did not commit suicide. She had to be pushed onto the spike to have it go through her spine. The shop owner killed his daughter and committed all the murders. Back in Bone’s office, the two tell the team everything that happened. Booth gives her back the earring.

Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep12 – How I Met My Mother

Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: How I Met My Mother
Original Air Date: June 22, 2011

Guest Stars:
Michael McMillian: Owen
Mark Derwin: Gary

Synopsis: Elka is trying to train Dummy, now Chance to jump, using Joy. Victoria announces that she was writing letters to an prisoner as Joy and he was paroled yesterday and he may be coming for Joy. Everyone freaks out. Joy orders up an alarm system. That night the ladies think they hear a prowler. Joy takes a pellet gun away from Elka and throws it on the couch. It goes off and hits someone. The wounded fellow is Joy’s son, but she panics and says Melanie is Joy. They go crazy with accents and out of frustration Joy admits who she is. At the hospital…

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