Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02, Ep21 – Plan 10

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 2
Episode: 21
Title: Plan 10
Original Air Date: June 22, 2014

Links for the first six volumes below:

Amazon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 6 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite Quotes:

* Mikey: Dude, get ahold of yourself man.
Donnie: Did you really just say that?

* Raph: Ahh, Kraang! Worst day ever!!

* Splinter: Wait. Have patience. It was Rapheal’s impatience that put him in the den of an enemy. You must not make the same mistake.

* April: Stop checking yourself out, Casey. Donnie, switch us back right now.

* Raph: I’m back guys!!

* Raph: And, uh, guys, thanks.
Mikey: Did he just say?
Leo: I think he did.

* Splinter: As I said before, a solution will arise in time.

Synopsis: Kraang is planning to switch their brains with the brains of the worlds leaders. They have a human to test a brain swap with a pigeon. The turtles can’t stop it and now the human is acting like a pigeon. The human is not thrilled to have is brain in a pigeon body. The turtles and the Kraang battle. A machine starts going crazy and Raph gets hurt. They drop off the man and pigeon on a street corner. The brain switch was temporary at least and the man is back to normal. On the shell razer, Mikey can’t get Raph to wake up. He’s acting like a Kraang though. He’s been brain switched. Raph wakes up as a Kraang. He’s on their ship/planet under water. The Kraan in a turtle is waking topside. The turtles track him down and get him back. At the lair, Casey is watching cartoons. When the turtles return they have Raph wrapped up. Splinter is not amused. Meanwhile, Raph can’t figure out how to use his new body. He learns of a new plan to take over and invade Earth. Splinter discusses the situation with the turtles. They get interrupted by a Kraang transmission. It’s Raph calling for help. Donnie builds a submarine of sorts and they head under water to rescue Raph. They meet up with some giant-sized water creature while in the sub, but it falls in love with the sub. However, when they swim away it’s feelings get hurts. The turtles try and hit the technodrome with a torpedo but the water beast gets in the way. It’s now launching a full scale attack on the turtles. They finally break free. But the Kraang try to destroy the defective Kraang, also known as Raph. The turtles get on board but set off an alarm. But Kraang Raph saves the day. Now a Kraang is walking around with Raph’s sais. Donnie now has to get the brain machine working again to fix Raph. Kraang Raph and Raph Kraang fight. Donnie misfires the machine and switches April and Casey’s brain. Right as the Kraan is about to end Raphael, Donnie saves the day and switches their brains back. Then he fixes Casey and April. They escape the technodrome and also leave a big hole so it takes on a ton of water. Back at the lair, everyone is watching cartoons. Raph fills them in on Kraang’s invasion plan. Donnie draws up plans for a robot.


Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge

Oh my goodness….let the drooling begin.

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Book: The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen [Rizzoli & Isles 6]

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles investigate the Christmas morning murder of Lori-Ann Tucker. Her body was found in her apartment, in pieces. The scene also had satanic symbols and black candles. The oddest aspect was a single latin word, “pecavvi.” It means, I have sinned.

Clearly, the killer has a guilty consconions. But the suspect list is long and spans several continents and a variety of suspects. From the dregs of the Earth to scholars and professionals. How does one person rack up so many enemies?

But Lori-Ann’s murder is not the only one that happens. Each murder includes strange and apocalyptic messages.

Who or what is committing these murders and why? Will Jane and Maura figure out the clues and catch him/her/them? Will one of them become to the next target?

Click either link to get a copy and find out what happens.


iTunes The Mephisto Club – Tess Gerritsen

Criminal Minds S02, Ep05 – The Aftermath

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: The Aftermath
Original Air Date: October 18, 2006

Click on either link to get a copy.


iTunes Criminal Minds, Season 2 – Criminal Minds

Favorite Quotes:

* “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.”
–Helen Keller

Synopsis: The team is at the office late. A case comes in, it’s a serial rapist. A woman gets dropped off and he’s waiting for her in her home. On the plane, they go over his MO. At the local office, they meet with the officers working the case. Some of the team goes to the hospital to speak with a victim. Morgan and JJ speak to another victim at a college. She tells them there were a lot more victims. Hotch plays a recording for the victim of a recording. Later the team pulls into a parking garage in separate cars. At the hotel, the lead detective shows up at Gideon’s room. We see glimpses of each team member, ideas forming for each one. Spencer checks on Elle. He gets her to talk about her attack. The next morning the team gives the profile. JJ has located a suicide at a religious college. It coincides with the attacker going off campus. They meet with her parents. The mother is uncooperative, but the father gives them the daughters suicide note. Gideon revisits the most recent victim. She is trying to have a baby. They are finding this to be a link. It also means that because he has changed his MO he is monitoring past victims. The team visits the fertility clinic. The doctor gives out a survey to his patients. The questions that are on the survey’s are all the things that the unsub knows. He tells them the name of the firm that he sells them to. The owner of that firm decides to cooperate. Going through all the forms they are able to compile a list of commonalities and find his next target. Officers go to her house, they leave when she doesn’t respond. She was inside and so was he. Elle starts to lose his cool. Hotch asks Elle to pose as a woman who fits the unsubs profile. She agrees. She’s also having flash back and symptoms of PTSD from her attack. He begins stalking Elle. They run the plate and get his name. But Elle flips and takes him down. Now her cover is blown. They question him at the station but are forced to release him. Elle does not take this well. She is waiting for him at his house. He starts hitting on her. This meeting doesn’t go well. She kills him. Gideon and the team arrive. The local officer tells them it’s cut and dry. Elle will be cleared.

Hot in Cleveland S04, Ep05 – A Box Full of Puppies

Season: 4
Episode: 5
Title: A Box Full of Puppies
Original Air Date: December 26, 2012

Guest Stars:
Georgia Engel: Mamie
Fred Willard: Dr. Hill
Lauren Lapkus: Oscar
Eddie Cibrian: Sean
Kelly Schumann: Sally
Duane R. Shepard, Sr.: Older Male Patron
Jeffery Doornbos: Handsome Guy
Steven Shaw: Rabbit Owner

Synopsis: Victoria’s daughter Oscar comes to town to do a story on the ladies and the second act of their life. Joy’s keys go missing. Chance ate them so they rush to the vet. Oscar doesn’t think that Victoria has changed at all. Oscar and Victoria go to the vet to check on Chance and the others. At the vet’s a hot fireman comes in with puppies and Joy drools. Oscar interviews Joy and Melanie. Their second act in Cleveland is to try and find love. Victoria and Oscar have a big fight. Victoria gets bit by…

Click here to find out what happens.

Click on either link to grab the fourth season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 4

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 4 – Hot in Cleveland

Elementary S03, Ep10 – Seed Money

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 10
Title: Seed Money
Original Air Date: January 15, 2015

Click either link to get a copy.


iTunes Elementary, Season 3 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Kitty: Life is stranger than anything the mind could invent. It’s something my friend likes to say.

* Joan: You broke into my apartment?
Sherlock: You break into mine all the time.

* Sherlock: We thought he was killed over plants you could smoke. Perhaps he was killed over one you cannot.

* Sherlock: Murders.
Bell: Who?
Sherlock: All of them.

* Sherlock: It was my understanding that was impossible.
Joan: And your understanding can’t be wrong?

* Joan: They may be fakes, but they are still beautiful. I’m going to water them.

* Sherlock: It’s your life Watson, I’ve no right to a monopoly.

* Sherlock: You’ve been a good friend and a good partner.

* Joan: I’m not here to judge you.

* Joan: I know it was you Barbara. I know you killed Klay.

Synopsis: Kitty is at a support meeting. She tells of how she was hurt and met Sherlock and move to New York. That after him she made another friend and another friend. After the meeting, one of the attendees ask Kitty for help as a detective. Her daughter has been missing for three days. Joan arrives at a murder scene. Two seniors have died together. Poison is suspected. They head to the basement to look for the source and find another dead body. He’s a resident in the building with two doctorates. They bring in the emergency contact for notification. When they ask her about the marijuana she tells them he engineered it. Kitty arrives at the brownstone to fine Sherlock inverted. He tells her the grow house was somewhere in Brooklyn. Kitty’s runaway seems to be a brat. Joan wakes up to Sherlock in her apartment making her a smoothie. After she yells at him they begin going over new evidence. Joan informs Sherlock that she is closing her private business and going to work for an insurance company as an investigator. She was hesitant because of how he reacted the last time. Gregson has found the grow house. The plants are dying as well from lack of care. There is also a stolen orchid present. At the station, Sherlock has the autopsy. He was dead before being lit on fire. Joan wonders if there if it was a copycat of a gang killing. A classmate of the missing teenager meets Kitty. She tells her about a car that had been following her. She gives her the license plate number. Sherlock, Bell and Joan go to visit a vice president of a conglomerate. They ask her about the flower purchase. She tells them that the flower was included with the chest of drawers. Meanwhile, Gregson has brought in the owner of the Jaguar. Kitty notices something odd about his thumb. At the brownstone, Sherlock pulls the two orchids out of their pots. The orchids are clones of the original. Gregson calls the two, there are two more murders. It’s at Agranex, the firm they visited earlier today and where they found the orchid clone. The dead bodies are two employees. Both were abducted at their homes and left at there last location. Sherlock notices the rope they were tied with did not burn. It’s specialized to not burn. They bring the executive they questioned back in. She was impressed with the victim’s cloning skills. She wanted to hire him for his cloning skills and is growing skills. Kitty has tracked down Tess. They discus what she is up to and also who her father is. Kitty tells her the thumbs is how she figured it out. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock confirm everything Barbara told them. They discuss Kitty and her detective skills. The discussion is interrupted by a suspect in the murders. Joan realizes that the first victim was backing out of the deal with Agranex. Joan gets a text from the victim’s ex-girlfriend. Turns out she just wants flower food for the flower she was given by him. In a twist, the plant food she wanted is the same they were given by mistake. It’s for the flower that the dead man would give to each woman he was with. Joan calls Sherlock and tells him he was right, Barbara killed him. When she comes to the station, she only finds Joan. She tells her everything she’s discovered and that the Kelly’s deaths were accidental. Gregson calls Sherlock about a body and asks for just him. Sherlock is confused as to why he could not bring Kitty. The man who hurt Kitty is now in New York.

Recipe: Malted Milk Shake

I love milk shakes. I have them as a treat now and again. This looks so simple to make that I may have them more often.

Click here to get the recipe.

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