Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I’ve always thought about creating one but something always stopped me. From everything I read it made me feel as if you had to make it all about just one thing. And I just couldn’t decide. A single topic is so limiting. I’ve never placed limits on myself and I don’t plan to here either.

There are many things that I love. So many things that I want to say. I’m going to share them here, over time.

I love to read. I love it so much that I created a reading group that I run on goodreads.com called “The Women’s Mystery Club.” One page is dedicated to that club. You’ll be able to find all the books that we have read, are currently reading and will be reading in the future. There are also links for each book so you can get a copy, if you don’t already have one, and read with us. Feel free to join my reading group if you like the books and/or the theme. In addition to the book club, there is also a page simply called “Books.” I read more than just just my group reads and so you will find reviews of some of the books I’ve read here.

I have also built a page dedicated to my photography. This is one of my great loves. The subjects of my images, animals and nature, are also something I am passionate about. Animals are something that have always been near and dear to me. You’ll see a new image each week. If you’d like to see the full gallery you can click here.

TV Shows are an obsession of mine. I have no trouble admitting this. If I didn’t my friends would all call me a liar. So you’ll find my favorite nine shows features on the TV Shows page as well. These shows are: The Golden Girls, Bones, Hot in Cleveland, The X Files, Mama’s Family, Xena: Warrior Princess, Criminal Minds, Family Matters, and The Nanny.

The most recent addition to my site is Recipes. Some are mine and others I have found online. I always include a credit to the website I found it on as I do not own the recipe. Really great recipes I always feel compelled to share (and include a linkback/pingback to the originating site). There are also recipes I find that I have to adapt to make acid reflux friendly. When I do that I also note it.

I hope you enjoy the site now and as it grows.

Pasta 🙂


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