The Nanny S03, Ep03 – The Dope Diamond

Show: The Nanny

Season: 3 Episode: 3

Title: The Dope Diamond

Original Air Date: September 25, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Niles: Sir, when it’s time to decide who pulls the plug on the life support, go with the girls.

* Max: Better hurry up Miss Fine, you’re not getting any younger.
Fran: I’m not the one that looks like Lilly Munster.

* Max: She’s only just met the man and its all happening so fast.
CC: That’s why the lady’s a tramp.

* Brighton: I like Jules. And he has yet to beat me at chess.
Max: God, Brighton, he throws every game.
Brighton: You see how easy it is to bond?

* Max: He asked you to marry him? You’ve barely known the man for two weeks.
Fran: What you think it’s hard to believe a man would fall in love with me that fast?

* Fran: Ma, put down the vegetable and no one gets hurt.

* Sylvia: Darling, I only say this because I love you. You’re a glorified cleaning girl. This could be your last chance

* Fran: Can you believe how advanced she is? When I was her age I was hanging bagels from my ears playing Princess Leia.

* Max: I have been known to turn a few heads.
Fran: Please, Miss Babcock needs an exorcist.


Max is playing chess with Brighton and taunting him about beating him in two moves. Fran and her mother come down the stairs. Her mother has set her up on a date. Her date arrives, she opens the door, and they kiss. Later, Niles, CC and Max are in his office working. Max asks her if she believes in love at first sight. Fran joins them at Max’s request. Grace is coming home from school with a head full of chocolate cake. Fran tells them she’s going to see a play with Jules. She asks CC if she would like to meet him. She very much does. She even puts her foot in her mouth. CC makes a joke and then nearly chokes when Fran brings him in to meet her. Max and Jules get competitive about the tickets. At dinner, Sylvia is eating Grace’s dinner. Brighton announces he likes Jules and playing chess with him. Fran runs in the dining room screaming that Jules asked her to marry him. Max starts freaking out. Sylvia is standing behind Fran when she says she didn’t say yes. She drops behind her. But then chases her into the kitchen. They talk and Fran tells her she did say yes. Max comes in to tell her he’s happy she is taking her time and thinking about it. But Sylvia poke him with a fork. Jules takes her to buy an engagement ring. He doesn’t want to see anything under 5 carats. It’s a $50,000 ring. He says it doesn’t sparkle enough. The clerk gets upset and sends him outside with the ring to see the sparkle. He stole the ring and leaves Fran at the store. The police are called. Max comes down to the jewelry store. Jules Kimball has been wanted for three years. Fran is upset. The detective gives the profile of who he victimizes. Fran falls in the profile. Back at the house, Max tries to cheer Fran up. Niles informs her another engagement present has arrived. Sylvia comes over. He tries to calm Sylvia down and she breaks her nail attacking his backside again. Grace comes down to find Fran and Sylvia fighting. Grace suggests therapy for them together. They do go. Grandma Yetta comes too. They all start talking and secrets come out. Back at the house, Brighton thinks he is going to beat Max and chess. Fran accidentally knocks over the pieces with her purse. Grace tells her she has to end the relationship with Todd because she is afraid the juice boxes will actually hurt her. Max joins them in the living room. Max checkmates Brighton. He leaves upset that the board got messed up. He then tries to comfort Fran again. Both Fran and Max were informed they were avoiding a relationship.

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