The Nanny S02, Ep21 – Close Shave

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 21
Title: Close Shave
Original Air Date:

Favorite Quotes:

* Niles: Is it that time of the month, Miss Fine?
Fran: I’m afraid so, time to pay my credit card bills.

* Fran: Mr. Sheffield, all I’m saying is that I think a job would teach her responsibility.

* Maggie: Why do I have to work in the first place? I thought we were rich.
Max: No, no, no, no. I’m rich. You won’t be rich until I’m dead.

* Max: See that aquarium?
Fran: What aquarium? There’s no fish in there.
Max: Well, Maggie forgot to bring them their jello snacks.

* Niles: So Miss Badcook – cock, won’t be poisoning you this evening?

Synopsis: Fran’s upset because she has to pay her credit card bills. She has a pyramid system to make her payments. Maggie follow Max into the kitchen and asks for money. He of course gives it to her. Maggie tries to work her magic on him to get the money. Fran suggests that Maggie get a job to make her own spending money. Max’s concern is that Maggie might take a job away from someone that really needs it. She complains stating they are rich. Max corrects her saying he is rich and she won’t be rich till he’s dead. CC comes in late. She was in a cooking class. She gives what she made to Max to try and he looks like he wants to vomit. Miss Fine comes in and distracts CC to Niles can throw it out. She announces someone got a new job. CC thinks its her and gives her a beautiful watch. It’s Maggie who got the job. She is going to be a candy stripper. Max is concerned about Maggie working in a hospital. He points out the aquarium with no fish but large plants as an example. Fran thinks this will be different. She goes on a crazy speech. Fran then picks up the bowl with CC’s food and thinks it’s dog food. At the hospital, Fran has Maggie getting ready for her first shift. Fran mistakes a dead woman for a sleeping woman. The nurse asks Maggie if she is sure she is up to this as it can get pretty ugly and stressful. Fran faints at the sight of a needle. At the house, Maggie and her boyfriend are making out on the couch when Fran asks about a pizza place. Fran finds Brighton under the end table spying on them. Max comes back from a meal that CC made. He’s quite certain he’ll be seeing the meal again soon. Peter is ready to leave. Fran tells Max to ask Maggie about her hospital week. Maggie grosses out Fran with a story from the hospital. Maggie asks Fran to cover her shift at the hospital because she wants to go to a concert with Peter. She doesn’t want to. Maggie tries to butter up Fran and she finally wins. Max then rejoins them and he compliments Fran for teaching Maggie responsibility. Fran tries sneaking out but Brighton catches her. She hides the uniform in the bread box. The she hides in in the fridge. She tries to trick Niles, but he is wise to what is going on. Then he opens the fridge and finds the uniform on his ham. CC and Max come in the kitchen, they have to go to a meeting. She then puts down Niles cooking as boring, but Niles is not worried. Max leaves and Fran runs for the backdoor. Fran is hiding in a room and somehow her Mother calls the room she is in. Max is brought in, its his appendix. The doctor asks CC if she is the wife. She lies and says yes. Then she plants a massive kiss on Max. Fran tries to sneak out but gets caught. Max even with the drugs kicking in, recognizes her. The doctor tells her to shave him, so she puts shaving cream on his face and starts shaving him. She freaks out and just sprays a ton of shaving cream everywhere. Niles walks in with flowers right at this moment. And teases her. Back at the house, Fran is making a Sunday. Maggie comes out and grosses Fran out with another nasty story. Maggie realizes Peter is picking her up in 10 minutes and she runs upstairs. Max tells Fran that he had an odd dream just before surgery. He was married to CC and Fran was his nurse. She tells him it was dream. Bu then she puts the whipped cream on her Sunday and starts humming and he flips out.

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