The Nanny S02, Ep09 – Stock Tip

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Stock Tip
Original Air Date: November 7, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* CC: I could just see myself lying on the beach for days.
Niles: Oh, I’m sure someone would tow you out to sea if your blow hole got clogged.

* Grace: Fran, this one comes with a prize. I got lucky.
Fran: You and me both.

* Brighton: Oh man, I’m dressed just like Snap.

* Brighton: Fran, this is cool.
Fran: No, this is the Maytag repairman.

* Fran: You’re a hot dog vendor! And they’re not even kosher.

* Max: Maxwell Sheffield and you are?
Fran: Mister…Ed?

* Max: Thank God it’s you. I thought for a moment that 30 years of musical theater had finally taken it’s toll on me.

* Fran: I haven’t seen a shiner like this since my sister got her nose job.

Synopsis: CC is trying to convince Max to buy a place on Martha’s Vineyard but Max is unsure. Fran and Grace are heading to the grocery store. At the store, Grace tries to out logic Fran regarding candy. Grace picks a guy for Fran but his cart is not appealing. Another guy crashes his cart into Fran’s. He asks her about some snack cakes and then flirts with her. Grace takes advantage of the moment to get some sugary treats. At breakfast the next day, Niles is not happy serving pop tarts and the other items Grace picked out. Fran tells her about the man at the grocery store and their upcoming date. The doorbell rings and it’s Fran’s date. When Glen meets Max and fanboys as he loves his last play. The two get along swimmingly. Later, in Max’s office, CC is still pushing for Martha’s vineyard. He’s still saying no. Fran comes in and tells Max she is taking Brighton shopping. Glen calls Max and Fran is jealous. Fran takes Brighton shopping and he gets some interesting clothes. Fran gets hungry and stops for a hot dog, but it turns out her stockbroker is a hot dog vendor. Fran confides in Niles about what happened. CC comes in and is giving someone a tongue-lashing on the phone, turns out it’s her mother. Fran asks Maggie who CC hates more Niles or herself. Maggie leans towards Niles. Fran takes CC a sandwich. CC asks if she’s dying. She realizes Fran wants something and gets a bit overexcited. Fran tells CC that Glen is actually a hot dog vendor. CC points out how much trouble Fran is going to be in. She doesn’t call Max to stop him, she wants to see Fran get destroyed. So CC makes a call, but she cancels her therapy session instead of calling Max. Fran goes to the club to try and stop Max. But it’s men’s only. She disguises herself as a man to sneak in. Fran interjects into the conversation. Fran comes up. Max starts talking about ways he uses to outsmart Fran. Fran and Glen fight over the check and Fran accidentally knocks Max out. She does a little cat fight with Glen to get the check back. She causes him to go face first into a wall and he gets knocked out too. As soon as she grabs the check she runs to Max to see if he’s ok and reveals who she is. Max puts his foot in his mouth. She quickly explains to Max that Glen is not a stockbroker but a hot dog vendor. He believes Fran’s actually a man. Glen leaves a broken man. Everyone is a bit snippy. Brighton comes in with his baggy clothes and turns on his stereo. It had The Sound of Music in it. Fran starts to tease him about “phrases.”

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