The Nanny S03, Ep02 – Franny and the Professor

Show: The Nanny

Season: 3 Episode: 2

Title: Franny and the Professor

Original Air Date: September 18, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Max: Bravo Miss Fine, you seem to know more about 60s television than most people your age have forgotten.
Fran: Well, are you calling me old or just stupid?

* Fran: Shh!! What if the person moving in is a single guy? If he hears you yelling at me he’s going to think we’re married.

* Fran: There’s a brother coming? Is he short, ugly and married?
CC: No, why?
Fran: Well then I gotta change.

* CC: Max is an educated man, she went to Nick at night school.

* Fran: It’s nice to have a man around who recognizes my inane intelligence.
Max: Miss Fine I noticed that the first time you threw a penny in the bidet and made a wish.

* Fran: Beauty is not what’s important here, it’s brains that count.

* Max: Cheer up Miss Fine. You won one game. You don’t have to be the returning champion. I like you just the way you are.


Everyone is having breakfast. Max asks how her evening was. The wedding went well. Brighton asks about the tv guide. Fran informs him she’s a walking tv guide. He asks her what show is on after a random show he names, and she tells him not only the name, but the episode description as well. Max is shocked. Fran is in Max’s office, using binoculars to spy on the new neighbor moving in. Max is upset over something in the newspaper. The president is doing a special weekend and Max thought he would be invited. CC’s brother is coming over to the house and Fran decides she needs to change. He’s a professor at a university. He arrives and they greet each other. Fran comes down the stairs in a flashy outfit. She introduces Fran as “the help.” Noel, her brother, asks CC if anything is going on between Max and Fran. She instantly ruffles and says no. He makes a wager with CC that the Nanny can be taught. It’s his Lamborghini against her thoroughbred. She wants Noel to get Fran on Jeopardy. He accepts. Noel starts conversing with Fran about a game show she was on. He tells her he thinks she could get on Jeopardy. She’s hesitant, but finally agrees to try. He asks her a question and she gives an extremely wrong answer. After the second question, Noel starts getting a headache. He races out to stop payment on tires. Max and Miss Fine get into a fight. She tells Max that Noel thinks she can get on Jeopardy. Max is working in his office. He can’t focus due the quiet. He misses Miss Fine but doesn’t want to admit it. He hears a door open and close and makes a dash for the front door. Fran and Noel comes in happy, but CC is in tears. Max is shocked that Fran passed the test for Jeopardy. Max wishes her good luck. It’s now the day of Jeopardy. Fran is freaking out backstage. Fran is in the negative with minus $1,300, while the other two have positive numbers. Fran finally gets one right. She then gets the daily double correct and moves into the positive. She tries to cheat on Final Jeopardy. Both competitors get it wrong. It’s now time to see Fran’s answer. She tells a long story first. She makes Alex yell at her but she gets the answer correct. She runs and hugs Alex as she won with $200. Max tries to cheer her up. Roger Clinton comes to the back door. He is who is renting the townhouse next door. He delivers an invitation to Max for the special weekend with Clinton.

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