The Nanny S02, Ep12 – Take Back Your Mink

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: Take Back Your Mink
Original Air Date: November 21, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* CC: Isn’t it a little sedate for you Nanny Fine? You don’t look like you’re trying to get a sailor to buy you a cocktail.

* Max: Well Miss Fine, it’s refreshing to have you on my side for a change.

* Sylvia: A mink is not an animal, it’s a rodent. If it was up in the attic, you’d be the first one to call Terminex.

* Fran: I’m a grown woman, you can’t use guilt on me anymore to get what you want.

* Max: You can have any opinion you like Maggie, just don’t have it in the park after dark.

Synopsis: Grace comes in the kitchen with two hamsters. The two hamsters start to mate. Maggie comes downstairs at gets upset at Fran for using hair spray. Suddenly, Fran has a flashback of her and her mom. Another time, Fran goes to Max’s office to get his thoughts on a dress she is wearing. Fran is going to a funeral. Maggie comes in trying to go to an all-night animal rights sit in. Fran isn’t having it either. Back at Mrs. Fine’s house, they discuss the funeral. They discuss the mink coat. They read the will. The mink coat gets left to Fran. Fran turns it down and Sylvia flips out. Back at the mansion, Sylvia is doing crank guilt calls. The doorbell rings and the mink coat is handed over to Niles. Fran tries it on. It even still smells like her grandmother. Maggie comes in and sees the coat and gets angry. Later in the week, Niles is back on Maggie’s good side. CC shows up and joins them for breakfast. Gracie comes in with her hamsters. She tells them “miss fine” is having a baby. Brighton tells everyone it’s a pair of hamsters. Fran asks if her mother has called, but she still hasn’t. Max has invited Sylvia for dinner to get her and Fran to make up. CC comes in the kitchen to leave to pick up her grandfather at the airport. Max asks her for dinner. She thinks it’s just them, but he tells her it will be a group. Niles and Max play CC like a fiddle. Sylvia arrives for dinner. CC comes out and greets her like a long lost friend. Slyvia snubs Fran for CC. Fran and Sylvia get in a fight. Max makes Fran do the little napkin song and dance to get her to calm down. They make up and CC gets a call that her grandfather is on a baggage carousel. CC comes back in, sees the coat and offers her $10,000 for it.

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