The Nanny S02, Ep22 – What the Butler Sang

Original Air Date: February 27, 1995

Favorite Quotes:

* CC: No, No, No. You misunderstood. He said left us in the lurch, not get us Lurch.

* Fran: Who does my sister look like?

Niles: Uh, your mother?

Fran: Niles, doesn’t she feel bad enough?

* Fran: Listen to me. I want you to be nicer to your sister because someday you might need an organ and your brother has a different blood type.

* Fran: Yeah, well, nothing says loving like something from the oven.

Max: You’re off your bloody rocker, you know know? Thank God you’re not operating heavy machinery.

* Max: Congratulations Miss Fine, you were right about your sister. Is there anyone in your family who’s not a raving lunatic?

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Fran comes in the living room to find Niles singing. Fran tells him she just got off the phone with her sister, Nadine. Nadeen’s husband has left her. She starts snacking on something in a bowl. Niles informs her it’s potpourri. Max comes in and tells him his main singer has backed out. Fran suggests Niles. Max starts describing what he’s looking for. So Niles starts to sing. Max and CC are shocked and give him the sheet music to look at. With Niles busy, Fran suggests her sister Nadine be brought in to do the food. Another day in the kitchen, Niles is practicing scales while making food. Brighton asks Fran for advice about a shirt he wants to buy a girl he likes. Fran points out it’s see through and tells him no. Someone lays on the back door doorbell. It’s Nadine. Fran does the introductions. Later, up in Fran’s room the pair do the YMCA dance. While they talk, Maggie and Grace come in fighting. Fran and Nadine start fighting over a sweater. It gets a bit violent. Maggie and Grace come back in and the two halt their fight. In the kitchen, Niles starts to sing again. CC comes in asking for tea. He tries to get her to do it by threatening not to be in her musical. Fran comes down unhappy with Nadine. Fran feel that Nadine is always emulating her. Nadine asks her about Mr. Sheffield. She wants to go after him. She makes him something delicious. Fran tells him her sister is after him but he thinks she’s crazy. He storms off. That night Max is getting into bed. Nadine shows up with food and in a negligee. She has a fit at her sister. She gives her the robe she is wearing. They start fighting again. He’s forced to admit she was right about her sister. It’s audition night. Niles is calm until Max stresses him out. In the kitchen, someone is laying on the doorbell again. Fran called Nadine’s husband Barry. They start arguing about food. In the living room, Niles is on. Nadine and Barry are arguing in the background and Fran’s trying to get them to stop. They then start dancing behind Niles. They get chased by CC and then by Max. And finally are ushered into the kitchen. Niles asks how he did. Max tells him terrific. She manages to get them back together. Max asks about the status of food for his backers. CC comes rushing in. They hated Niles song but loved the comedy thing and are throwing money at them.

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