The Nanny S02, Ep16 – Canasta Masta

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: Canasta Masta
Original Air Date: Januray 9, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Niles: Just because a person is a useless pest doesn’t mean they deserve to die.
CC: Hello, hello!
Niles: Of course, it’s not written in stone.

* Grandma Yetta: You want grandma to kiss the boo boo?
Fran: Isn’t it enough I got one kid in therapy?

* Grandma Yetta: I shouldn’t eat stuffed cabbage this close to a pilot light.

* Fran: Sweetheart, the office is for heavy hitters. Next time I’m in the kitchen giving your father a coronary you’ll be the first I call.

* Max: My only son is going to be wearing a jacket with his name on the front and Flushing Queen on the back?

* Sylvia: Ma, you’ve been cheating all these years and we still lose?

Synopsis: Brighton is watching TV. Niles comments. Max wants to know why Brighton is watching TV. Max wishes he would play a team sport, but he’s only interested in owning a team. Fran volunteers to take him to the batting cages. Fran stops at her parent’s house. She tells her that Brighton is done with baseball due to a batting cage injury. Sylvia brings up the canasta tournament. They are out because one of their team moved away. Brighton plays a hand of canasta with them and they think he is a savant. They float the idea of Brighton becoming their fourth. They arrive home and Brighton is happy to be a member of a team now. Fran’s worried that Max is not going to take the news well. She tells Niles and he’s adamant that he wants to be there when she tells Max the news. In the office, CC confide in Max that she thinks Niles as it in for her. He brushes it off. Niles and Fran come storming in and Niles slams the door into her head. They think she is sleeping, but when she wakes up she attacks Niles. Max wants to know what they are up to. She tells Max that baseball didn’t work out but he found another game. She finally tells him he is joining the Canasta team. She tries to soften the blow of the team name, Flushing Queens. CC, of all people, comes to Brighton’s defense. Back a at Sylvia’s house, Yetta informs them that Gert is back. She tells Fran she is off the team. Back at the house, Max is messing with Niles about snacks that he forgot. Niles gets Max to realize that he is acting just like his father did about him producing plays and theater. Max is not happy and tells Niles to book the family suites in Atlantic City. Brighton is sounding like Grandma Yetta. Fran has suddenly changed her mind about the tournament. She tells him they threw her off the team. She gets upset and starts crying. Max tries to comfort her. He starts listing things she’ll love to cheer her up and she finally agrees to go. In a casino she hits a jackpot but it’s a losing scale. Grace has a tennis lesson, she like the instructor. Brighton tries to make sure Fran’s not mad at him. Fran goes over to the Steve and Edie Poster. She meets them but doesn’t realize it’s them. They start to sing to prove to her it’s them but she just critiques their performance. As they walk away they squabble. Fran starts to pillage the all you can eat buffet. Meanwhile, Brighton is pretending to go through the change to get Fran and her mom to make up. He takes off his jacket and gives it to her. Max congratulates him for his act of kindness. Grandma Yetta comes to get her to play. Meanwhile, Niles is home “sick.” He’s recreated the famous scene from “Cocktail” as CC walks in the front door. She stands there watching and smirking until he notices her. He then tells her he’ll have to kill her. Back at her parents house, they are all playing canasta with Steve and Edie.

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