Numb3rs S02, Ep10 – Bones of Contention

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Bones of Contention
Original Air Date: December 9, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: It was a very old new find.

* Megan: And from what Hill just told me that would be enough of a reason to kill.

* Charlie: There exists this needs to hold on to things.

* Alan: Science versus religion, that could get ugly.

* Larry: Bones.
Charlie: They don’t make the man.
Larry: And they sure don’t make the soul.

Synopsis: A woman works in a lab. She leaves and sees a shadow. She is attacked. Don and his team shows up as she is now dead. A security guard found her doing his rounds. Don learns she was doing carbon dating research and gets a tour of the lab she was working in. Her supervisor doesn’t understand why she was there working by herself so late as it wasn’t protocol. At the house, Charlie is going through the garage. Megan interviews the victims landlord and learns her married boss would sometimes drop her off. They can’t figure out why she was there working on something no one knew about. Megan and David go and talk to her boss. They did have an affair. It turns out that sometimes they are asked to date a private piece. That’s why she was there so late. Charlie did some analysis. The skull that was being tested was actually 10,000 years old. Older than anything else found in the area. Megan goes to chat with the Native American Council. She is able to get the information she wants because she treats them with respect. At Charlie’s office, Amita arrives and is distressed over her day. Charlie brings up his dad. Megan and David go and visit a seller of artifacts. He decides to give them some information to assist their case. Don goes to an expert with the measurements of the skull. He gets a geography lesson. The woman uses those measurements to do a digital reconstruction of the skull. It may not be Native American but European. Jennifer, the deceased’s, boss is the one who actually found it. Don lets Charlie know about the skull’s origin. At the house, Larry uses molecular gastronomy to make ice cream. Alan and Don volunteer to do the dishes. Don takes the time to talk to Alan about their mom. It doesn’t go well. While Megan interviews the head of the council he gets a call about his home being broken into. The man who broke in is Hill. The head of the council asked Megan to find him. While the lawyer makes threats. At the office, they try and figure out what Hill is thinking. Megan asks Charlie and Larry to look at some equations. Hill is trying to figure out where more settlements could be to find more remains. The lawyer stonewalls her on the information. Charlie tries to figure out his next move. He talked to experts and the odds of Hill finding another site is small. Megan realizes he’s gone back to the original dig site to try and find more bones. Don and his team find him digging. Megan confirms he has an alibi for the murder. David finds a list of disenrolled tribe membership. The security guard at the school who found Jennifer’s body is on that list. They go talk to him. He tells them that he was told if he helped get the skull back his mom’s name would be relisted as a member of the tribe. They go back to talk to the chief. He got the skull so he could stop the lawyer from destroying the tribe because of greed. He wanted his people to be one again. Back at Charlie’s office, he and Larry discuss the skulls significance. Back at the house, the boys are worried about Alan. He’s getting rid of his wife’s clothes after doing a lot of thinking. The boys “try” to hug it out.


Numb3rs S02, Ep07 – Convergence

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: Convergence
Original Air Date: November 11, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: If it’s wrong, then what am I?
Larry: A talented theoretician with an ego problem.

* Colby: Ooohh, a math fight.

* Charlie: I’m so easily distracted.
Alan: It’s more like you’re easily fascinated.

* Alan: I think your life’s work should be what you find important.

* Larry: That’s too big brother for me. I’ll stick with my rotary dial up.

Synopsis: Don, Charlie and Larry are playing frisbee golf at the college. Don gets a call and has to head to a crime scene. It’s a burglary gone wrong and there is a fatality. At the office, the team goes over the evidence. Megan begins a profile. Charlie wants all the crime data for the entire period of the crime spree. At the college Charlie enlists the help of Larry and Amita. Charlie’s arch nemesis is giving a guest lecture. He’s not amused when Penfield starts talking to Amita. Penfield tells Charlie there was an error in his math on a theory. Megan is interviewing the wife of the man who was killed in the burglary. Charlie rants in his office with Larry. Charlie gets a call. His algorithm has an answer. Megan goes to who the math points him. One of the stolen items is in his showroom. Charlie is working on something on a glass window at Don’s office. He explains. He found known attacks marked in blue and based on his analysis there should be more crimes but they won’t be burglaries. The analysis shows another crime could take place in three days. Megan found three carjacking’s that match Charlie’s dates. Colby and David go to see Charlie. They would like him to find the bullet. They also tell him about the car jackings. Penfield walks in and the two have a math pissing match. Megan’s analysis of the crimes shows that in the car jacking cases the car jackers were aware of what they had on them. Cell phones are being tapped into. Megan finds the fence for the stolen goods and is setting up a buy. Back at the house, Alan is preparing for his consultation firm. He tells Alan about Penfield. He’s upset because he doesn’t think he’s really doing much. What Alan says inspires him. Megan meets the fence for the buy and she has a gun strapped to her leg. He opens a storage locker to show her the goods and the team busts him. He has almost all the stolen property from the seven robberies. When questioned he tells them that two guys came up to him in a bar, a lawyer type and a nerd type. David and Colby are working a giant grid search for the missing bullet. Penfield is now giving his presentation. Both Amita and Charlie is present. Charlie is getting angry. The guys are still digging through the park looking for the bullet. They are debating what kind of gun and bullet was actually used when David finds it. Charlie, Don and Megan are walking outside. He tells them about GPS locater chips in cell phones. Back at the house, Charlie has taken apart Alan’s cell phone and he’s not happy. Charlie explains about the GPS chip. Sadly, Charlie was right about another burglary 3 days later. They are seniors and both were killed. They run the bullet through AFIS to try and match it to a previous crime and get a hit. All the families had rare, insured valuables. Charlie is mocking the guy as Penfield walks in with Amita. He brings up currant theory. Charlie tells Don and Megan that there is a connection that they can’t see between the families. The insurance companies have a commonality. They start searching for the riders for each policy to look for connections. Megan finds the cell phone connection. He was in prison with an employee of the underwriting company. They arrest both of them. Pieces start to fall into place. The cell phone hacker starts to talk. A man named Demento is the leader of the gang doing all the robberies. Demento is in the wind currently. However, Demento is planning a new burglary. He wasn’t prepared for this. It’s Megan and the team. The entire gang is arrested. Charlie pays Penfield a visit and thanks him for the help with the case. Penfield tries to kiss up to Charlie. Charlie walks up to the board and adds new math, which fixes the flaw. Amita and Larry arrive at the house to pick up Charlie. He’s working on the math of the brain.

Numb3rs S02, Ep05 – Assassin

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: Assassin
Original Air Date: October 21, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Megan: An assassination on US soil?
Charlie: Yeah.

* Alan: When it’s done right you never find out who did it.

* Larry: It’s field work. It’s just field work. There’s no substitute.

* Larry: Research can’t be performed in a vacuum. The subject will be changed by the process.

* Charlie: Basic protocol of a secret assassination, be the first respondent.

Synopsis: Don’s at a retirement community. A mother interrupts a son “working.” Don knocks with a search warrant. The “son” tries to run, but he runs into Colby. They find a notebook with codes. Charlie and Larry are working on paper airplane designs. Don takes the notebook to Charlie. He determines it’s a transposition cipher. It’s an assassination plan. The team starts trying to figure it all out. Colby is interrogating the suspect. He gives them the little bit of information he has. They figure out who it is. Charlie is working on the math of the assassination. Amita comes in asking about lunch. Don’s at his office with a representative from Columbia since the target appears to be someone from that country. He learns the assassination is going to be made to look like an accident. Charlie suggests they talk to the man they arrested again for more information. However, he is killed when he gets transferred. Don orders protection for the target. Charlie ponders the target and Larry breaks it to him that his data has gaping holes. He will have to talk to him. Charlie does meet with him, but it’s unsettling. Charlie continues to work in his garage with Larry. David heads to Ruiz’s house to check on him and finds him in the canal half drowned. Don talks to him after he’s recovered. He then meets with the Columbian representative again. Don spots by Charlie’s office with Ruiz’s new schedule. David and Colby catch a break at a computer shop. They can now link the Columbian Consulate with the computer shop, which just happens to be a gun dealer. Don sets a trap for the assassin. The safe house is a fort, but the assassin still gets in. He’s killed. Charlie goes to visit Ruiz. He tells him that he’s going back to Columbia. At the house, Don shows up to go to the party so Charlie can go on his date with Amita. But Amita’s in LA.

Numb3rs S02, Ep03 – Obsession

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Obsession
Original Air Date: October 7, 2005

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: And plus there are also these footprints Larry, I mean this isn’t sasquatch.

* Charlie: The cameras an eye and eyes don’t see everything.

* Don: Interesting good or interesting bad?
Megan: It’s never good when it comes to a psychopath.

* Megan: How are you going to build an image out of nothing at all?

* Don: Looks like he’s in one of his own tabloid stories.

* Alan: If you’re thinking of sending these letters to Amita I would rethink your approach.

Synopsis: A woman swims in a pool. As she gets out of the pool the phone rings, she runs for it and they hang up in her ear. A man in a hooded jacked with a knife suddenly appears and starts chasing her. She runs for it, locking herself in a room and calling 911. Don and Charlie arrive at the scene. Charlie recognizes her immediately. He interviews her. At the office, Megan goes over the six types of stalkers. She throws out some theories that she might have known the stalker and not realized it. The security system never picked him up. Larry shows Charlie and Amita his new classic car. Megan appears and is impressed. She asks Charlie and Amita analyses the footage. David and Colby try and find witnesses but struck out. At the house, Charlie and Larry build a replica of Skylar’s house. They want to check for blind spots. Alan helps them properly place the cameras and fix some design issues. Charlie sees that everything should be covered. Larry points out that the camera can only see certain colors. Charlie tells Don about what he learned. The stalker had to have a remote for the cameras to freeze them, but also he had to know where they were placed. Megan finds something in the letters. She has 20 letters and one pinpoints his stalking started around 3 weeks ago. Don and Megan go talk to Skylar again. As they leave the see something strange. Megan appears at Charlie and Larry’s workspace. They talk about the image and the work being done on it. There’s a note for Charlie and its anonymous. Megan finds a suspect who bought a DWP uniform. They find him, but he’s dead. Where is body is found he has line of sight to Skylar’s house. David and Colby talk to the dead man’s boss. They use his equipment to see what photos he was taking. Skylar doesn’t recognize the photographers photo. Dante Baker, the rap star, was supposed to show up and he did not. David and Colby interrupt Mr. Baker’s gold game. Colby gives him a golf lesson. Megan and Don go over more possibilities. Megan pays a visit to Charlie and asks him about FISH. Megan asks Larry to take her for a ride in his car. In the garage, Charlie is working on the handwriting analysis as Colby stops by to check on his status. FISH gives us Lawrence Pike, but he’s been in jail. Charlie has determined there is a first writer and a copycat. The last four are from the copycat. David decides to run some photos by Charlie. Megan visits Skylar again. She wants to know if anyone else saw those letters. She kept them in a kitchen drawer, so anyone in the house would have access. David pops by Charlie’s office to check on the photo. He gives him the photos. They use items in the photos to determine additional variables. The address they get from Charlie turns out to be Dante Baker’s house. His assistant is there and he is the stalker. He denies just about everything. Based on the interview they are able to bring Dante in. The lawyer tries to weasel his way out. He tells them he found him already dead. Don and Megan pay Skylar another visit. And reveals to her that Dante set her up. She tells them she found Wilcox and had words with him, but he just started taking photos. She hit him over the head with his own tripod. They arrest her. Back at the school, the discussion about the car continues.

Numb3rs S02, Ep02 – Bettor or Worse

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: Better or Worse
Original Air Date: September 20, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Don: I hope that shot didn’t just kill three people.

* Amita: Charlie, are you actually asking me out on a date?

* Megan: Oooh, just the kind of little brother that could complicate a sister’s life.

* Don: Until dead bodies are found this is still a search and rescue.

* Larry: I see two extraordinary minds that can communicate on the purest level a man and woman can communicate on.

Synopsis: A woman goes into a jewelry shop. She approaches the owner. She informs him she has his wife and daughter. He hands over diamonds into her purse. An associate tells a security guard. He tries to stop her, thinks she is pulling a gun and kills her. Don and his team are on the case. Colby confirms the kidnapping is real. At Don’s office, he briefs everyone on the kidnapping. Charlie brings by the geographic crime index that Don asks. Don tells him about the kidnapping case. David and Colby interview the jewelry shop owner. He doesn’t want the FBI involved. Now they will surveil him. Charlie and Larry work in Larry’s office. Larry has his software and antenna set up. The remote has a rolling code. At the office, Megan is examining the diamonds and the security video. The woman could be a victim too. Charlie is working in his office. Amita comes by to visit. He tells her about the case and she offers to help. Charlie asks her out on a date and she accepts. At the office, Megan can’t find medical records for Jane Doe, because the only work she’s ever had done is a nose job. Charlie sends Don an algorithm which will help locate the car. The car owner turns out to be Erica Logan. An older man is at the house. He’s her father. Her father is confused by what’s happened. David gets a call, the wife’s car has been found. At the office, Megan is trying to break down Erica Logan. That evening, Charlie and Amita are on their date. They can’t talk about anything but work. It’s gets quite awkward. Back at Don’s office, Colby tracks down the brother. He’s got a rap sheet and they go to pick him up. They hear a horse race and see someone inside, but he runs. They catch him. They tell him about his sister. They ask about the kidnapped mother and daughter. Turns out he’s working as a bookie. Charlie tells Alan how bad the date went. Alan tells him not to give up. Don comes in and tries to help. He tells Alan about the kidnap victims and that they haven’t been found. Don and his team can’t track the bets from the bookie. Alan recognizes a set of numbers. It was the football scores from this weekend. Charlie can use the point spreads to figure out who were the bettors. He has got a bank account for the backers and kidnappers. David looks at the names listed and find the owner of the jewelry store, the husband of the kidnap victims, is one of the losers. David has the names of the betting business. Don shows the photos to the brother. His sister was stealing the diamonds to keep her brother from getting killed by the backers. Colby gets some new phone records. Rausch got a call from his wife’s cell phone. All merchandise was inventoried, but not the repairs. All the repair jewelry has been taken by him. Charlie tells them about a freeway tracking system to help track him. He can give them a generalized area he is likely in. Following Charlie’s map, they find his car. He’s still in the car. They didn’t give the family back because he didn’t pay in full. Turns out that Rausch took part in setting up the kidnapping. Back at the office, Don and Megan are upset they were played. But they know the two are still alive as of half an hour ago. Charlie asks Amita for help. In his office, they brainstorm trying to track down the payments. He comes up with the thought of tracking fractions. It leads to a place in San Pedro. Don and his team surround a warehouse. They storm it and find the brothers but don’t’ find the missing women. They search the entire area, including docks and boats. They hear someone yelling for help and find them both. They reunite them at the FBI. When his wife learns the truth she is furious. Charlie is in the garage playing air hockey. Larry comes to visit. Larry points out that they don’t have to talk about something other than math. They play a game of air hockey.

Numb3rs S02, Ep01 – Judgement Call

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: Judgement Call
Original Air Date: September 23, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Don: Four shots point blank ain’t a surprise. That’s premeditation.

* Charlie: I’m not really good at reading those kinds of signals.
Amita: No, you’re not.

* Megan: You have to start somewhere.
Charlie: No, you have to start everywhere.

* Megan: Human behavior is not that rational.

* Charlie: My system is not meant to be a replacement for your skills.

* Don: You get your case back and I’m back at square one with the wife’s murder.

* Charlie: What’s the difference between my math and a partial fingerprint?

* Don: I’m not dating anyone.
Alan: So I noticed.

* Charlie: Although we can’t fully explain pi, it keeps working.

* Don: I never ruled out the possibility of some kind of quantum entanglement.
Charlie: That’s not one of mine.

Synopsis: A woman drives home and pulls into her garage. But someone is in her garage waiting and kills her with a shotgun. Don wonders if the wife was the target, or if it was actually her husband who’s a judge. At Don’s office, there are piles and piles of files to go through of possible suspects. Charlie will try to create an equation to narrow down the field. Don interviews the judge. Colby and David go to visit the criminal that is in the judge’s courtroom. He gives them an enemy who might be interested in the case. At the courthouse, Don talks to a lawyer, and asks her to lunch. Charlie pops up and lunch becomes a rain check. David and Colby go to talk to the next in charge in his gang. But the gang is all there and they are outnumbered. Back at the house, Alan, Larry, Charlie and Amita are suddenly drug into one of Larry’s random topics. He tells a story about a 5th grade crush. They switch to the case and Larry points out that the prosecutor could be a target too. Colby comes up with some domestic disturbance cases, five to be exact, between the judge and his wife. Don goes back to talk to the judge. He tells Don he was an alcoholic and his wife left him because of it. He’s now in AA. Charlie and Megan discuss methodology in his office. Megan gets a call from David. The gang might take another shot at the judge. They raid the gang. At the courthouse, as the judge and the suspect are being escorted out, someone on a motorcycle opens fire. They get him. It’s Raymond. David and Don interrogate Raymond. He claims self-defense. Back at the courthouse, Nadine thanks him for saving her life. She still leaves the door open for romance. Amita, Megan and Charlie are back in his office crunching numbers. Larry joins them. Megan and Larry flirt a little. Amita and Charlie’s analysis narrow it down to two suspects. Megan shows both files to Don. Don is skeptical. At the house, Alan and his sons are having dinner. Charlie is bragging about how Don saved the prosecutor. David and Colby go to talk to the tipster about Lance Dolan. He has a girlfriend and they keep an eye on her. Don doesn’t understand why Dolan ranks so high on the radar. Megan jumps in to defend this lead. When Colby comes in with the reason for Dolan’s bench warrant, it turns out he stabbed the man who called in the tip about him. They bring the tipster in. Megan and Charlie are going over the other suspect. But he would be bragging about committing a murder. Larry is in the break room and starts talking about a theory he finds romantic. They get Hector to call the girlfriend. She calls Lance and then heads straight to him, to pick him up. They follow her and bust him. He has the gun used to murder the judge’s wife. He tells them he was hired to kill her. Charlie calls Don, there is something that connects the two suspects. They bluff Hector. He gives them the name Josh Calen. He tells them that Mrs. Calen hired Dolan to kill the judge’s wife. She wanted him to know what it felt like to be her. Don tells the judge what happened. Alan and Charlie pop in to take him to dinner. Nadine comes in to go to dinner with Don. He says good bye to Alan and Charlie and heads off on his date.

Numb3rs S01, Ep12 – Noisy Edge

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: Noisy Edge
Original Air Date: May 6, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 1 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: I’m just surprised that math isn’t giving me an edge.

* Larry: The fact remains, we may not be alone.

* Alan: Golf balls don’t always do what you expect them too.
Charlie: Yeah well golf balls have to follow the rules of physics, just like any other object.

Synopsis: Don has Charlie look at cases, but they are better off with chaos theory. David comes in and tells them there is an unidentified flying object over LA. Don asks Charlie to try and predict a flight path. The military gets involved too. A family is having a bbq in their backyard and they see the UFO too. Charlie calculates it will fly over downtown. Don and David go to meet with the family who saw it. They also get the video. At the office, an agent from another department joins the team for the search. Charlie and Alan are golfing. Charlie is struggling. He gets a call from Don and uses it to escape. Charlie meets with the NTSB agent and Amita. They analyze radar data. But they can’t do it on a laptop. They ask Larry for some help. He lets them use some of his super computer time. Charlie’s math gets a flight path. It leads to the Staples Center. They brief the team on the new data. They check all the locations that the flight could have taken off from, but they strike out. Larry advises they focus on the plane itself. They overlap all 7 radar maps and think it’s a UFO. But the NTSB agent tells them it’s a human design. Charlie thinks it could have been a vertical takeoff. They visit a company that is running a contest for vertical takeoff. He gives them a few names of engineers who could pull it off. The former partner gives them the name, Gosnell. At the office, Don and David go over Gosnell’s criminal record. Out on the golf course, Charlie has lost his ball and can’t use math to find it. They try to find Gosnell by checking with his son. He’s shocked. They all head to his workspace, but both he and the plane are missing. Outside the hangar, there grass is burnt from the vertical exhaust. His son tells them the history of the project. David goes to talk to the most recent investor who is shocked to learn the plane flied. He gives them some additional information. In Charlie’s office, he compliments Amita on her thesis work. She informs Charlie she might get a second PHD in astrophysics. And that she wouldn’t be his student anymore. The NTSB agent rushes into the office with some more details to analyze. At the office, Charlie tells Don they found the plane. They head out to the search area. A junkyard is within the search area and they head there first. The NTSB agent locates the plane, with Gosnell inside and dead. She checks over the plane and determines it went down due to sabotage. Don tells him the rudder was tampered with and that his father was murdered. At the office, the NTSB agent can’t determine the plane’s flight path. Don goes to visit Charlie. They chat. Don tells him that their dad likes to play golf with him because it’s the one time he gets to teach him something. David calls, Croft sabotaged the plane. They bring Croft in for an interview. Charlie thinks that the servo was not being tampered with but being fixed. Don and David go back and visit Gosnell’s son again. Don and Alan head to the golf course and Charlie joins them. Alan senses Charlie’s frustrations but he tells him he loves it to make him happy.

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