Numb3rs S03, Ep11 – Killer Chat

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 11
Title: Killer Chat
Original Air Date: December 15, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* David: Clothes make the man, maybe houses make the murderer.

* Charlie: Mildred. And just when I was beginning to think she was a living, breathing human being.

* Alan: Killer or homebuyer, the rulebook is always the same isn’t it? Location, location, location.

* Don: Who you going to call?
David: Charlie.

* Megan: Larry is devastated. His spirit is crushed. He’s like a star collapsing in on himself. I don’t want him to go either, but we have to let Larry be Larry.

* Larry: I know you don’t want me to go. And therein lies the nobility of what you did.

* Megan: Put down the knife and he’s going to jail. And there’s nothing you can do to him that isn’t going to be worse in there.

Synopsis: A man goes to someone’s house. No one appear to be home. As he puts beer in the fridge there’s a note on the door that she’s in the shower. He walks into the hall, sees a camera and there his is promptly whacked on the head with a bat. A real estate agent found him dead. Charlie pays Larry a visit. He apologizes for how he has acted and congratulates him on the trip. Charlie heads out to Don’s off and invites Larry to join him. Charlie and Larry get briefed. Larry points out it may be the houses that are the connection. Megan goes to visit one of the victims wives. She tells Megan that her husband made the financial decisions and maybe the “new house” was birthday present. Larry and Charlie are working with Amita. Charlie and Amita are surprised that Larry now has a cell phone. He gets a call and he’s being replaced on the NASA mission. Megan is going through all the background on the viticms. Alan calls Millie to find out what happened to Larry. It was cancelled because she told them he was living in the steam tunnels. Alan sheds light on something they may have missed, the location of the homes. Megan has found a link between the three victims. Colby found that chat rooms are the common connections. Megan goes back to talk to the same wife again. She finally gets her to talk but not much. The woman kicks Megan out. Charlie and Amita are outside working. She tires to cheer him up. She’s also found what the houses have in common. Megan takes Larry to dinner to try and lift his spirits. Colby has also found a handle that all three have talked to. He also slipped up and logged in from home. They head out to pick him up. They arrest him at his son’s soccer game. He tells them he is part of a group that lures predators and has them arrested. Charlie and Amita arrive at the FBI with some possible answers. The theory is based on a law. Megan thinks the message might be that there’s too many for the police to stop. David found a video confession of the last two victim’s, nothing on number one. They’re not having luck finding who posted it, so they call Charlie. Charlie determines that the killer is using onion routing. Megan also brings up Larry. She asks him to help and tells him how devasted and broken he is. Charlie has built a trap for the next upload, but it means another person will die. They don’t have to wait long. Charlie realize that this upload is a live feed. They start tracing it to try and get there before the man is killed. They get to the house and it’s the wrong house. The owner tells them that their internet has been down all day. Charlie figures it’s a wifi piggyback and finds the right address. They get there too late and the guy is already dead. Charlie looks at the chat. He realizes that everyone has a unique pattern. They need only compare the chats to those of the members of the group to see if there is a match. Megan finds Amita. Larry and missing him comes up. They find Charlie in Larry’s office calling as many people as he can to try and get Larry reinstated on his mission. They don’t actually go in. Just hearing what Charlie said and seeing what he’s doing to help Larry the smile at each other and head out. At the office, Charlie has determined the man they are looking for is the one that it can’t be. Megan thinks it has to be someone in the house. They talk to the son. He tells them about someone he met in a chat room. He says its one of the members of his dad’s group. At the college, Larry runs up to Charlie and tells him he’s back on the mission. He thanks him as he knows Charlie was behind it. Charlie tells him he was really repaying a debt for helping launch his career. Megan and Colby think that the wife of the first victim killed her own husband and that she is the one doing all the killing now. They narrow in on her. The list of possible houses she’ll use to kill again is very long and Charlie works to figure out which one it will be. They find her car parked a block away from a possible house. She is caught in the act. Megan tries to talk her down. She tells her she knows her harmed their daughter Susan and that’s what caused her to snap. Magen talks her down and saves her life. At the office, they have a party for Larry and his trip. Megan walks Larry out. They have an emotional goodbye. Megan and the whole gang are at Charlie’s watching Larry’s launch into space.

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