Numb3rs S03, Ep13 – Finders Keepers

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 13
Title: Finders Keepers
Original Air Date: January 12, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Man: I can replace the Cheetah. I can always build another boat. I can’t replace Reed.

* Millie: Out at sea all bets are off. You’ll encounter forces you never anticipate.

* Colby: You gotta let him run with this. He’s fun to watch when he gets going.

* Liz: If they weren’t looking for the racing yacht, then what where they looking for?

* Liz: I know your reputation, Mr. No Commitments.
Don: I just haven’t met the right girl yet.

Synopsis: A boat comes into a pier, where a class is being held about identifying fish. The teacher opens two catch bags and empties them. There’s a body in the catch. Don and his team arrive. The dead diver, is a salvage diver. At the house, Charlie offers to play chess with his dad while Larry is in space. He declines telling him Millie has offered to play with him. At the office, Megan has identified the diver. He’s retired military. Colby has found out that all the local salvage teams are looking for a boat called the, “cheetah.” It sunk a few days ago. Even sunken it’s still worth a few million. Don heads back to the marina. The salvage company’s boat is back. Inside, there is a lot of blood. Don finds that Liz is back. Megan talks to the owner of the Cheetah. He’s not upset that other people are looking for it. The more the merrier, he wants his man found. He tells her the keel was starting to separate and take on water. The rest of the crew was saved, he chose to stay. He wants the boat found and the body of Reed recovered. Millie pops in to ask Charlie how good his dad is at chess. She may not have told Alan the truth. She sees the boat plans and is not amused. He can’t figure out the flaw that caused the keel to fail. Millie has some sailing experience. She tells him no matter how well you plan, you cannot cover everything that could happen. At Don’s office, the blood is back. It belongs to the diver and the two brothers. Liz tells them about the drug operations going on as well. That one of the drug runners could have killed them. At the house, Charlie and Alan are chatting. Don comes over. He’s asked about Liz and blows it off. Don is frustrated because it’s a mobile crime scene. Charlie wants to try and retrace its path. Colby already has some of the information. It couldn’t have gone out more than 10 miles. The next day, Millie pops in to Charlie’s office again. She’s not as intrigued by a barge as she is by a racing yacht. Men in suits arrive and ask to speak with Charlie privately. It’s the NSA. They want him to find the yacht. The boat is not where it is supposed to be. He sees a falling leaf and it generates an idea. As it sank, it continued moving forward. He’s instructed he can’t tell the FBI about this. At the office, Megan and Liz are putting their heads together trying to come up with a theory. Megan realizes there was impressions on the diver’s ankles. It was likely he was anchored to the bottom somehow. The brothers might still be down there. In the garage, Don checks in with Charlie. He tells him that he can’t work on Don’s case right now. Don storms out pissed. Alan comes in and tells Charlie it’s his choice what he works on. Charlie has a bit of a melt down though. Don meets up with Liz. She tells him it’s complicated. She doesn’t want people to find out. She asks about his girlfriend, he tells her it’s not an issue. Charlie comes up, he tells Don the barge never left the shallow water. Charlie coordinates the search from the office. On the sonar mapping, Colby sees something. It turns out to be not only the two bodies, but the Cheetah is there also. Based on the data they had, it should have been 40 miles out to sea, not so close to land. It has the lift bags from the salvage company on it. It was already brought up and then resunk. The NSA agents arrive and they attack Charlie. Don makes the NSA agents come back to the office and demands to know what is going on. An arms dealer paid the captain of the boat a large amount of money. Whatever was being transported is gone, they have no idea what it was carrying. Reed had to have hired the brothers to recover what was on it and he has to still be alive. Don goes to talk to Charlie. The keel had to have failed because of what it was carrying. It slowed down after a spot in Singapore. He can calculate the wait. Don stops the NSA agents and gives them Singapore. It could have been a missile system. Charlie says the extra weight was 418 pounds. Now this missile system has a two day lead. Now they have to find Reed. They bring in his wife for questioning. A threat is levied against her and her three kids. She gives them Reed’s location. The raid the boat he’s hiding on. He’s gone from the boat. Colby notices something strange. He finds a snorkel mask and found Reed. He tells them he was forced to do it, his life was threatened and he only has a phone number. He says the two guys hired the barge to get the crates, but he didn’t know that anyone was going to be killed. He knows that they guys weren’t leaving right away, they were waiting for the missiles. Charlie arrives back at the office. Everyone is brought up to speed. Charlie speaks of the satellites. The NSA thinks its not possible. Charlie thinks it can be narrowed down. They make a call and Charlie gets to work. He finds one pretty darn quick. They take a few teams and go to the location. They go in. They take fire. No one escapes and everyone is taken into custody. The guidance system is found. A container ship is coming in tomorrow, that’s likely got the missiles. Liz and Don talk, she doesn’t want to get hurt. She decides to take a chance, but wants to take it slow. That night Alan and Millie are playing chess. Don and Charlie come home to find that Alan is losing his patience over Millie’s chess game. She’s identified that he has a tell. Millie beat him. Charlie high fives him. It suddenly moves to poker with all four.

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