Numb3rs S04, Ep02 – Hollywood Homicide

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 2

Title: Hollywood Homicide

Original Air Date: October 5, 2007

Favorite Quotes:

* Amita: Just so you know it hasn’t escaped me that you still aren’t working on your paper.

Charlie: Nothing gets past you does it?

* Alan: Sounds like a Raymond Chandler novel, huh? A murderer, blackmail, movie stars and you even go the evil twins.


A few people are filming a house. They find someone dead in the tub. The video is turned over to Don’s team. Don isn’t sure about the face, but Charlie can clean it up. He’s got a face and the tech are trying to identify it. Colby returns to the office. He has to stay there till he’s reassigned. Charlie’s face gets a match and she is in the morgue as a Jane Doe. They go to her apartment, someone is in it. David pursues on foot. Someone races out of the garage. He tells Megan it was the dead girl driving the car. They head to the morgue. The ME says she drowned but it wasn’t an accident. She’s had a lot of plastic surgery too. Colby partners with Liz to go and speak with the actor. They asks him about the girl in the tub. He surprises them by telling them they have full access. Amita arrives at the house, Charlie gave her a key. Charlie is doing some maintenance. He tells Amita that his friendship paper got a lot of interest for publishing, but he’s having trouble updating it. Cleaning the fish tank hives Charlie an idea how to solve who the killer is. At the office, David has brought in photos of what the victim looked like before all the surgeries. Charlie and Larry go to Brett’s house to do an experiment. Brett introduces himself to the pair. Charlie explains what they are doing and how the math works. Megan and David go to talk to the plastic surgeon. They show the picture. He made two women twins. Is it Andrea or Tracy? Tracy is the victim. A high priced call girl organizer paid for their surgeries. Colby tries to talk to David. Amita finds Charlie and Larry in his office working. David and Megan go to see Miss Dennis about Tracy. Andrea is out the house. She tells them Brett and his friends lied, because they were both invited over to the house a lot. They get brought in for questioning. They give them a “tour” that starts will interrogation. Charlie joins them. His math says a killer well above average in size. The head of security says he and the victim had a relationship. Don and Liz talk about Colby. He actually wanted her to spy for him on Colby. Logan calls Liz. He wants to talk. Don and Liz go to meet him, but he’s gone. Don finds his car pushed off the road and he’s dead in the car. Logan’s address was Brett’s this gives them a warrant. The manager is furious. He lived in the guest quarters, so that’s all he gets to search. Colby finds some large emails. Liz and Colby bring the laptop to Charlie and Amita to search. Alan comes in and shakes Colby’s hand. It turns out to be movies that he has sent her. The files were issued to Brett Chandler. Megan and David go back to talk to Miss Dennis. She gives them two people’s names and a club name. They go to the club. David notices a guy taking alcohol out instead of in. It’s pirated movies. A shoot out starts. The surviving brother doesn’t know Logan but recognizes the dead girl. He tells them she was blackmailing the movies out of them. They found the guy who shot the video. He says Brett didn’t know, Logan and Josh did. Charlie, Amita and David discuss game theory. David picks up on the twins from what Alan says. David asks Charlie to put Andrea in the equation instead of Tracy. She’s the missing piece. Megan and David go back to Miss Dennis’s to talk to Andrea. They bring her in for questioning. She tries to blackmail Don for a deal, but Don is not having it. She tells him the secret, what really happened to Brett’s brother. Brett confesses to what happened. He says that his “boys” have held it over his head. He tells Mark Green knew too. Brett was with Josh when Logan was shot. Brett suddenly storms out to confront Mark. Mark jumps off the balcony and takes a shot at Brett. Colby jumps down to pursue. Mark takes one of the girl’s hostage. Liz comes running down the stairs and manages to shoot Mark before he shoots Colby. Brett’s brought in for his brothers’ death. Colby gets a letter from the directors’ office. At the house, Larry has invited everyone to the monastery for dinner.

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