Numb3rs S03, Ep12 – Nine Wives

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 12
Title: Nine Wives
Original Air Date: January 5, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Colby: Stand down, it’s a trap.

* Charlie: Why do evil people always seem to be hell bent on purity?

* Charlie: Dad, are you dating Mildred?

* Millie: Inbreeding works great in cows, not so much in people.

* Millie: If Stone were a stud on the farm, we’d be having steak for dinner.

* Alan: Those poor people, they were looking for God and all they found was this monster.

Synopsis: A female is walking through a very desolate area. At the house, Alan is sipping coffee. Charlie is going to a math conference at Stanford with Amita. They are driving. A man is driving on a road in the same area as the female. He finds her dead on the side of the road. Turns out she is not dead, she is alive. She was able to identify who attacked her. She can’t provide much more information than that. The local agent fills Don in on the suspect. He’s also on the FBI’s most wanted list. At Don’s office, Megan brings him up to speed on the suspect. The teenager gives her statement to Colby and the other agent. Charlie and Amita head up to Stanford and Amita has made a mix for the drive. Charlie apparently is not into music while driving. Don calls Charlie during the drive. They pull over and run the GPS coordinates. Charlie and Amita start crunching numbers. He gives him some search areas. Amita offers to go back, but Charlie says no. Don and Megan search the satellite photos of the areas Charlie pointed out. They find a trailer in one. They all head out to the trailer, except the CBI agent. She stays behind with the mother of the victim. It turns out the mother told Stone where to find her daughter. Her mother is not right in the head. At the trailer, it has an explosion when the open the door. The trailer is empty inside though. A diagram or a map is found. Amita and Charlie give in and go to the trailer to see the map. They’ll just drive all night to get to the conference now. At the hospital, the mother is questioned. The CBI agent offers the mother help. At the trailer, Amita and Charlie are intrigued by the map. Amita finds the same thing on a blanket. They opt to blow off the conference and work onteh map. Megan and the agent plans to interview all the church members. Charlie and Amita go back to the house and surprise Alan. Millie is there. She and Alan are having a date. At the FBI office, they narrow down the members. A call from the victim come into the CBI agent. She left the hospital and went home to get clothes and found blood. Her mother is missing. They bring in Josephine and interview her. She planned to run away with her boyfriend. The CBI agent tries to pin a murder on the boyfriend, but he gives a receipt that provides an alibi. Millie comes into the garage and asks why they are working on cattle breeding. She says it’s an inbreeding chart for cattle. This family tree also points out another issue, Stone has a lot of wives, but not any children. Millie starts helping them with the math. His inbreeding coefficient is off the charts. They talk to Josephine about her sisters. She’s only concerned about her mom. There is a possibility of younger daughters elsewhere. Amita has discovered that Josephine’s mom is also her sister. An officer pulls over a car and a man gets out. So does Stone, but he has a gun and kills the officer in front of Josephine’s mom. The CBI agent finally tells Don that she was in that cult and got out at 19. They try to figure out where he is going. Megan brings the two kids some breakfast. Megan gives Josephine the news that her mom is her half-sister. Josephine thinks he might be taking her mom to the new city. The car is found abandoned, it has an mp3 player. It has podcasts on it, it’s how he communicates with his followers. At one location, Colby and and the CBI agent are under fire. She’s hit. It’s also the address in the latest podcast where he instructs them all to meet. Don arrives with his back up to try and get Colby and the CBI Agent. The move in with shields. They’re able to get Colby. Colby picks up the CBI agent and everyone gets to safety. Don wants to send her to the hospital. She refuses. She’s been waiting to get this man her whole life. Stone kills one of the men. Stone gives a speech and puts down the gun. Then he unscrews the gas from the stove and turns up a gas light.He takes Josephine’s mom has a hostage and he blows them all up except her. He’s arrested. Alan sees the picture of the map blanket. It was used in the underground railroad. Don joins them at the house.

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