Numb3rs S04, Ep09 – Graphic

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 9

Title: Graphic

Original Air Date: November 23, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Seth Marlow: A comic book geek in the FBI, sweet.

* Megan: So people bought a stolen comic book even though a man died. That’s just obsessive collecting.

* Seth: If you’re good enough to make a forgery you should be drawing your own.

* Ross Moore: Justice? Kid, you read too many comic books.

* Colby: What’s Charlie got?
Megan: Elegance but no proof.

* Alan: Charlie thinks math is beautiful and he wants everyone to love it the way he does.


The episode begins at a comic convention. A man has as briefcase with a rare comic book. He opens it and shows it off. Men come in wearing masks and guns and steal the comic book. One of the guards gets shot. Charlie is giving a lecture on game theory. He lets the class out and a man comes up to interview him. Charlie is not comfortable with this man interviewing him. Back at the con, Don and his team arrive. David gives him some background on the stolen comic book. Another artist joins them. David’s a fan and has his work. The stolen comic book is worth $2 million, if it’s real. The guy that bought it is brought in for an interview. He’s furious that Moore might want the book back. He plans to sell it right after Moore dies. The next day David and Megan go back to the con. Seth spots David and tells him there’s a rumor that Ultra World was sold on the black market for $50,000. But then fights break out and everyone somehow has a copy. At the office, David and Megan discuss how the sale happen but it turned out they were all fakes. All the buys were evenly spaced apart in 14 different locations. Charlie is going to work on it. Charlie asks Seth what makes a comic book valuable. Charlie wants to see Ross Moore’s work drawn around the same time. They meet Ross Moore. He gives them a comic he drew within days of drawing Ultra World. David fanboys to Ross Moore. He would like to get Ultra World back. His health problems have gotten worse and expensive. His wife could sell the book after he passes and live comfortably. At the office, Megan gives Colby some files on forgery. Turns out he likes Karen. Megan tells him she’s married. Megan offers to set him up with someone. In the garage, Alan, Larry and Charlie discuss heroes. Megan has found someone who bought the paper the comics were printed on. She has a sketch and he was wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt. David has the map of the hot zones where the fakes were sold. They have a possible suspect and his home phone number. The guy yells he’s in the shower and makes a run for it with a towel around his waist. He tries to steal two women’s car. They beat him up. Megan questions him. She confirms he’s a con man but not a killer. Seth pays Charlie a visit. Charlie explains how he analyzes the art. Amita then explains how she is analyzing the ink edge. All the copies are fakes, but all the forgeries were drawn by the same person. Charlie and Larry go and pay Seth a visit at the con to get samples of art. Larry tells Charlie to check the economics of this theft and the forgeries. Larry’s question gives Charlie the answer. The forger is Seth Marlow. He wanted to steal the original to give back to Ross Moore. Megan informs them that Seth does not fit the profile. The Vanity Fair reporter tracks down Larry and Amita. Seth brings Ross Moore groceries and finds Charlie there. They find a strange link between Seth and a man that was in prison. Seth proposes that everyone put their fake copies in the auction and that the proceeds get split between the sellers and Ross Moore. Charlie chats with Seth again. Colby tracked the gun down. It was stolen from the suspects mother’s rest home. They go to visit his mother and she starts beating them up with her cane. He was hiding there with her and makes a run for it. It’s quite a chase. He goes out a fire escape. He knocks Don on the head. David shows up in the nick of time and leaps off a roof onto the guy. He winds up dead. He shot himself. They found an Ultra World at the mother’s apartment. This one is a forgery too. It’s made by the same artist. The reporter tracks down Alan. Charlie found a code or mark in the fake comic books. Charlie thinks that the real Ultra World will be in the auction and Seth’s goal will be to win it. The bidding on the real one will be very different than the bidding on the rest. It’s the auction. All the comics are on display. The auction begins on the 14 comic books. On one of the books the bidding goes differently. One bidder keeps jumping up the price. Charlie jumps in and takes it for $20,000. He knows it’s the real one. When Charlie goes to his car he finds Seth waiting. Sklar did have the real copy. Don arrests Seth. In interrogation he tells everything. Charlie comes in and tells him Sklar got the real copy back. He then gave it to Ross Moore. Seth is shocked he gave it back. David and Colby check on Don. He invites them to lunch. Megan then informs Colby she has someone for him to meet. Ross comes to the house. He draws a comic of Charlie and Don. Ross is going to turn them into a comic book. Something came from Vanity Fair for Charlie. It’s the article. It’s actually a good piece.

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