Numb3rs S04, Ep08 – Tabu

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 8

Title: Tabu

Original Air Date: November 16, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Woman 1: It’s a party not a funeral.
Woman 2: It was my mom’s.

* FBI Guy: You’ve got another theory?
Megan: That his daughter is just another negotiable asset.

* Pierce: You don’t have much of a bed side manner.
FBI Guy: That must be why I don’t get invited to many parties.

* David: What just happened here?
FBI Guy: Looks like our rescue mission just turned into a manhunt.

* FBI Guy: It’s like your hikers went to chase after a butterfly. Charlie: You know what? That’s a great analogy.


A woman is at a club with a friend. It’s not clear if it is a party or a funeral. A guy is wakling around with a Bluetooth in his ear. Outside several men get out weapons and guns. The woman from earlier gets kidnapped. Don gets a call while at Liz’s. He exits quietly to not wake her. He and his team arrive on scene and question witnesses. The kidnap victim is Ella Pierce. A kidnap specialist joins them. Charlie joins them. He tells them about tabu theory. Don gets a call. They find the car that the kidnappers used abandoned. There is a dvd and some of Ella’s hair in the car. The group that kidnapped her is the PNA. The van was a rental that was stolen last week. Liz then confronts Don about leaving without waking her. Megan and the FBI specialist meet with Ella’s father. A call comes in. Ella’s father answers it. They put Ella on the phone. The demands are different than a money amount. He counter offers for $10 million. Megan is shocked. He leaves to go make payment arrangements. The FBI guy thinks he was smart. Larry has built his own Hero’s fountain (?). Charlie required explanation. Larry’s fountain starts working but the splash triggers an idea. Charlie finds Don and tells him that they will act again to force the outcome they want. Meanwhile, we see they commit a heist. They have made Ella participate. Don and his team watch the video. They get a call that Pierce emailed the website that he will no longer negotiate. Liz and the negotiator go to talk to him. The email account is encrypted. Don asks David for advice about Liz. Charlie then discusses tug of war. Megan says the father’s cold hearted, as he dictated letters to his daughter when she was as child. Now they have posted a video with Ella reading a message. Amita analyses the video. She can build a decoder to figure out where they filmed the video at because they filmed it on a satellite phone. David and the FBI guy go on a stake out. He tries to convince David to change his position in the FBI. A 911 call comes in two blocks away from them. They catch everyone in action. There’s a twist, Ella breaks free and opens fire. A gun battle starts. It appears that Ella and at least one of her friends are in on it. One of Ella’s friends did not get taken. She is questioned. She is able to name one of the guys as someone they went to high school with. Megan thinks she has Stockholm syndrome. Mr. Pierce comes in. He’s shocked by the pictures. Megan picks a fight with him. Amita is building the decoder. The FBI guy visits Charlie in his office. He is going to switch to decision analysis. They look up Stephen Cavani, the classmate. The one that was killed is Reggie Woods. He’s got a criminal record too. Larry comes to visit Megan. He gives her a gift. He helps her get a little perspective. They pay another person a visit. He thinks Ella is scary and stays away. Megan goes over all of Ella’s emails to the “leader”. Megan realizes that Ella planned the whole thing. Charlie has updated his analysis. Ella and her group have taken her father hostage. A video posted shows that and that he had decided to give in to the demands. Amita’s decoder is u and running. She has tracked the signal. They take a heavy presence to the location to storm it. David can see them through a scope. Megan gets into the webcam on a laptop and tells them they are surrounded. She tries to talk him down. She tells him that Ella is just using him to get to her father. Ella opens fire. Don instructs them to fire over their heads. The FBI guy takes one out. Ella starts screaming at her father. Don wants to de-escalate with tear gas. While everyone inside is coughing and can’t see they all move in. Two come out with their hands up. Stephan releases Mr. Pierce and the two escape hands up. Ella shoots and kills Stephan. She comes out gun in hand. He shoots her in the arm to stop her but not kill her. That night Liz goes over to Don’s. He tells her he feels like he keeps screwing things up. She gives him back his key. Megan goes to see Larry. She is going to visit her father. She invites Larry to join her on the trip.

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