Numb3rs S03, Ep20 – Burn Rate

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 20
Title: Burn Rate
Original Air Date: April 6, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: That’s a perfect storm of data, that’s an improbable event.

* Don: The guys a genius it doesn’t mean he’s not a murderer.

* Alan: Strong opinions does not a killer make.

* Alan: Have you ever known your brother to let his emotions trump his math?

* Charlie: Given Glazer’s grasp of these concepts, don’t you see how he’d be a fool to behave in this way?

* Dr. Glazer: Shouldn’t you be applying your talents to higher pursuits than gumshoeing for a pack of thugs?

* Charlie: Isn’t saving lives a humanist ideal?

* Alan: It sounds like you’ve restored your faith in your brother.
Don: Whoa, when did I ever lose it?
Charlie: Uh, I think I’ve lost count.
Don: Come on, Bro. I’d put my life in your hands any day of the week.

Synopsis: A man prepares a piece of mail while another goes to work. The mail is sent to John Walton (he was the one heading to work). He opens the mail in his office and there is an explosion. Millie, Alan and Charlie get together for lunch. Millie proposes a little 30 day wager. Charlie is saved by a call. Charlie heads to the bomb scene. The ATF called him in. They also called in Don’s team. Charlie can already tell a lot about the bomb. The bomber is making another letter bomb. They speak to Walton’s wife. He only had one problem in his career, he was sued by a bomber. They pull the file. The ATF agent brings them all up to speed. In Charlie’s office, they work on math as Millie pops in. She wants to borrow a CD player, she can’t buy a new one thanks to the bet with Alan. Back at Don’s office, Charlie has found 4 more bombs that he can link to this bomber. Don gets a call. He takes off and takes the ATF agent with him. There was another bombing. Liz finds a signature in the bomb RF59. It was on his manifesto too, he’s back. They go to his father’s house to find him. But he hasn’t been there in about a month. They check out his room. He is quite obsessed. The schematic for his letter bombs is laying on the desk. The ATF agent points out the big area he’s covered. Charlie points out that he can narrow down the area to search. David and the ATF agent Malloy go to talk to Arno in prison. He’s not sane. Amita meets Charlie for coffee. Charlie is going over his manifesto. A third bomb is delivered but this time its caught before it gets opened and goes off. A bomb robot is working on it. They are able to xray it to see it matches the previous bombs. It gets saline bombed so its deactivated. The whole building was evacuated. It was all a cover for the bomber to sneak in and download an entire case file. Charlie has narrowed it down to 12.7 miles. David finds some emails and Charlie uses that to cut the area down to a few miles. In the break room, Don talks with Liz and they make a date. David interrupts as he has found Glazer. He’s building another bomb. They storm the place. He was building a toy for his nephew. Agent Malloy and Don question him. She goes on a rant. Back at Charlie’s office, his new rants are being analyzed. But Millie says something that triggers something. He realizes the data is too perfect, no outliers, everything is perfect. Charlie goes to Don. But Don doesn’t want to listen. At the house, Alan and Don talk. Alan takes Charlie’s side. Don goes to talk to Charlie. He listens this time. Don heads back to work. They went back to Arno and found an encryption flash drive. They tracked the chat to BurnRate20. Arno also gave him the RF59 signature. They pay him another visit in jail. The jail was supposed to keep him away from chemicals, but they didn’t and he made a bomb and blew himself up in his cell. Charlie goes to out talk to Dr. Glazer. He asks him for help as he has been targeted as well. He tells him to use a paradigm shift. The bomb that killed Arno wasn’t made of anything found in jail. Charlie gets back to Don. The people being killed were actually Glazer’s allies. Their actions saved him from conviction. Arno had one visitor the day he died, Agent Mallory. Don interrogates her. Turns out she was the one who leaked Glazer’s name. Liz checked the prison personal. A guard that works there use to be on the San Francisco bomb squad. A SWAT team hits his apartment and they arrest him. He alludes to another bomb. We then see it under Agent Mallory’s car. They realize it’s Malloy who is the target. She gets in the car and turns it on. Don tells her to get out of the car, but the bomb activates. She has less than 20 minutes. Glazer appears in the FBI office. He asks him to help, he says no. Charlie cracks the RF59 code. He throws Feinmen at him. He decides to help. He tells them out to get around the pressure switch, but the clock is ticking. Charlie starts writing the code to disarm it. It works. Charlie offers to invite Glazer to guest lecture. Charlie and Amita arrive at the house to find champagne. Don arrives too. Alan, Millie and Don all exit, leaving the house to Charlie and Amita.

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