Numb3rs S03, Ep09 – Waste Not

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 9
Title: Waste Not
Original Air Date: November 17, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Larry: Change is inevitable and those who adapt most quickly are most likely to survive.

* Charlie: He’s living in the steam tunnels?
Millie: I didn’t say that, but maybe you should check and make sure he’s ok.

* Amita: I don’t appreciate being disrespected, especially in front of a colleague.
Millie: You might want to behave more like a colleague.

* Millie: As far as math professors go you are the Sean Connery.

* Charlie: You speak of collaboration, but this feels more like tyranny.

* Amita: Just think she could be your new boss and stepmom.

Synopsis: A refinery, waste water being dumped into a lake, a busy city and school playground are what we see. The students are allowed to watch the work. Larry and Amita are walking and join Charlie. There is a new chair, Dr. Mildred Finch (played by Kathy Najimy). She’s already given Amita tenure. She plans to promote collaboration. Alan joins them as well. She is instantly “Millie” to Alan. They have clearly hit it off. Back at the playground, the man is using a large machine to break up the ground for the new playground. But he hits something and triggers a massive crack and several kids and a play structure fall in. The older woman tries to help pull the kids out, but gets pulled in and injured. Don and his team get the case. The older teacher is not expected to make it. At the school, some woman storms in screaming. She is pissed at the teacher who authorized it. She then informs them that older woman, Trudy, died. Don brings Charlie in, but he also brings in Alan and his engineering experience. Alan says that the sinkhole was caused by altering the underground waterflow. At the college, Millie has staked out Larry’s underground lair. At Don’s office, the lawyer for the construction company appears to be helpful. Charlie and Larry try to analyze what caused the sinkhole. Millie pops in and she busts him about living in the steam tunnels. Charlie is a little shocked. Millie suddenly wants to cut back on Charlie working on FBI cases. She makes him the chair of the PhD admissions committee. Back at the school, they are still trying to get the last child out. When the father tells them all the stuff going on, Megan becomes concerned. All the sick kids is really worrying her. She’s finding a lot of major health issues with kids in the neighborhood. It’s a cancer cluster. They find out the material used to pave the playground is basically toxic waste. David has linked the superintendent of being in Kentwell’s pocket. She also uses Kentwell’s lawyer. Megan goes to the meet with the parents and students of the school. Just about every student has some kind of health problem. Amita is working with Charlie on the case. She invites Charlie to dinner, then Millie walks in. She’s not happy they are working on the case. Millie calls her out for dating Charlie and how she dresses. She wants her to live up to her potential. Megan is horrified by the children who have gotten sick and died. Charlie tells Don that the rates of illness is much more than a cluster. LA as a whole has an issue. There are 17 cancer clusters in LA. The prosecutor is shocked. Charlie tracks down Larry. He’s going to stay in a hotel shortly. They meet with the lawyer and the CEO. The lawyer tries to stonewall, but the CEO wants to make a good faith effort to fix the problems and compensate the families as well as repave every site with asphalt. He doesn’t care about cost. In the garage, Charlie and Larry continue working. Larry doesn’t think it’s the aggregate making the kids sick. However, the aggregate that they put out, is much less than the amount of waste they take in. Over 80,000 pounds of toxic waste is missing. Back at the school, benzene residue is found. There is acidic sludge. They do seismic imaging to try and find the sludge. The images that come back on the seismic image is disturbing, there are three dozen barrels buried under the playground. All full of toxic sludge. Megan goes after the superintendent. She flips on Boyd Resnik. He paid for her whole campaign, so she would win, to sign the contracts. Don puts her into protective custody. Charlie and Millie have a small meeting. Megan surprises Larry at the school. Megan invites Larry to come and stay with her. He freaks out. She tells him she’s gonna be with a witness, so he’ll have her place to himself for a few days. He mentions the bathtub and she’s intrigued. The FBI tries getting all the sludge analyzed. Meanwhile, Megan is stuck in a hotel room with the superintendent. She decides to drink. She goes into anaphylactic shock and dies. She was allergic to peanuts and the glass was laced with peanut oil. The FBI didn’t know about the allergy. Resnick and the CEO meet at the aggregate plant. Turns out it’s David. He gets to the point about where the rest of the toxic waste is. The lawyer talks in circles until he starts discussing things. He then every so politely offers to bribe him. David gets him to put himself in a hole. They arrest the lawyer and the CEO. In the garage, Amita and Charlie are playing air hockey. She has some worries. She has a bit of a melt down and is worried that neither want to commit. They share a passionate kiss, as Millie shows up. She has a date with Alan. She’s freaked out so she asks them to pretend she was never there. Amita is seriously ticked off now. The two head into the house to find out what’s going on. The two are a bit offput at the news that Alan and Millie are going to the movies on a date. Back at Don’s office, they pack up the case. Larry sneaks out of the steam tunnels. Alan and Millie are having a nice evening. Charlie and Amita are on the couch, snugging and making out. Megan goes to the hospital to check on the little boy.

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