Numb3rs S03, Ep14 – Take-Out

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 14
Title: Take-Out
Original Air Date: February 7, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Millie: You’re the one and only Charlie Eppes, more dazzling in person than the name would suggest.

* Amita: Millie? It sounds like after all that kicking and screaming about the tuxedo you guys did some bonding after all.

* Alan: Oh commerce versus ethics? I spent 20 years trying to find an answer, never did.

* Megan: We can help keep these kids safe.
Man: You can’t even keep your police safe from these men.

* Megan: He doesn’t trust us. I don’t agree with him, but I understand him.

* Colby: I’m no doctor, but this guy didn’t die in his sleep.

* Charlie: Since when did you become my conscience?
Amita: About the time we started making out.

* Charlie: It’s poetic justice because he walks in on me and Amita all the time. Cut him some slack? He’s dating my boss.

* Millie: 95% of one of the worlds greatest mathematical minds is better than 100% of nothing.

* Charlie: What just happened here?
Millie: You made my life a little more difficult and a lot more interesting.
Charlie: Pretty much could say the same thing about you.

Synopsis: People sit down to eat at a fancy restaurant, but armed robbers ruin their meal. Two cops are their and they pull guns and get the upper hand. Two other guests suddenly stand up and open fire on them. Charlie is with Millie at a fund raiser. She tells him that his five-minute conversation with the governor gave them a $250,000 grant. He gets a call from Don. He exits to meet Don as quickly as possible. At the scene, local police fill Don and his team in on these robbers. Charlie arrives and gets brought up to speed. Megan tries to find something with phone records and strikes out. They steal credit cards and then max them out within minutes. Don reads a letter and it clearly affects him. Millie pays Charlie a visit. She looks at his analysis. She mentions an article she read and gives him a copy of it to help. Sinclair brings in a CI to try and get some information. He tells them that the robbers killed two cops to send a message. Megan mentions the letter he received. Charlie and Amita are working in his office. Amita mentions menus and food and Charlie has a breakthrough. Charlie pops in the office and tells everyone that he and Amita came up with something. They figured out how the restaurants were being picked. There are 15 possible targets remaining, but one has the highest probability. They stake out the restaurant and Charlie was not correct. They killed a valet, but no one else. Charlie is upset that he got it wrong, but Don told him that it happens. Charlie finds Millie reading on a bench. He asks her about the pharmaceutical company that wants to give them money. Charlie has issues with them. Don visits the psychologist. Don is very defensive. He explains to Don he was a cop previously. Since Don pissed him off he’s not going to let him off easy. Alan talks to Charlie about his conversation with Millie about the pharmaceutical company. Alan is also removing spider webs, but it gives Charlie an idea. He heads to Don’s office. He’s realized its two teams working in tandem. This time they stake out the right restaurant and get one of the teams. They each try to interrogate people and get no answers, not even a response. Colby points out they’ve been trained. Alan and Don talk. Alan points out that he is always the one to take the shot when he has a whole team that could be doing it as well. They go to the school where a man works. They show him the pictures of the robbers. He doesn’t recognize them. But he know the type, a death squad. He tells them that he brought up some kids illegally to keep them safe as they witnesses these death squads. Now the squad watches him to see if he will give up the kids. He gives Megan nothing. Colby and David go a location to talk to a suspect and find a dead man. The man did allow them to get to banking information that they need. Charlie and Amita try and make sense of it, but there’s too much data to figure out a pattern. Charlie tells Amita that both she and Millie have compelling arguments and he wants to meet with them himself to decide. Millie meets Alan at the house. Don shows up and Charlie does as well. Don points out to Charlie that Millie is not there for Charlie and he has a problem he needs Charlie to solve. The go out front and talk and Charlie is inspired again. He races off to find Amita. At Don’s office, they tell Megan what they found. They tracked wire transfers and linked it to one of the people they arrested. This leads them to the person they think is running it and he is in East LA. They raid the place but find it empty. Colby finds a book with the restaurants they’ve hit marked. They next target is the teacher. They plan to kill all the kids. As they are about to open fire on the school, a police van crashed into it stopping them. They still take aim and they kill the teacher. Charlie meets with the pharmaceutical company. Millie lays out some ground rules about the school running the trials. She has a list of requirements for charities and whatnot. Charlie is a bit shocked. Don goes back to the psychologist to talk. He’s surprised that Don wants to talk. He even skips a call. The psychologist is a bit shocked. Don sits to wait.

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