Numb3rs S03, Ep10 – Brutus

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 10
Title: Brutus
Original Air Date: November 24, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Colby: A equals b, equals c equals d. It’s like one of Charlie’s equations. I can’t believe I just said that.

* Larry: If I were in a less ebullient frame of mind I must just bop you in the nose.

* Megan: That’s a very cold war way to think about it. They’re doing something bad so let’s do something worse and bigger.

* Charlie: Can you really picture Laurence Fleinhart in outer space?

* Colby: David apologize to the man for saving his life.

* Charlie: More data is always better data.

* Dr. Dryden: I just turned their own monsters against them.

* Don: I shot a man tonight.
CIA Guy: And your country thanks you.
Don: [punches him]

* Charlie: He’s going to do it. He’s going to go.

Synopsis: A speech is being given at a hotel. Don and his team are helping with security. It’s a senator and there has been a death threat made against him. A feed is uploaded to both Don’s office and to Charlie and Amita. All eyes are on the feed to see if anytone makes a move to harm the senator. A threat is located, and he is indeed a ta threat. He pulls a gun and shoots the senator multiple times. They shoot him. A full background is done on him. They go though his apartment as well. Megan tries to analyze his thought process and life. In Charlie’s office, Larry gets a magazine and his enemy has been published. Larry suddenly asks Charlie to take over his class and shoves him out and locks the door. The autopsy comes in. The drug found in the apartment was in his system. Someone from CIA shows up. The man was part of a government program 25 years ago and managed to stay out of sight for that long. David tells Don that Min had three guns, but they didn’t’ find them. At the house, they have a dinner party. Larry announces he’s going to outer space. He’s going to be an astronaut. Charlie is shocked. A man and a woman are eating on a restaurant patio. A man walks up to him and shoots him dead and then tries to kill himself but is out of bullets. He walks away as no one does anything. He leaves the gun behind. It’s one of the missing guns. Back in Charlie’s office, he’s trying to trace the pattern of the gun. Amita is there as well. She is worried about Charlie’s reaction. Charlie doesn’t think he’s going into space. He heads off to meet Don, but gives Amita a kiss before he leaves. Megan found the same pension checks and medication at this newest assassin’s house. Charlie shows the breakdown of straw purchases and known dealers. Charlie has narrowed it down to one gun dealer suspect. They find a massive cache of arms. He gives them the name of who he sold them to, Marcus. Megan has found a connection. She has found the “Brutus” project. Larry brings a box to Charlie’s office. He’s completely emptied his office. The box has his most prized possessions for Charlie to keep safe. Charlie and Larry have a conversation about the risk of going up into space. Larry politely tells him off. The CIA guy meets up with Don again. He tells him about a program. He gives Don a list of possible people who could be the next shooter. It’s 712 subjects. Charlie is trying to narrow the search field. Larry is out on the track with Amita trying to get in better shape. They have a deep conversation and she sends him off to run again. David and Colby go to meet with a previous cellmate of the most recent assassin. The man tells him where he hangs out. They go there and find him and he runs. He tries to commit suicide. Colby and David manage to save his life. They interview him. He tells them about the horrible things that were done to him. Don talks to Megan about Charlie and Larry. Charlie continues to work on the descriptions that he’s been given. Charlie and Colby have an epiphany. Lawrence Dryden is the common denominator. Dr. Dryden is an 87% match to the sketches. He admits he’s behind it. He talks about what was done to his brother in prison. Larry pays Charlie a visit. They focus on the math on the board. Larry points out that there is also value to taking a look at those who might be a target. Charlie finds an Army Colonel is the most likely target. He has also found the most likely killer. The most likely killer is already in the man’s house. They shoot him and he dies. The CIA guy jumps in and shuts them down. Don hits him and Megan tells him to stay down. Megan and Larry are in chairs in a grassy area and he points out an area he’ll be in in the sky. They have a romantic moment. Charlie is in his garage and Amita comes to check on him. He’s going through the box of stuff. He realizes Larry is going to go into space.

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