Numb3rs S03, Ep15 – End of Watch

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 15
Title: End of Watch
Original Air Date: February 9, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: I’m helping the FBI locate a missing police officer.

* Millie: Very impressive, very impressive. Now I see where Charlie gets his interest in numbers.
Alan: Well I’m afraid there’s only one genius in this family.

* Amita: You’re missing a variable.
Charlie: The victim. I need to know the path that Everett was taking as well.

* Don: It’s starting to smell like a bad kill.

* Millie: I simulated your design on my CAD program.
Alan: I thought things like this were frowned on my certain administrators.
Millie: So I’m busted. Who’s going to tell on me, me?

Synopsis: Some teenagers are doing bike tricks in an abandoned area that they’ve turned into a bike park. They start moving stuff around and digging to make stuff more stable. One of them digs up a badge. In the garage, Charlie and Amita are working a ball of fire catapult. Alan is served with a lawsuit over a project he worked on. Don and his team arrive at the makeshift bike park. An LAPD officer they have worked with in the past joins them. He worked with the officer who has been missing. He fills them in on the case the officer was working. At Don’s office, Charlie tries to discuss an easier method to locate if a body is buried in the abandoned lot. Charlie uses Megan’s lunch for a demonstration. Liz joins them on the investigation. She gives them more information on the suspect in the cops murder. Don meets with the team of officers that the missing officer worked with. Everyone comes into the meeting. The missing officer’s wife shows up concerned. Millie pays Charlie a visit and recognizes his math. When he brings her up to speed, she is clearly affected. She’s actually looking for Amita regarding her resignation of a group she was chairing. Millie is actually more concerned about Alan as he has not returned her messages. He tells her his dad is being sued, so he’s a bit distracted. The team is watching the suspect. Charlie’s math is done on the site and he’s got locations for them to check. They’ll have to dig about 4 feet down. Liz uses this opportunity to ask Charlie for help. They also find the missing officer’s body on the lot. He was killed execution style. Don’s team and the LAPD go to the suspect’s house and arrest him. The LAPD gets violent. They show him the photo of the body they found. He isn’t giving them any answers. The LAPD officer tries to attack the guy. Don has to pull him out. Don informs him they don’t have enough to charge the guy and are letting him go. Megan gets back the autopsy results. The officer was killed with his own weapon. It’s the same weapon that killed the suspects brother. Megan talks to the widow. Megan asks some hard questions. Then tells her that her husband was killed with is own gun. Liz pops in to the break room to talk to Don. She lightens his mood. In Charlie’s office, Amit and Charlie are going over murder numbers in LA over the years and what caused them to skyrocket. Charlie brings up the committee. She tells him she felt intimidated. Another factor is that other members of the committee talk about her and Charlie being together. At the office, the LAPD officer confronts Megan about her conversation with the widow. Don calls him out on his behavior. They break the news to him that he was killed with is own gun. Gary, the LAPD office, pretty much has a melt down. Charlie arrives with a new analysis of data from that time. It proves that Bradley wasn’t the killer. The officer was murdered in the territory of a different gang. Liz says to keep following the math, he had to be killed by a gang member of that territory. Millie pops in on Alan. He tells her he’s gone over all his math and the angles. Millie volunteers to help him with the figures since Charlie is tied up. He takes it in a flirting way and she actually gets a little embarrassed, but they move forward on the problem. Don tries to speak with Gary and understand him. Don begins to talk to old members of that gang. They try to put some pressure on him but find that since it was to kill an officer any member of any other gang would have been given a free pass to it wherever they wanted. Amita pops into Charlie’s office. She is surprised when he tells her that he was looking for her. He tells her about when he had a moment of doubt. She tells him she is going to chair it. He offers his support and she accepts. She’s intrigued by the new math he is using on the case. She points out a variable is missing. At the office, Charlie gets Everett’s timeline for his last day. Charlie has realized that either is car was moved after he was killed or he was killed in a different location and moved to where he was found. He’s figured out likely where Everett could have been going. It was internal affairs. He was killed before he arrived to internal affairs regarding the man he killed earlier. They go back to the brother. He admits that Everett came to him and told him that cops were giving his brother tips on the drug houses. At Alan’s, he’s arguing on the phone as Millie arrives. She tries to help him calm down. She simulated his design on her CAD program at the university. When he looks at what she’s brought he realizes they used a different turf than he had put in his designs and it’s much more reflective, so it was not his fault. At Don’s, they are discussing using Stephen to bring down gangs. All the houses are in one territory. They think that the person they spoke to earlier, Jimmy Lopez, was feeding the information. They find him dead in the back of his trailer. As they dig into this, the needle tip is broken off in his arm. They are suspicious. Amita finds Charle in his office working another analysis. Something Amita says triggers an idea for Charlie. He learns that the current drug doesn’t match anything recent, but it does match some old OD’s. All that dealer’s drugs were confiscated and has been locked up in evidence. Turns out it was Davidson. He murdered Everett. He admits to killing him to save himself. Back at the house, Charlie is happy to see the house returning to normal. Alan plays a little prank on Charlie. Don and Liz go out for a romantic dinner. He admits he’s been second guessing himself and she cheers him up. Gary goes to Everett’s grave, Don shows up there as well. Don tries to bring him some closure and comfort.

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