Numb3rs S04, Ep04 – Thirteen

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 4

Title: Thirteen

Original Air Date: October 19, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Alan: I’m just auditing the class but look at this workload. How do kids do it?
Charlie: They’re kids.

* Robin: He’s telling us that if you’re in the phone book you could be next.

* Robin: It’s not just about the numbers. It’s telling us the elements of the design are just as important.

Thad’s wife: Whatever you are not saying, please promise you will find my husband.

* Larry: You use that word Utopia, that’s from the Greek meaning no place.

* Megan: The blend of the religion and the occult suggests he might be using some kind of bible numerology. And I’m really hoping that you can help us with that.
Charlie: How? Numerology isn’t math. Numerology is nonsense.

* Larry: Whatever system he’s using may hold no meaning for you but it certainly holds meaning for him.

* Alex: Still you don’t see that as evidence that there may be a higher order?

* Charlie: You’re a genius.
Amita: And hot too. Don’t forget that.

* Charlie: Monkeys and typewriters. The strong law of small numbers suggests that one will always find meaning where one seeks it.

* Megan: This guy kept him alive for three weeks just to keep cooking him.

* Alex: As far as numerological significance goes, I’ve got nothing.
Charlie: Great, even the fluff fails us.

* Alex: The most basic act of faith is love. And I’ve seen enough of you and Professor [Amita] to suspect that you are thoroughly leaping. Perhaps the start of a longer journey.

* Alan: How am I going to learn anything if you do all the work?

* Alan: I just want you to treat me like you would any of your students. Teach me.

* Charlie: I see it now as a teacher, that satisfaction comes not from having all the answers but from watching others find them. You missed out on that.

* Alan: You know, smart Charlie I’ve spent 30 years learning to live with. Wise Charlie could take some getting use to.

* Colby: I figure the only way things might get better is if people like you and I don’t run away.


The scene is weird. A man is writing numbers while beating another man. He is hooked up to an IV. At the house, Charlie, Don, Amita and Robin are celebrating Charlie’s new book being published. Alan passes on the celebration due to schoolwork. Don comments on the fact that he and Charlie have never double dated before. Don gets called to a scene. A stockbroker who was killed about 36 hours ago. The scene is quite the site. It’s the second crime scene like this they’ve had. Charlie asks for the number grid from the first scene. It’s a Fibonacci sequence. He determines one row is missing. The missing row is the victim’s cell phone number. He already had the second victim. Charlie determines the next row of numbers. They call the number and the killer already has him. The newest victim was reported missing 12 hours ago. Megan speaks with the current victim’s wife. The GPS in the phone was deactivated but cell phone towers still give general location. Don tells David to follow up on a lead with Colby. Megan is looking at crime scene images and having a flashback. Larry comes to see her. They had a lunch date. He discusses that utopia was created as a bad joke. Utopia means no place. Don greets Larry. He asks Megan for an update. She has compiled all the data from the scene, the bible verses and everything else. It could be a bible numerology. Charlie goes on the defensive. Charlie checks with another professor at the college to try and get incite. They discuss the case. She thinks there could be a numerology link. She picks up on his hesitancy with numerology. Her help is not what he expected. Amita questions Charlie about how hot she is. Alan arrives to ask about some of the math in the class he is auditing. The math doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t account for when salt is added to the road. His dad leaves. The non-math is driving him nuts. Amita tries to decode parts. She comes up with a web address. It leads them to 874 Hunter Street. The team goes to the location. David and Colby don’t wait the five minutes for SWAT, they go in. They hear sounds. It’s a homeless man. He tells them about the screams. They head where he tells them too. Mannequins and weird music and a box. The box has a fake head and cockroaches. They continue and find the crime scene and the man dead. But he took off the victim’s head. The MO has changed and so has the numbers. The man’s wife is brought it. Don talks to her. Megan keeps working on aspects of the case. She realizes that he is killing the apostles, in the same way as their namesakes. There is likely 9 more victims. Alex sees the recurring set of three 8’s. She gives a demonstration. Charlie is not impressed. She points out all the victim’s phone numbers add up to 26. Amita thinks they can apply this possible system to search the phone book. She explains. All are impressed by her thought process to narrow possible victims. Charlie manages to isolate a part of the killers math. Alan finds Charlie in the garage. He finished the math Alan requested. Alan and Larry have a strange conversation. Amita has managed to narrow the list to 286 names. One has been missing a for a couple of weeks. They check a place that comes up. It’s big and has quotes and numbers and messages. They find another body being burned in a tanning booth. He’s the missing guy. But he opens his eyes. He’s not dead. He’s now in the ICU with burns over 80% of his body. They now have a description of the killer. They know who they are looking for now. They go to an apartment with a search warrant. The guy takes off. They corner him. He starts to pray as he is going to commit suicide. Someone shoots him though. He’s got a Judas tattoo on him arm. He might be part of these killings, but he’s a follower, not a leader. His computer has video of everything. They are informed the burn victim died. Megan shows the Judas victim the photos. She tells them about a guy that her brother did anything for. Charlie, Larry and Alex work the numbers but frustration mounts. Alex tells the story of how she came to where she is now. They have a deep conversation. Alex then points out his love for Amita is faith. It gives Charlie an idea. The numbers of latitude and longitude. He’s recreating the path of Jesus in Los Angeles. If he’s recreating the route, they can get locations for the other spots. The first victim was not the first killer. Alan visits Charlie in his office again. Charlie did all the math, but Alan wants to learn it too. Charlie gets frustrated. Alan just wants Charlie to teach him. He agrees. They dig back through cases at the office and may have found the first victim, a stand in for Mary Magdalene who some call the 13th apostle. Her boyfriend was the suspect. They go to pay the boyfriend a visit. They enter the apartment, but he’s not there. There are a large number of newspaper clippings, a bible, a police scanner, and a long lens camera. There is also pictures of the team. The suspet pulls up but then he drives off. The truck is found abandoned. They go to the tattoo parlor, but the operator quit. The Judas victim is recognized, the main suspect is not. David looks out the window and sees they are being photographed. He goes out the back to surprise and capture the photographer, who is their main suspect. Megan interrogates him. He says he’s following the case for Mary. Megan tries pushing his buttons. In the garage, Alan finds Charlie working his homework again. He made a mistake. He’s taking notes as well, so that when he goes over it with his dad, he’s got all the information. They find the tattoo artist dead. Murdered like Thomas. He looks like he’s been dead for a while, not two days. They go back to the tattoo parlor. They find a hidden room. It’s got lots of proof he is the one behind it all. The other man is released. Megan is shocked at how wrong she was. She talks a little about her DOJ assignment to Colby. Charlie uses an overlay map to generate another hot zone. But the latest victim is not in the hot zone. He’s making his own path. Now they start to look for taller buildings, based on resurrection and ascension. He finds a new zone to search for abandoned buildings. The team hits the target and finds him there with another victim. He pulls a gun on them. He’s in full crazy. They try to talk him down. David is able to take him down. As they walk him outside, a sniper kills the suspect. They search the building and find a rifle and a picture of the soldier’s dead girlfriend. Don has a quick team meeting in the office. He announces Colby is back to stay. Charlie and Amita arrive at the office and invite Don and Robin to dinner.

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