Numb3rs S04, Ep01 – Trust Metric

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4

Episode: 1

Title: Trust Metric

Original Air Date: September 28, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Alan: You gotta allow yourself a few mistakes in life.

Don: Well, people die that way.

* Alan: Charlie, I think you better help him. Come on, you did this before, chase curves wasn’t it?

* Colby: Ok, you don’t trust me, I get that all right. But you have to understand that I trust you. The fact is you are the only person I can trust right now.

* Larry: Well, well, Don has gotten much better at the math.

Amita: He puts on a good game face, but seems like he’s hurting.

* Charlie: I know math is full of absolutes and unfortunately the rest of life isn’t.

* Don: If Colby is telling the truth, we have a leak at the DOJ.


Don watches all the tape from Colby’s interrogation. David leads a raid on a bar filled with gang members. Don is still watching the video tape. Charlie is teaching a class. Amita comes to the door and watches quietly. He ends the class and she enters. She asks about consulting work for the FBI and why he hasn’t done any later. He tells her Don hasn’t asked him. Megan visits Larry at the monastery. Larry asks her about the time she’s taken off based on how much he’s seen her. She tells him between Colby and the DOJ work she needed a break. Alan comes in to see Don. Don says the confession does not seem right. Colby is in a special prison. He is questioned. The guy puts a key in his water. He drinks the water and the key goes into his mouth. Duane and Colby are being transported and Duane complains about the music. Some kind of rocket is shot at the truck by a rig without a trailer. Colby spits out the key and they unlock their cuffs. They take the guns off the guards. Colby grabs a guards cell phone. At the house, Charlie and Amita are going over something he might publish. Alan and Don come in arguing about golf. Don picks up the paper on friendship math and tells Charlie he read it in high school. He used it to try and pick up girls. Don gets a call that Duane and Colby just escaped. Alan tells don he better help him. It’s all over the news too. Charlie thinks the Set Covering Deployment Problem, could be useful. Duane and Colby find a warehouse and Colby uses bolt cutters to get all the cuffs and shackles off. Duane makes a call and arranges a pick up. Colby takes out the cell he stole from the guard and sends a text message. Cops show up when an alarm trips. Megan joins them at the scene. The key Colby used is bagged and tagged. Larry joins them at the office. He’s not happy. But once Charlie tells him that Colby escaped from jail. Colby and Duane are dressed like gang members on a subway platform. They each get on the train in separate cars. Don’s team finds the place that they hid out in and took off the shackles from. Colby calls Charlie to speak to Don. He tells him who his handler is and that when Duane first came to him he spoke up. He’s only been feeding him handpicked information. His handler thought that getting thrown into jail together and escaping together was there best shot at figuring out who the mole was in the department of justice. Megan is able to confirm that there is an Agent Kirkland and he’s been in West Hollywood for the last six weeks. Charlie brings up trust metrics and fuzzy logic. Don looks at their map and coms up with a thought. Colby and Duane get off the train. Don and his team and local cops are there to meet him. They jump on the tracks. Duane goes to shoot Don and Colby knocks his arm down so he can’t. They escape with cover from a train. Don tells Colby he let him get away. So Colby asks which thought he had as he did it. It goes into Charlie’s equation. The two are on a speedboat. They have an interesting conversation. David and Megan wonder if they are chasing ghosts following up on Colby’s story. They find Kirkland but he is very dead. Kirkland had a heart condition and was tortured so it triggered a heart attack. The two are taken to a boat. A man is there with a video camera. The man asks Agent Granger if he knows who he is. He tells them he’s not an agent anymore and doesn’t know who he is. Kirkland is mentioned. He then asks Colby for his phone. Don questions the ranking officer on the truck. The team goes over Duane’s methods. Charlie is tasked with trying to come up with another solution. Alan asks David how he’s doing with this case. Back on the boat, the guy tells Colby about his background. He gets out some tools to torture him. He injects something into Colby. Charlie goes out to Larry at the monastery. The spy that has Colby tells him what he injected him with will make him feel like he is drowning. Charlie tries to plot out routes to get to China for Duane. He points out any ship flying a Chinese flag would be where he is. The spy injects another drug into Colby. The team goes through the security footage from the port. They find a boat that left early, a speedboat, and a government car. They run the car. They now know the guy. It’s a tough spot. Charlie brings out the trust metric he did on Colby. They decide to trust Colby and head out to get him. Now the spy is going to inject him with potassium chloride. The whole force comes at the boat. A gunfight breaks out as they board. As the spy is about to inject Colby with the shot to kill him, Duane shoots him. Then one of the Chinese shoots Duane. David pulls the needle out. He starts doing CPR. Duane is gone. Colby is in the hospital and stable, but it will take a day or two for him to wake up. Alan, Charlie, Don and Larry have a celebratory meal.

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