Numb3rs S04, Ep03 – Velocity

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 3

Title: Velocity

Original Air Date: October 12, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: That’s tricky, finding motives in skid marks and trajectories.

* Charlie: I could reach a lot of people who wouldn’t be caught dead reading a math book.

* Larry: Thinking a lot of things, that is, when I’m not trying

* Ray: The problem is our model doesn’t match reality. The car doesn’t crash.

* Charlie: All variables accounted for; the end result matches the sample.

Ray: And that is geek speak for bingo.

* Megan: Franks car killed a man, but you caused it.


A sports car races down a street full of restaurants and shops. A woman leaves her baby in a stroller to go talk to a fried a few feet away. A racing car is about to crash into the woman’s baby, but the newsstand guy sacrifices himself to save the baby. In the office, Colby gets most of his desk back from Quantico. A few things are missing. Don’s team gets the case. The driver was 17 and has critical injuries. The talk to the baby’s mother and other witnesses. Charlie arrives. The teenager is on a ventilator. Megan and David interview his father. The doctor shows the two the list of injuries, including a foot print on his face. The team discusses motive but can’t come up with one. At the house, Alan asks about Colby. Charlie gets a letter about his friendship math. They want to publish it as a self-help book. David finds that street racing is something that happens a lot in that neighborhood. Back at the scene, one of the customers of the newspaper stand is sad about the mans death. David talks to him. At the college, Charlie and Amita find Larry on a bench on the grounds. Charlie asks for some help on the car accident problem. Larry gives him a name, Raymond Galseski. A mechanical engineer. He has software that can analyze the crash. Colby found 6 cases of vandalism on the same camera. Colby volunteers for the stakeout and Don agrees to join him. Don begs Colby to talk since the stakeout will be a while. Colby talks about the new job he was offered. He asks what his chances are of coming back to the team. Don sees something before he answers. A kid is messing with the camera, they arrest him as several cars pull up and start racing. David asks him about the night of the crash. He tells him he doesn’t know who’s car it is because they trade cars all the time and some are stolen. David plays the crash and die card. He tells him he will give him names, but the cops know most of them already. Raymond is analyzing the car crash, but it shouldn’t have happened. Alan suggests another way to analyze it. It triggers a thought for Charlie. It had to be heavier or going faster than reported. Raymond comes up with 260 pounds heavier. Megan asks David about the lure. Colby’s dad can’t make him another because he died when Colby was 15. Charlie and Ray go to the office and inform Megan that there was another passenger about 260 pounds in the car. Alan finds Larry and Amita playing chess on campus. He weas looking for Amita. He found her cell phone at the house. Amita asks Larry how he and Megan are. She is surprised when he says they haven’t seen each other in a while. The car has been taken apart. The grill was involved in a fatality. Ray points out with street racing the cars always crash. Ray and Charlie bring in a differential. It’s a limited slip differential that is very rare. Ray and David got to a shop to find the parts. David tries to bust him and he runs for it and doesn’t get far. He offers to give him the name of the person who sells him the differential and admits to telling the ultralock to the kid in the hospital. Colby finds videos online of the street races. Someone filmed the accident. The track the woman who filmed the crash and arrest her. She walks to the back of the car and the kid was not the driver, he was in the trunk. They now have fuzzy video of the real driver. Making him ride in the trunk was a hazing ritual for street racers. They now have a clear picture of the street racer. He’s also the guy they busted this morning for selling the ultra lock. But he’s already been released. Charlie realizes there is still 120 pounds unaccounted for. But now he thinks it might be from a slight collision. Alan joins them in the garage to see how the engineering works. Ray invites Alan to come and watch a seminar he’s giving. Megan gets a message that the kid woke up. He gives Megan some names. He didn’t realize someone tried to kill him after the crash. He thought all his injuries were from it. Colby and David are going over details of the crash and car parts, as well as the previous victims. Don and David find a group of the street racers hanging out. They pursue the one they are trying to arrest. He tries to play a game of chicken with Don and wins. He then drifts past two police cars and gets away. Charlie and Ray get everything to match. Ernie is brought back in. Don plays him a video. Ernie starts talking and saying it’s an accident. He has no idea where Frank is. Larry goes to visit Megan at the office. Larry talks about the boot print. He says he is aware of math techniques to create the whole boot print from the partial. Colby pays Charlie a visit. He thinks that something in the cold case could help solve the current case. He asks about searches. Charlie tells him to widen the circle until there is overlap. Frank has been found dead. He has the same boot print on him. At the office, they try to find a connection. Amita and Charlie find Larry and Ray in Charlie’s office. They get a match on the boot print. Megan questions Ernie more. Tells him that Frank was beaten to death. David goes to the scene again. He talks to the witness on the video. Amita completes the reconstruction of the boot. It’s a size 12. Ernie tells a story about a guy that use to race but suddenly stopped. Colby tells Megan the grill came off a 1994 civic. Megan says she just got a name and bets they found the same person. David gets a call. Megan and David go to a church. Robert Lowell is who they bring in. He admits to killing them. He tells them he chopped up his car and sold the parts. The money he got he donated to the church of the people he killed. He admits to beating up the kid. He goes on to say that Frank told him he was racing around the corner because of him. Colby tells Don he turned down the DC job, he wants to stay with the team. Don tells him he’ll check into it. Colby sees David, who is still clearly hurt and upset. But when he walks to his desk he finds the lure on his lamp. At the school, Charlie and Don talk. Charlie is going to write the book. Ray informs the boys that Alan is auditing his class. He’s doing it for fun.

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