Numb3rs S03, Ep16 – Contenders

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 16
Title: Contenders
Original Air Date: February 16, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Amita: You have a seriously strange concept of romantic evening.
[doorbell rings] Charlie: Who the hell is this now?

* Alan: Trouble seems to follow your friend.
David: Always has.

* Amita: He got skunked.

* Alan: The best defense is a good offense.

Synopsis: A boxing match is taking place in a gym. One of them drops, he’s dead. At the house, Charlie and Amita are playing poker. Alan is supposed to be gone, but he arrives home. Alan is very embarrassed as Charlie and Amita are in pajamas. At the gym, David arrive. The man who died was preparing for a fight. The office thinks the guy was drugged. David was called in because the sparring partner that’s alive has had this happen before. Turns out he called for David for help. Back at the house, everyone is there playing poker. The doorbell rings and David arrives. Charlie holds his head like he’s going to scream. David tells everyone what just happened. David is hoping that Charlie and Amita can help. David’s friend is interrogated, and is let go. At the office, Don is shocked at the popularity of MMA. Megan is able to give them some additional information as she is a fan of MMA. At the morgue, David is told the poison the deceased was killed with. He was killed with a pesticide. He tells the coroner that he has known this guy since elementary school. In Charlie’s office, he and Amita are going over the data. Amita notices something, David’s friend greatly improved in the rankings due to both deaths. The poker pro comes by to trash talk. It’s a quite unique approach. Amita cannot help but laugh hysterically. Charlie gets angry at the guy. Don and Colby pay a higher up in the MMA to try and get more information. David heads back to the gym. The cops found the poison in his friends locker. David makes the arrest of his friend. He attacks him and he escapes down a pole. At the office, Don asks him what happened. Charlie’s office has been taken out of commission and stated that it’s overrun with skunk smell. Megan asks David about Ben Ellis, his friend. Megan doesn’t think he did it. He gives her a condensed version of Ben’s life. Charlie asks Alan for help on poker. Charlie picked up the phone to call Amita, but got an idea. Megan has hooked up several computers for him. Charlie wants to identify his call pattern. Megan asks about the tournament. The program finds the new phone he’s using. David and Colby stake out the location. Ben is walking up to it. Colby steps in and threatens to shoot him so David doesn’t have to shoot his friend. David is visibly upset. Colby questions Ben. He says the bag wasn’t his. David leaves the interrogation. Don finds David in the breakroom upset over no coffee, but points out he doesn’t drink coffee. Alan is coaching Charlie at poker. He reminds him that poker is about playing the player and figuring out their tell. David checks with the coroner again. He asks her to check the bag for DNA and provides Ben’s DNA to check it against whatever she finds. As they say goodbye, she gives him a kiss. Meanwhile, Colby and David go to an MMA press conference. David gets a message and leaves. Charlie asks Megan about tells. She tells him how to figure out what his competitions tell is. The coroner found three DNA samples on the bag, but none match Ben. Now they start the search for suspect again. They all start brainstorming other reasons that these murders may have taken place. They meet with the MMA guy again and he is less than helpful. David goes to pick up Ben when he is released. Turns out Ben is upset because David never came to visit him in detention. Ben tells him what really happened. Ben tells him that it’s not actually the rankings that matter, it’s Larry (the one running the MMA) who decides who fights. Charlie is watching security footage of what he had one of Alan’s friends do to his poker competitions office. He now knows the tell, he rubs his nose. His office still stinks though. David and Colby asks about the fights as ranking is not the sole attribute. The files from MMA are at the office. Larry (the owner) has leveraged himself. Amita and Charlie have some new information from this. They found that Bainsworth schedule has been rigged so the fights are ones he wins. The fighter going into the qualifier broke his hand, and is out, Ben is now the fighter. The coroner has not been able to track down where the pesticide came from. Megan and the coroner just came to an idea, the poison is in the mouthguard. However, Megan can’t reach David who is at the fight. In the ring, the mouthguard is put in and Larry looks at his watch. The fight starts. It’s back and forth. Larry looks nervous. Ben wins. David arrests Larry when he shows him the mouthpiece. David and Ben resolve their issues and make up. It’s now the day of the poker tournament. Charlie and the skunk are the last two. Charlie is playing him slowly. He makes a statement and the skunk does his tell. Charlie wins the tournament with a flush. He looks back and only sees Amita smiling.

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