Numb3rs S04, Ep07 – Primacy

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 7

Title: Primacy

Original Air Date: November 9, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Larry: Charles you look like someone stole your chalk.

* Charlie: Maybe it’s just a simple hexadecimal code that translates to, “the beach.”

* Don: You understand that we are talking about a real person here, ok, who’s really dead.

* Charlie: I have the will power of a field mouse.
Larry: But within that field you are a very popular mouse.

* Alan: Donnie, she works with you. You have to straighten it out.

* Amita: The Spector tried to kill us.
Charlie: Yeah.
Colby: Yeah.

* Charlie: To win, Spector has to play the game, right? We control the game, we control Spector. We hack the hacker.

* Larry: My suggestion: we do nothing. Now losing one battle is not going to deter him. Not if he is a zealot.

* Alan: Larry, you do know that by emptying your office you’re making it possible to collect more things.
Larry: If the cycle repeats perhaps I’ll start collecting with consciousness.

* Alan: I think I see a condo in my future.
Charlie: Not necessarily.
Amita: We have a plan.
Alan: Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of.


A man appears on a roof. He’s using his cell phone to find something. He finds a container. Then he looks across the roof and sees that two things interact with the app he is using. He walks to the edge to scan them. Something startles him and he falls from the roof and lands, dead, on top of a car. Don’s team arrives 90 minutes later. He’s an assistant US attorney from Kansas. Amita finds Charlie in his office. His new book hit the top 100 list. Charlie asks Amita to move in. She is worried about his dad. She freaks out a little. Larry has arrived. He has agreed to teach one class. Charlie takes Larry to his office. He’s horrified by the state he left it in. He freaks out at all the mess. Back on the rooftop, Colby has found the container. Megan has found someone trying to sneak up. He’s looking for the primal key. He asks if Wayburn got to it. They learn that Wayburn was the team leader in their game, Primacy. They are competing for an in game $1 million prize. He doesn’t believe Wayburn is dead, so Colby makes him look at the body. Megan asks him about the box he has. She scans that weird code and numbers come up. Charlie arrives and Megan gushes about his book. Amita is with him. She plays the game too. She then explains to Megan what the game is and how it works. Amita then explains to Colby that it’s a treasure hunt played out in the real world. She uses the box to scan the code and gets the same number. Amita notices a weird shape as well. She thinks it could be the shape of a zip code. She tells Colby several thousand people could be searching for the primal key. Charlie says he can create an algorithm to figure out who is suddenly playing abnormally. Amita looks at the items that were in the container. She says they are signature trinkets from people who have found the container before. Don questions the kid that played with Wayburn. He learns of another alliance in the game that cheat. Megan speaks with the creator of Primacy. She learns there are 5.5 million players worldwide and at least half a million logged in at any time. She gives him a search warrant for the names of Wayburn’s alliance and the other alliance. She also wants to know who the people are that left their calling cards in the container. The interviews begin. Colby asks Don about Liz. Megan starts calling those in the Shadow Hunter brigade. At the college, Larry, Charlie and Amita discuss something that Larry was working on before he left. Amita announces the normal play parameters are now set as well. Megan and Colby continue working on the Shadow Helm Brigade. So far 6 of its members don’t exist. Don is having lunch with Alan. He gets a call and heads out. At the office, Charlie and Amita give a team update on Primacy and the algorithm. Every team that takes the lead only holds it for 72 hours and then mysteriously drop out. Amita volunteers to log in to the game and try to interact with the four remaining alliance members they have not tracked down. Don meets with Primacy’s creator again. He was aware of the rogue group. Amita starts going through a list of user names and is not having any luck connecting with any one yet. She finally connects with “spector” a member of the Shadow Helm Brigade. The team gets an address and goes to talk to him. However, he is dead. He was likely electrocuted. The game is operating itself. Charlie is trying to catch the guy running the dead person’s computer remotely. Amita has also stolen the players “mojo.” She gets a location from it. Colby takes Charlie and Amita to the location. She spots a symbol on the wall. It’s a trap at the canal. Charlie and Amita get back up to safety but Colby gets swept away. He’s managed to grab a wire and Charlie and Amita race to try and pull him up. They pull him to safety. Colby gets patched up and returns to the office. Spector and his partner, Rieger, were the only real players in the Shadow Helm. They want the $1 million prize to open a company. Charlie wants to hack the hacker. When he logs in again he wants to send Spector to a mirror site. The nerd from earlier helps as a player too. So does Amita, Charlie and Megan, Colby and Larry. Amita leads the team. They find Spector. He taunts Amita. They battle. It is lengthy. Amita accidently kills Spector. Larry points out that losing one battle will not deter him. He will now view Amita’s character as the enemy and focus on her. A meeting will likely be set up. Megan will stand in. Charlie has to go to a tv show. He takes his dad. He then asks his dad how he would feel about Amita moving in. Back at the office, everyone is waiting on Spector to reach out to Amita’s character. But it’s Spector calling her. He knows her name and cell phone number. He tells her to triple click on her avatar. All kinds of information about Amita pops up. Megan and Amita discuss what could happen. Amita decides to do it. She does not want Charlie to know. At the interview, Charlie gets hit on by the interviewer. Amita is riding a bicycle at the park. There are team members there in disguise. He calls Amita and she has to ride into the tunnel. Larry goes to the tv station. He tells him she has gone to met Spector. He freaks out. Spector wants her to be his partner. He then tells her where to go. He has a game proposal for her. She tries to get as much information from Spector as possible. Megan and her team is in the building. Colby is staying right with her. She enters the building and follows the clues. He wants to start a game called Chain Factor. He jumps out and grabs Amita. Everyone pulls guns on him and he surrenders saying she cheated. Charlie arrives just as Amita comes out. He pulls her into his arms as she collapses in tears. Charlie goes after Don, but Amita speaks up and tells him it was her idea. Later at the college, Amita brings up living together. Alan and Larry happen upon the pair. Larry is donating all his books to the college library.

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