Numb3rs S03, Ep24 – The Janus List

Original Air Date: May 18, 2007

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: You know I’m always happy to help you, right?

Don: What, a face to face with this guy is crossing the line?

Charlie: Frankly, yeah.

* Don: Every code has a key. Maybe there’s some reason that he was lying.

* Alan: Is this really you? Don Eppes, empathizing with a lunatic who tried to blow up a bridge?

* Don: I can understand how you wonder is worth it? Do any of us make a difference?

Alan: Yeah, it gets harder as you get older.

* Charlie: Dad, I risked my life for a dying man. That’s not me. I acted recklessly against my instinct for self preservation and yet in a weird way I have never felt more empowered.

Alan: You sound like Don.

*Charlie: You know a mind this brilliant deserves to know that it didn’t die in vain. That it didn’t live in vain.

* Megan: Hey, my heart bleeds for the hair appointment you’re going to miss and the date you’re not going to get tonight. But assuming you know how I feel about the constitution just makes you look stupid.

* Megan: Everything just seems complicated now.

* David: I can’t believe this is happening.

Megan: I don’t think I can do this anymore.

* Charlie: It took two of us to know one of him.

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Lots of traffic on the freeway because a van has a blown tire. The guy nods at David as he drives past him. David recognizes him. Then takes out a remote and blows up the truck. He’s got a bunch of cell phones on a belt over his chest as well. He threatens to blow the bridge up. The man wants Don and Charlie. He speaks with them and asks about his junior year batting average. Don doesn’t remember but Charlie does. He wants to speak with Charlie face to face. He gives them 7 minutes. David will climb down the bridge to get a closer look at the bombs. Charlie does not want to speak with the bomber face to face. David and Colby fire grappling hooks below the bridge to get up the bombs. Charlie does a face to face via robotic ipad. He’s playing a game of jeopardy essentially with each question answered correctly he throws a phone away, but answer incorrectly and bomb gets detonated. Charlie gets another question right. He’s on a roll but then gets one wrong. The man sets one off, but Colby and David are OK. Colby is able to see they are on Vericell. They try to get all the towers shut down in a 5 mile radius. The towers are shut down. He’s not able to set off the bomb. He runs to set one off manually but Don gets him with a shot gun. The bomber is still alive in the hospital, but they way he was coughing, something is wrong. Megan comes in with an update on the bomber, he’s not going to survive his wounds. She also ID’ed the man at Taylor Ashby. Don and Megan go to Ashby’s boss. He was a cryptographer. He did data analysis. Don asks about the Janus List. It’s supposed to be a master list of spies. Charlie is watching the video again in his office. Amita is there too. She looks at the file. Amita tells him about Sir Francis Bacon (one of the questions was about him) and that he was believed to be the real Shakespeare. Charlie remembers the Bacon Cypher. David and Colby go through and office. They find several bugs from several sources. They found 6 total. All from different countries. Megan learns that Ashby was discharged from MI6 with a psychopathic personality disorder. Megan asks David and Colby what they were thinking climbing out on the bridge before the bomb squad. David tells her it was Don’s idea. Charlie goes to visit Ashby. He communicates a code to Charlie via oxygen saturation. Charlie works on the code on the glass wall. Ashby watches him as he does it. He cracks it and Ashby stops making the oxygen saturation change all around. Megan says they found thallium in his system as well. He was going to die so this is actually a homicide not a suicide. Ashby actually got kicked out of MI6 because he was a double and triple agent and no one knew who he was playing for anymore. He was talking to Dwayne Carter in the last two hours. Colby and David go to talk to Dwayne about Taylor Ashby. They ask him about the Janus list. He tells them they saw a sample of it when they arrested him, but you have pay for the whole thing. Charlie and Don are still at Ashby’s bedside. Charlie is confounded by how much he knew. Amita brings Charlie all the books he requested. Charlie starts recounting each question he was asked and the answers. Ashby wakes to see Charlie writing out more numbers, from the questions. When its decode its an email address. Megan goes to speak with the woman who’s email it is. Megan requests all her notes from Ashby. At the house, Don is telling Alan about Ashby. Charlie calls Don from the hospital. He’s there to copy down his work on the window and he learns the security guard left. Don is not happy. He tells Charlie to call for security. He picks up the phone but there’s no dial tone. He asks the nurse and she is surprised. Charlie sees a large man coming down the hall and asks the nurse to help him move Ashby. They move him into tunnels built as bomb shelters. The man finds the tunnels as well. He has a gun. Charlie doesn’t have signal on his cell. He gets them into an MRI room. Once the man with a gun enters the test area, Charlie turns on the machine and all metal is pulled against it. David and Colby go to pay the reporter a visit. They tell her they think the person after Ashby may also come after her. Back at the hospital Charlie is still on a bit of a high. Amita comes running in to make sure he’s ok and they kiss. Don is on the roof of Ashby’s last employer. He informs him that his chopper is not coming, they just arrested the man he paid to kill Ashby. Don punches him for almost killing his brother. The man tells him the Janus list is a carefully crafted list made to cripple every intelligence agency at certain pressure points. They argue and he leaves in his helicopter. They put the reporter in protective custody and she gets an attitude with them. Megan puts her in her place. She goes outside to breathe after that. The assignment she’s been on the last six weeks has made her question things. She asks him about what’s been going on the last few days. Someone watched their conversation from the beach. There are three in the car. They only want the reporter alive. Charlie and Don have a conversation at the office about Ashby and seeing his work through. Don notices something about the bridge. Don recognizes that the bombs are laid out like a G Major scale. David goes back to Dwayne with life in prison instead of the death penalty if he helps. He tells him that David was right. He was building a Janus list. Dwayne sold him three names, but he did not sell him a fourth. Dwayne hints anyone wanting the list kept secret would have used a fast acting poison. David deduces someone wants the list to be found. The reporter is about to go to bed when the power goes out. Cell service is out too. Colby tells her to go to the bathroom and lay down in the tub. Charlie and Amita have used 18 different ciphers using the G Major scale and are getting now were. David calls Don about not being able to reach Colby. The three breach, Colby and Megan are ready. Megan gets one and then another. Just one left. Charlie and Amita take a closer look at the emails Ashby sent to the reporter. There’s a bunch of code, ones and zeros, Amita applies the Bacon Cipher. It turns out he sent her the list. The G major scale with a pound sign is the password. He is suddenly listing to the list. As he listens to the list Colby’s name is on it. Back at the safe house, Colby is taking the reporter out of the safe house. Don and David arrest Colby. They interrogate Colby. Don asks why there wasn’t a bug for the Chinese in Ashby’s apartment. He tells them the Chines bug was in the sofa cushion where he put it 2 years ago. David is livid. He asks who poisoned Ashby. Colby asks who has the most to gain from it? They go pay Dwayne a visit. Colby is already sitting in the car and Dwayne is put in next to him. Both are driven away. Back at the hospital Ashby dies. Charlie and Don have a conversation about working a desk, bravery and death. At the house, they toast Ashby.

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