Numb3rs S03, Ep17 – One Hour

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 17
Title: One Hour
Original Air Date: February 16, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Boy’s dad: You really FBI?
Megan: Yes, I am.
Boy’s dad: You would have made a good lawyer.

* Colby: Next time you’re running, I’m driving.

* Shrink: So he’s a necessary evil?
Don: I did not say that. I did not say that.

* Charlie: Megan, I would never gamble with Colby’s life.

* Duque: Two years, I’ve bene planning this for two years.
David: You’ll have about 15 to 20 to come up with another one.

* Shrink: If you want to feel better, take a pill. You want to get right, you got to face the truth.

* Amita: Charlie, that math was very elegant. You should think about having it published.

Synopsis: A kid’s riding a bike and delivering newspapers and a black car is following him. Don has a session with his shrink. The kid is still being followed by the car. Someone pulls out of a driveway and gunfire breaks out. Several people are dead and the kid is taken. Don gets into an argument with the shrink. His team arrives on the scene. Turns out the car following the kid was actually his bodyguards. His dad owns a record label. A cell phone goes off at the scene. It’s the kidnappers with a ransom call. While Don is off the phone, Megan is in charge. She’s running point on the case. In Charlie’s office, he and Amita are working. Charlie takes a call for Amita. She asks her about VOIP. Amita invites Charlie to come as well. The boys dad does not want to cooperate with the FBI. Megan tries talking to the boys father to get some cooperation and save his kid. Megan gets through to him. Megan calls Amita to find out where she is, five minutes away. They try and help from the car. Megan is informed that the one bodyguard survived surgery. She sends an agent over to talk to him once he’s awake. Colby stays with the boy’s father, Che. Colby learns he’s very human. Another call comes into Che. Amita has managed to set up a tracer on the call. They’ve got a 30 minut drop off time. Amita tracked it to the downtown library, it’s a public hotspot. Don continues his talk with the shrink. He talks about each person on his team. They go straight to the library and David heads in. A librarian comes after David for his phone. She tells him she just chased someone out for being on his phone. She gives him a description, he left 5 minutes ago. Amita and Charlie arrive. All are talking about the phone service and how it works. It appears that the bodyguard downloaded the software to his phone just a week ago. He had to be involved somehow. Colby finds something on the bodyguard. Back with Don and his shrink, he knows more than Don is comfortable with. David interviews the bodyguard. He finally gives up the information to save himself. Che gets the money he needs to pay the ransom. At the office, Charlie and Megan discuss the odd ransom amount. It was calculated to get the maximum he could get his hands on in a short time. Charlie comes up with a math equation that tells them what the actual kidnapper was trying to get, 1,650,000. Che delivers the ransom money himself. It was also the exact amount of money Che needed to start his record label. When he tells them about the exact amount, Che tells him about a guy he worked with. The guys been nursing a grudge for two years. He wants to kill him but Colby tells him he’s gonna lock him up. He confirms it’s Duque. Megan realizes that Duque is watching them. Colby decides to take the money to the drop point, he’s got to run it there. He’s worried that if Che goes, both Che and his kid will be killed. The team follows Colby as he runs to the drop. He calls the next phone. He’s made Liz. Pursuit of Colby happens on foot. He gives him another location and a time limit to get there. Don’s shrink brings up his brother. Charlie starts analyzing the call points. He thinks he’s building a maze. Colby gets to the next phone and is told to put the bag in the fountain. Then he has to pick it up again and go to another location. The shrink starts upsetting Don about Charlie. Charlie, however, is still trying to figure out what’s going on and how to stop the kidnapper. Colby gets a call in the station from a left cell phone. Meanwhile, he makes David and wants him gone. Charlie realizes where he’s having Colby head to, Disney Hall. She’s freaked out. Colby winds back up at Disney Hall. Colby finds David there and he arms him. Some guy comes in instead of Duque. Liz and some other agents find the car empty. In the hall, the unidentified guy has the kid. Colby unzips the bag to show him the money. Someone puts a shot through the man. Colby and Joe are still there. The dead man’s phone starts ringing and Colby slowly goes to him to get the phone. Don explodes in his meeting with the shrink, screaming he’s their boss its their job to trust him, he doesn’t have to trust them. Don’s a little shocked by that. Duque has them both in his crosshairs. Charlie deduces where he is. He’s right, David gets him. Turns out Don is just afraid of being replaced. At Che’s house, a car door opens and his son emerges safe and sound. Che tells Colby he owes him one, no questions asksed. Back at the office, everyone is celebrating saving the kid. Don finally shows up. He asks what he missed. His team laughs and Megan tells him their might be a report on his desk. He walks away, but this time he has a big smile on his face.

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