Numb3rs s04, Ep05 – Robin Hood

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 5

Title: Robin Hood

Original Air Date: October 26, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Megan: Hey ladies, the sorority meeting is right there in interrogation.

* Megan: Remember when The Who got back together and decided to go out on tour, but it took them a little while to get their groove back?
Don: Well, I better start hearing some music soon.

* David: Looks like we are dealing with a real life Robin Hood here.

* Megan: So if we can figure out the motive, we can figure out the man?

* David: This Robin Hood is picky about his victims.

* Charlie: The two great adult influences in my life are heading off to blow up pumpkins.


A guard checks the bank vault, then locks the door. An alarm goes off. The guard refuses the cops because its $500 each time they come. The robbers are listening to the radio and then cut into the vault. Don asks how it’s going and is not happy that there is no progress. Megan compares it to the Who getting back together, it took a little time to get their groove back. Meanwhile, the vault has been cut into. The guard is walking by when he feels a big ground shake. He opens the vault to check and gets hit with a tranquilizer dart. Don’s team is alerted and head to the bank. The robbers listen to the radio and exit. David notices the work truck and open hatch. It should not be there. He goes down the hatch to check. They all follow the power cord and run straight into the robbers. It becomes a foot chase. They assess the guard. David tackles one of the robbers. The other throws tear gas canisters to make his escape. The office notice that none of the boxes are opened. The tear gas canister is military grade. The bank person does not keep a log or entry or anything else. All the safe deposit boxes are biometrically locked, needs a fingerprint to open it. Amita receives an invitation to the book party for Charlie’s new book. Megan brings photos of all the boxes to Charlie to analyze. They can figure out the path he took and what he was looking for. At the office, the officer brings the gloves. No one picked it up and David and Colby argue over who’s job it was. Larry finds Alan at the college. They almost get hit with frozen pumpkins. Amita finds Charlie. She doesn’t want him to miss the lecture. She’s worried about him meeting her parents. Charlie worries it’s because he’s Jewish, but it’s because he’s not Indian. At the same time, it gives Charlie an idea. A customer is called in to check his safety deposit box. The box inside it is empty. It had all kinds of gold and gold coins, worth half a million. Megan pulls the guys records. Colby has discovered only 10 places in LA can handle that specific gold. Those locations all got the same amount, and the cash value was transferred to charities. Alan and Larry pop into Charlie’s office. Charlie cannot answer any questions about Amita. Larry points out that the robber likely knew exactly which boxes they wanted to hit. Charlie finds two more boxes that were likely hit. These boxes were empty too. That night at the house, Charlie is constantly whining about Amita. Charlie tells his dad that she is afraid her father will have issues with Charlie not being born in India. One of the bank robbery victims is brought in. His box was emptied. Colby and David go to a place where an Iraqi antiquity that is worth about $8 million. There was also a reward. It was split between several charities. Dona and the LA cop have staked out an apartment. They assume a buy is going to happen. But with allt he guns that get pulled out, it’s clearly a hit. One of the guys makes a run for it and they manage to stop him and arrest him. They bring him in for questioning. Megan finds Larry. Larry is going to leave the monastery. Charlie comes in and ruins their kiss. Larry asks Charlie about Amita. The drugs that were stolen were left at the police station. The bank owner comes in and brings an email. It’s an extortion situation. Amita pops into Charlie’s office. They talk and flirt. He gets romantic before he heads off. Charlie tries to explain what he has discovered. The link is “Promise House.” It burned down 5 years ago. Megan informs them the bank is about to pay the extortion money too. David and Colby tail the man. There is a line with a hook that he has to attach the money too. He hooks it on before they get there and it’s pulled away. Colby jumps in to try and figure it out. But the money’s gone. They found a spare battery underwater on the other end of the line. The box has a license plate too. Don comes in and blows his temper. The officer from LAPD talks to Don privately. Megan’s got an answer on the license plate. David and Colby have headed out to pay him a visit. They guy tries to stop David and Colby. It’s actually his dad they want to talk to about Promises House. He agrees to come in. He tells them who hired him to burn down Promises House. It was torched for greed. The property the house was build on was sold for $20 million. Charlie is pacing in the office and driving Larry crazy. Charlie is going crazy because of the order the boxes were hit. They get more intel on the first guys vault that was broken into. David brings in a fax from the treasury. The $10 million extortion was sent there. David threatens the arsonist with solitary. He tells David he was paid a good deal of money to confess. Turns out that the brother of the first box victim was a firefighter. He died because of the Promises House fire. Don tells the man he heard he was on a flight out of the country tonight and advises him to stay there a good long while. Back at the school, Alan and Larry nitro a pumpkin to drop. Amita comes in. Amita wants to get her father and Charlie’s father together. Back at the office, the LAPD officer and Don talk about his crew and how good they are together. The team invites everyone for a drink. They all go.

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