Numbers S03, Ep21 – The Art of Reckoning

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 21
Title: The Art of Reckoning
Original Air Date: April 27, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: What if he’s just using his own kid to try and break out of here?

* Larry: My being became bigger than my body. It became bigger than my history.

* Charlie: So what’s the problem?
Larry: That I will habituate and lose the vision.

Synopsis: Amita and Charlie race to some steps for a clear view of the sky. They then race into Millie’s office so see Larry’s landing. Don and another agent go to see a prisoner. They aren’t allowed to actually meet with him, only a video chat. He tells them he will only tell them what he has done and will give them five bodies so the families can have closure. He wants a visit with his daughter outside of a prison with his daughter. Don is not interested in a visit outside of prison. Charlie calls Don and lets him know Larry is back. Charlie offers to do an analysis. Meanwhile, the other agent gets him to give them one body to prove he is for real. It comes out true. Charlie is still trying to reach Larry. We learn the agent is actually an ADA. Charlie says that the guards and attorneys are the only way that the prisoner would be able to communicate with the outside world. David goes to see the daughter. She wants to meet him but the mother does not. The daughter gives David a photo to give to her father. David and the team transport him under heavy guard to Don’s office. David arrives and gives Don the picture, but there is no daughter to meet. Charlie tells Don to use the tit for tat method with him. Don gets him to tell him about the Senator’s kid. He gave him mercy and snapped his neck. But the body they find is not a child. Don arrives at the house and finds the bbq fire. Don heads back out after talking to Charlie. Don confronts the guy and he is furious because last he knew the kids body was there. The body found is a previous boss. The senator arrives with a court order for a polygraph. Larry surprises Charlie by showing up at the school. Larry just wanted to invite Charlie to dinner. At the office, they get another body location. The congressman tries to attack the guy. He doesn’t get mad. He tells the congressman that the boy didn’t feel any pain. Charlie finds Larry on the beach. Larry has become claustrophobic after being up in space. Charlie gets a text from Don. He takes Larry with him. The ADA wants to talk to the ex-wife, so Don tells him to take David. Charlie interrupts the interrogation. Charlie gives him a pep talk. Don then gives the man a phot of his daughter with her message on the back. David notices a tail they have. The car rear ends them. They spin off the road. The engine stops working. Don expresses his frustration to Charlie and Larry. Larry suggests an FMRI. The one at Cal Sci is in the basement. Meanwhile, the chasing car has opened fire on David and the ADA. David took a shot to the arm. As they try to escape, the ADA won’t shut up. Amita arrives at Charlie’s office and gives Larry a hug. She says she set up the FMRI. Larry makes a run for it from Millie. But she finds him and his thrilled to see him. The ADA gives away their position and they start taking fire again. The prisoner is taken for the FMRI. Don starts asking questions and the tech tells if he’s truthful or not. Charlie checks the lunar cycle for the time period because he talks about the moon. But Charlie finds there was no moon and it was raining that night. Charlie tells him this over the mic. They think he’s constructed a memory that he believes to be true, so Charlie has to shake the real one loose. When asked yet again he freaks out. He starts remembering it was raining and muddy. He didn’t kill the kid, Borelli. He stuck him in a drain pipe. David and the ADA set a trap for the two guys and David gets the drop on them. He shoots one and captures the other. Don goes to the ex-wife’s house. Don tells her about what the man did and that he did it for the daughter. It works, Don comes back with the daughter and ex-wife. She gets to have a half hour with him. Everyone just kind of watches amazed by what happens. They do recover the missing boy for the senator as well. Larry eats with Charlie and Alan. Larry stays with them for the night. Larry lets him know that the next day he will be staying in a monastery for a while.

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