Elementary S03, Ep13 – Hemlock

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 13
Title: Hemlock
Original Air Date: February 5, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: You know you can always call me if you want to talk.
Sherlock: You want your independence. I will not intrude.

* Sherlock: Would you mind telling us why you’re pretending to be the secretary of a man who hasn’t worked here in six months?

* Sherlock: You are not people Watson, neither is Kitty.

* Bell: I’m not moving in with you.
Sherlock: Didn’t ask you to.

* Sherlock: Everyone who got a call from SMH had motive to kills Stephen Horowitz.

* Joan: People by things they can’t afford. I’m aware of the concept.

* Sherlock: Stephen Horwitz might not have been killed because he was a debt collector, he might have been killed because he was a debt forgiver.

* Gregson: So Stephen Horowitz was what, some kind of Robin Hood?

* Bell: It’s like the Grinch giving back Christmas.

* Joan: I hate it when you’re right.

* Sherlock: I’m an expert in many things, but love is not one of them.

Synopsis: Sherlock reviews a cold case with a one night stand. He also tells her he figured out who Jack the Ripper was. Actually, he’s with two girls. Later, he’s playing chess with a man. He’s also boring him with murder cases. He then starts a conversation with his one stick dummy. The doorbell rings, it’s a possible new client. She wants him to find out if her husband is cheating on her. Sherlock and Joan go to the man’s law office. When they go to his office, they learn he was laid off 6 months ago. They have a private chat with her. He pays her to answer the phone. He’s had some suspicious things sent to him and suspicious calls as well. It leads them to a restaurant. While checking it out, Joan brings up the idea of Sherlock getting a roommate. They find Jason’s car. It’s been booted too. They find an office across the street. They go through the office and learn many things and also find brain matter. The police confirm it’s Steven. Joan has a date night with Andrew. He wants her to meet his dad. She’s not excited. Next day at the brownstone, Sherlock is trying to figure out what SMH was actually doing. He was a debt purchaser. When he explains this to Joan, she’s a bit shocked. They go to the station to talk to one of Stephen’s employees. Gregson and Bell interrogate him. They manage to get the complete debtors package that Stephen bought. Sherlock finds a possible suspect on his list. When they arrive, he’s quite incapacitated. The man’s aunt recognizes Stephen. Stephen had a change of heart after meeting Owen, he forgave his debt. Turns out that he also had investors. Specific people who helped finance Stephen’s debt collection business. Joan goes out to dinner with Andrew and his dad. His father is quite impressed by Joan. After dinner, Joan goes back to the brownstone and punches Sherlock. Joan finally notices that Clyde is painting. Sherlock has been thinking and has analyzed quite a few additional motives. The next morning, Sherlock brings Joan some breakfast as she fell asleep in her old bed. He’s also found the motive is a ski resort. Owen’s house is in the middle of it and is the only hold out. Sherlock and Joan go and pay that investment firm a visit. He accuses all of them of possibly being a killer. But after meeting them all Sherlock doesn’t believe any of them could have physically killed Stephen. The two go back to the law firm to look at some paintings. It looks like one of the partners at the firm might have tipped Stephen off to the debtors list. He’s the lawyer for the ski resort. They take painting with them. It haunts Joan at the brownstone. But when she takes it down she notices his glasses and how today he was wearing a different pair. They have him come down to the police station to chat. The glasses triggered them to go over the crime scene again. Pieces of his broken glasses were there. At the brownstone, Sherlock meets with the widow. He presents her with the debt package. He tells her that Stephen was going to forgive it all. She leaves the debt package. Sherlock then spends the day shredding it. Joan goes on a date with Andrew for coffee. He drinks hers by mistake. She starts breaking up with him, but he starts having some kind of attack and seizing. He’s gone within a couple of minutes. She starts CPR to try to save him.


Elementary S03, Ep12 – The One That Got Away

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 12
Title: The One That Got Away
Original Air Date: January 29, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: So this is all about you?
Sherlock: No, us!!

* Joan: He did it. It was all over his face.
Gregson: I know.

* Gregson: We do this, we do it together.

* Sherlock: Did you know that Del is short for Edelbert? It’s no wonder the man is a sadist.

* Kitty: Shouldn’t you be with her?
Sherlock: My place is here with you.

* Joan: I wanted to apologize. You were right. He lied to me. It’s my fault that Kitty had to leave.
Sherlock: You were manipulated by a brilliant psychopath to who lying is as autonomous a process as breathing. Join the club.

* Joan: If Grunner wasn’t stalking her what was he doing?

* Sherlock (to Kitty): Latif is going home tonight because of you.

* Joan: You should be careful Del. We’re not in some basement. I don’t have duct tape around my eyes and wrists, let go. Or we’ll find out how you do against a woman who can actually fight back.

* Sherlock (to Kitty): You saved me. I’d like to return the favor.

* Sherlock (to Kitty): You are special to me. Whatever you decide, you will always be my friend.

* Kitty: Do you think I did the right thing?
Sherlock: I think you don’t have the stain of a murder on you.

Synopsis: A flash back to 8 months ago at Scotland Yard finds Kitty speaking with an investigatory. She presents her view of a cold case. She gets rebuffed and pretty much told to bug off. When she steps outside, she briefly meets Sherlock. Back in present time, the trio are at the brownstone. Both Sherlock and Joan are quite concerned for Kitty. Sherlock is suspicious of Joan’s new employer. The two discuss many possibilities about what’s going on right now with the real kidnapper and murder who Kitty escaped from. We see a glimpse of someone listening to their conversation. Joan’s work phone rings, its her new boss. He’s laying her off. Captain Gregson and Det. Bell pay him a visit. They bring him in for questioning. They don’t get anywhere. Another flashback to 8 months prior in London. Sherlock appears at Kitty’s apartment with her tablet. He tells her that he read her report and believes that she is correct in her thought process on the kidnapping case. He offers his help. Present day at the brownstone, Kitty joins Sherlock in the kitchen. He’s making her breakfast. She tells Sherlock she is going back to London. She doesn’t feel she can be of help. Sherlock arranges for the police to take her to the airport to assure a safe trip. Joan arrives at the brownstone later that night. He’s got piles of files that he’s pouring over. They are cases of missing and murdered women. It’s a large possible victim pool of Grunner. Joan and Sherlock have a chat. Kitty texts Sherlock she has landed in London, but she is actually still in New York. She’s watching Grunner. The next morning Joan wakes on the couch. Sherlock has narrowed the victim pool. Three possibilities are left. Sherlock’s frustration shows through. Bell calls the pair. Bell has found another possible victim and the three go to chat with her. She backpedals her story. They learn a lot about Grunner as well. Another flashback to London, 8 months ago. Ssherock as Kitty meet her at the Scotland Yard. The missing little boy was found. Not with who Kitty thought but another person in the same building. He offers her a partnership. In the present day, Kitty is in a warehouse testing a nutmeg concoction. Joan goes to a dinner banquet that is honoring Grunner. Grunner threatens Joan. She then lists the names of several victims. As Joan leaves, Grunner tries to threaten her. Joan stands her ground. Joan goes back to the brownstone and tells Sherlock what happened. Both are very upset for different reason. She tells him her name dropping got not results. But the woman they visited triggered him. It changes their perspective. A new idea gets sparked in Sherlock’s brain. He realizes that Grunner’s interest in this one woman isn’t actually in her but her son. The son could be the child of a previous victim and he could be the father. Flashback to London 6 months ago. Kitty is trying to pick a lock but can’t manage to do it. Sherlock demonstrates how to bypass a chain on a door. She’s clearly frustrated. They share some words and he compares her to Watson. The trio go back to speak with Tabitha to speak with her about her adopted son. They tell her about the possibility of Grunner being Jesse’s father. She allows a DNA sample to be taken. The results come back positive. Grunner has gone missing, he’s not home when they arrive to search. They split up their search efforts at Grunner’s. Back at the werehouse, Kitty has Grunner. The real him comes out. He starts screaming so she knocks him out and duct tapes his mouth. Sherlock shows up at the warehouse. He talks to her about the man he thought was Moriarty. They have a heart to heart. After Kitty goes back into the warehouse. She decides not to kill him. Sherlock arrives back at the brownstone to find Joan waiting for him. Gregson calls Sherlock. He found Grunner tied to a chair his head doused with a corrosive. The DNA results also came back, Grunner is Jesse’s father. They also found a book full of pictures that he can’t explain. Sherlock’s phone rings, it’s clearly Kitty, and Joan makes herself scarce. She’s calling from the airport. They have another heart to heart before she says goodbye. Even though they can’t see each other, their eyes fill with tears. She tells him she loves him and hangs up. Another flashback to London 6 months ago. Sherlock sits in his place, sad and crying. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Kitty. She apologizes. She also wants to continue her training. He agrees and gives her some odd instructions or the next day. He looks to the table where he had drugs. He throws them in the fire instead of taking them.

Elementary S03, Ep11 – The Illustrious Client

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 11
Title: The Illustrious Client
Original Air Date: January 22, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Kitty: You think he’s found me?
Sherlock: If he has he’s made a grave mistake. Watson and I intend to capitalize on it.

* Kitty: I’m not going anywhere. This is why I became a detective. To hunt this man. I’m ready.

* Joan: Yeah because rape is only committed by poor people.

* Kitty: It’s like you said, he’s a monster. They don’t need a why.

* Kitty: She’s lying.
Sherlock. Yes, thank you, well aware.

* Kitty: Someone hurt me Sherlock. You hurt yourself. You don’t know anything about how I’m feeling.

* Kitty: I was wrong Watson. I didn’t forget the voice, I couldn’t.

Synopsis: Joan starts her new job at the insurance company. Sherlock calls. She goes straight to the brownstone to assist Sherlock in breaking the news to Kitty that her attacker is now in New York. Sherlock tells Kitty and she is in shock. She’s not thrilled about a detail and being asked to go to a safe house. At the precinct, Gregson is not amused with how another investigation is being handled. The missing person is the dead victim. The cop doesn’t seem to care much. She shows him her scars. A woman is locked in a room. She sees the emerald ring of the previous victim on the floor. Sherlock and Joan have determined that either the killer has a type or he’s going after women who look like Kitty. The three go over her social media and computer files. A suspect is brought in for interrogation. Bell and Kitty watch it. He provides an alibi. Joan goes to the bar and shows photos around. The bartender identified the girl, but not the man. He gives her a cell hone they found. At the brownstone, Kitty is searching like crazy. The phone gets a hit. Bell sends his file to Sherlock. Meanwhile, the woman being held is rescued. The whole house is full of captive victims. They now believe this is the guy. They find the weapons used on Kitty. In the garage they find a dead man. The suspect was fleeing the scene of a murder. One of the victims asks to speak with someone. Joan and Kitty speak with her. She tells them many details. Sherlock is back at the scene of the house and crime. Simon stole a car from a neighboring house. He most likely ran to his sister who works at a hospital. When they talk to her she tells them she fixed him up and kicked him out. Sherlock walks around and becomes suspicious. They decide to tail her. He tells Joan and Kitty that he actually came there to steal a drug for a rare blood disease. Sherlock reminds Joan that she now works for an insurance company and can access information. She asks her new boss but he’s hesitant. She manages to win him over. Kitty goes to visit the sister. She apologizes. Once inside, it changes, she takes out her baton. Back at the brownstone, Joan arrives worried. She and Sherlock pondered the board. Simon’s sister finally comes in and talks. She has a phone number for Simon. They set up a call. While they didn’t get the trace, Sherlock determines he’s on a boat. The area has two marinas. Gregson searches one and comes up empty. Bell is at the other one. The drug list came up as a bust. Bell doesn’t find him. A boat trailer is empty and Sherlock becomes curious. Simon’s ex neighbor has a 27 foot boat, and it’s suddenly missing. They get him to crack. Bell gets a call from the man’s wife. The boat was on fire. Simon is likely dead. Gregson speaks with Sherlock in his office. It’s about Kitty’s visit to Simon’s sister. Gregson has to suspend Kitty from working with the department with these allegations. At the morgue, Kitty tells Sherlock this is not the guy who attacked her. They have a heart to heart. Joan’s boss calls her. Kitty surprises Joan at her apartment. She demands to know who Joan was talking to. Kitty starts shaking. She is going on about her attackers voice. Del, Joan’s new boss, it’s his voice. He’s the one who attacked Kitty.

Elementary S03, Ep10 – Seed Money

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 10
Title: Seed Money
Original Air Date: January 15, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Kitty: Life is stranger than anything the mind could invent. It’s something my friend likes to say.

* Joan: You broke into my apartment?
Sherlock: You break into mine all the time.

* Sherlock: We thought he was killed over plants you could smoke. Perhaps he was killed over one you cannot.

* Sherlock: Murders.
Bell: Who?
Sherlock: All of them.

* Sherlock: It was my understanding that was impossible.
Joan: And your understanding can’t be wrong?

* Joan: They may be fakes, but they are still beautiful. I’m going to water them.

* Sherlock: It’s your life Watson, I’ve no right to a monopoly.

* Sherlock: You’ve been a good friend and a good partner.

* Joan: I’m not here to judge you.

* Joan: I know it was you Barbara. I know you killed Klay.

Synopsis: Kitty is at a support meeting. She tells of how she was hurt and met Sherlock and move to New York. That after him she made another friend and another friend. After the meeting, one of the attendees ask Kitty for help as a detective. Her daughter has been missing for three days. Joan arrives at a murder scene. Two seniors have died together. Poison is suspected. They head to the basement to look for the source and find another dead body. He’s a resident in the building with two doctorates. They bring in the emergency contact for notification. When they ask her about the marijuana she tells them he engineered it. Kitty arrives at the brownstone to fine Sherlock inverted. He tells her the grow house was somewhere in Brooklyn. Kitty’s runaway seems to be a brat. Joan wakes up to Sherlock in her apartment making her a smoothie. After she yells at him they begin going over new evidence. Joan informs Sherlock that she is closing her private business and going to work for an insurance company as an investigator. She was hesitant because of how he reacted the last time. Gregson has found the grow house. The plants are dying as well from lack of care. There is also a stolen orchid present. At the station, Sherlock has the autopsy. He was dead before being lit on fire. Joan wonders if there if it was a copycat of a gang killing. A classmate of the missing teenager meets Kitty. She tells her about a car that had been following her. She gives her the license plate number. Sherlock, Bell and Joan go to visit a vice president of a conglomerate. They ask her about the flower purchase. She tells them that the flower was included with the chest of drawers. Meanwhile, Gregson has brought in the owner of the Jaguar. Kitty notices something odd about his thumb. At the brownstone, Sherlock pulls the two orchids out of their pots. The orchids are clones of the original. Gregson calls the two, there are two more murders. It’s at Agranex, the firm they visited earlier today and where they found the orchid clone. The dead bodies are two employees. Both were abducted at their homes and left at there last location. Sherlock notices the rope they were tied with did not burn. It’s specialized to not burn. They bring the executive they questioned back in. She was impressed with the victim’s cloning skills. She wanted to hire him for his cloning skills and is growing skills. Kitty has tracked down Tess. They discus what she is up to and also who her father is. Kitty tells her the thumbs is how she figured it out. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock confirm everything Barbara told them. They discuss Kitty and her detective skills. The discussion is interrupted by a suspect in the murders. Joan realizes that the first victim was backing out of the deal with Agranex. Joan gets a text from the victim’s ex-girlfriend. Turns out she just wants flower food for the flower she was given by him. In a twist, the plant food she wanted is the same they were given by mistake. It’s for the flower that the dead man would give to each woman he was with. Joan calls Sherlock and tells him he was right, Barbara killed him. When she comes to the station, she only finds Joan. She tells her everything she’s discovered and that the Kelly’s deaths were accidental. Gregson calls Sherlock about a body and asks for just him. Sherlock is confused as to why he could not bring Kitty. The man who hurt Kitty is now in New York.

Elementary S03, Ep09 – The Eternity Injection

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 9
Title: The Eternity Injection
Original Air Date: January 8, 2015

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iTunes Elementary, Season 3 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: You know better than to ask me a non-specific question, what are you getting at?

* Sherlock: We know who did what to whom. The why of the matter escapes me utterly.

* Joan: You’re talking about an illegal drug trial.

* Joan: Kitty had a key made for me. She didn’t want me to have to break in every time I came over.

* Joan: And why are we pondering eternity this morning?

* Sherlock: My sobriety is simply a grind. It’s this leaky faucet that requires constant maintenance and in return offers only not to drip.

* Sherlock: The man’s facing death, we have precious little leverage over him.

Synopsis: Sherlock has a bomb in his house to disarm. It’s actually a talking car alarm. Alfredo can’t crack it so he’s brought it to Sherlock to give it a go. The doorbell rings. It’s someone who knows Joan and wants to hire her. One of her coworkers, Marissa, is missing. At the station, Kitty takes the file to Joan. Marissa got a $150,000 payment with no explanation. Sherlock sends Kitty a text message that she can’t understand, but Joan easily decodes it. They meet him in an alley. There is a chained-up trash can. When he opens it, it clearly smells horrible as even he is affected. Marissa’s body is in the dumpster. At the morgue, they show Bell some weird notes she had on her. They have a suspect now thanks to the autopsy. However, he’s missing too. Bell brings in his wife. Gregson interrupts with a note for Sherlock. The college kid he brought has found Jacobi. But the man he found doesn’t look like Jacobi. Sherlock and Joan go to talk to a performer. She has seen the man several times this week. They follow her directions and find a homeless encampment. They find Jacobi, only he’s dead. Sherlock notices some disturbed earth nearby and finds a journal. Based on the journal, he killed Marissa. Sherlock cracks Jacobi’s laptop. He also received $150,000 from the same company as Melissa. The doctor at the morgue finds severe brain degradation. He did find a new chemical in his system he could not identify. Sherlock posits that based on the note found with Melissa, Jacobi was one of 5 people this drug was administered. Joan and Bell bring Gregson up to speed with what they’ve found. At the brownstone, the three are working on the research. Later, Joan returns to find Sherlock listening to music and laying on the floor. Sherlock has identified all five men who took the drug. Another of the men is dead. Two are still outstanding. Sherlock thinks that this drug alters the perception of time. Kitty contacts Sherlock that one of the men is still alive. The three go to his work to follow up. His mother just passed and he might be hiding at her apartment. They head over to check. Sherlock has Kitty pick the lock. He’s there and trying to run away. He is still sane enough to talk. Gregson and Bell talk to him at the station. He can only tell them about the nurse and a man who might have been in charge. He is able to give them enough to produce a sketch. Joan arrives at the brownstone at Alfredo’s request to check on Sherlock. Sherlock found a picture that matches the sketch. He works in the neurochemistry field. Sherlock tells her he’s been feeling a bit down. They discuss his sobriety. She fell asleep on his couch and he wakes her up with a bugle and breakfast. He very much enjoys waking her up. Bell and Sherlock stake out a rest home where mystery patient number 5 has an aunt. They are trying to catch him. He shows up. He only cares about his research. Gregson and Bell try to get some answers from him. He won’t talk. Sherlock deduces that the doctor is not protecting a company but a person. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock has cracked the alarm with an electromagnetic pulse for Alfredo to see. Sherlock decides to go back to the meetings. He receives a call from Joan. He knows who funded the illegal drug trial. They go to meet him. Sherlock lays out a though process about the trial. Sherlock offers him a deal. But he blows them off. The change paths and speak with the man’s nurse. He tells them he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to be the man’s nurse. Brett tells them that he knows the company they are searching for is owned by his patient. What he tells them clearly puts the sick man in the driver’s seat of the drug trial. At the man’s house, they find him. He’s injected himself with the drug. Joan offers to come back to the brownstone to help. Sherlock tells her no but thanks her for caring.

Elementary S03, Ep08 – End of Watch

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 8
Title: End of Watch
Original Air Date: December 18, 2014

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iTunes Elementary, Season 3 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: He’s armed with a toy gun.

* Kitty: Someone’s been writing down everything you say and posting it here? That’s against the rules isn’t it?

* Kitty: You are very quotable, you know.

* Sherlock: He exports violence and imports misery.

* Kitty: Was our friend there?
Sherlock: Anonymity, Kitty you really must look it up.

* Kitty: It’s the same news report as before. You’re wallowing.
Sherlock: I’m giving myself a much needed dose of self-recrimination.

* Sherlock: It’s strange to be found unique in the setting of a meeting, to stand out. It’s the one area of my life I feel part of the crowd.

Synopsis: Sherlock is at a meeting speaking. A guy comes up to him and asks if “Brain Attic” is his. He’s not thrilled, but gets a call from Gregson before he can further investigate. Sherlock and Kitty go to the scene. Bell and Joan find a fresh footprint. Sherlock removes the downed offices weapon. The magazine has air gun pellets. It’s a toy gun. The surveillance video doesn’t help. Everyone at the station gathers to listen to the final call. Gregson gives information about the funeral. Joan goes with Bell to speak with the wife. Sherlock and Kitty determined that the gun was switched prior to going out on his shift. It was likely another officer who switched the guns. Gregson already has a suspect. They interview his old partner. The slain officers’ wife tell them his life got harder after the accident. He was very proud and happy to be able to finally go back to full duty. Joan notices a lot of things are missing. She discovered that he got hooked on oxycodone. He was improving and they were going to counseling. Joan and Bell look into the possible dealer and the fake gun. At the brownstone, Kitty is working on the video. She’s able to determine the killer has a glass eye. He shows her the blog. It’s all things he’s said in meetings. Kitty volunteers to find the blogger and settle it. Joan calls with information and comes to the brownstone with security videos. She has found that Officer Flynn replaced his own gun with a toy. Sherlock and Joan tell Gregson what they think happened. The footage showed that he had purchased dozens of these toy guns. He worked at an armory. There is now concern that he may have sold dozens of police firearms to pay for his drug addiction. Kitty checks in with a birder to try and narrow down the photographer on the website. One picture gives her a date. Kitty arrives at the brownstone. Sherlock and Kitty will be tracking down the dealer. As for the armory at least 30 firearms were replaced with fake guns. Kitty shows him some photos of people who may be running the website. He recognizes someone but won’t tell Kitty who. Bell calls them, they know who the killer is. He’s been wanted by the ATF and they offer to help to catch the guy. Two patrolmen stop for coffee. While one goes in the other waits in the car. A message pops up on the computer about Burrows, the man who killed Flynn. Burrows walks right up to the car and kills the officer. At the morgue, they discuss the possibilities. Joan volunteers to look for any connection between the two officers. Sherlock has a chat with Darren about the website he created. He tells him how his words helped him and that is why he shared it. He refuses to take it down. Sherlock asks him if his wife knows about his affair. He threatens to tell his wife if the site stays up. Bell and Joan go to visit the most recent fallen officer’s cousin. He’s not helpful. At the brownstone, Joan and Kitty walk in to Sherlock practicing his blow dart skills on a picture of the murderer. Sherlock is still stuck on the drug dealer. Joan realizes that Flynn played sports. It’s possible that “6” was actually an old team mate from when he played football. He’s brought in and they interview him. He tells them about the man buying guns for pills. It was as they suspected, Flynn ended his habit, and cut off the supply of guns. Sherlock races to Gregson. There’s going to be a heist at that armory. The murderer killed the officers to get everyone out and rip off all the weapons at the armory. At the armory, the heist happens. Kitty informs Sherlock the website is down. Kitty and Sherlock head downstairs to find Joan has made a discovery. She thinks he’s hiding guns in furniture to smuggle them. Sherlock notes how quickly Burrows killed the second officer after the first. He had a dead line he has to meet. It allows them to track him and arrest him. When they haul him out he finds almost the full police force waiting to give him a perp walk. Sherlock attends another meeting. He looks up the site to read, “I’m sorry.”

Elementary S03, Ep07 – The Adventures of the Nutmeg Concoction

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 7
Title: The Adventures of the Nutmeg Concoction
Original Air Date: December 11, 2014

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iTunes Elementary, Season 3 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: My spirit of volunteerism is not without its limits.

* Joan: Well, we’re all set on the nutmeg front.

* Joan: How do two adults have a relationship where one never calls the other anything but the nose?

* Gregson: How do they find him? He got a yelp page?

* Kitty: You can get high on nutmeg?
Sherlock: I can’t say it’s a particularly satisfying experience but yeah.

* Sherlock: I don’t think we’re going to be hearing from Mr. Woodbine anytime soon. Our cleaners been cleaned.

Synopsis: A woman hires Joan to find her missing sister. She’s been missing for five years. Her case has a link to several others, the smell of nutmeg. Joan is at a coffee bar and Kitty tracks her down to try and find some casework. She immediately starts forwarding information to Sherlock, who volunteers to help. Sherlock and Joan go to the Behavioral Sciences Unit at the FBI to get the profile. The agent is not cooperative. Sherlock still gets the profile as he uses other agents against him. After reading the profile, he feels each of the six kidnappings was done by different people. At the station, the three work on the cases. In one of the victims belongings there are keys. Only one isn’t labeled so they go to her building and try every door. They find a man’s apartment. He had an affair with her. He proves he was out of state during her disappearance. Back at the brownstone, Joan lays down the law to Sherlock and makes him work. She leaves and runs into an old flame. He wants to hire her to find out who stole is medical card. Joan meets Sherlock at Sing Sing. He grills her about this old flame. There was a file on Jessica’s computer that links to a criminal. They are there to speak with him. He’s not amused. But to be on the gardening crew he gives them a lot of information. Sherlock received a text from Miss Hudson. There’s an area that’s been shot up and it smells of nutmeg. Sherlock and Joan go to the scene. One of Sherlock’s irregulars arrives. He’s got a great nose and will sniff out the scene. He detects all kinds of things including sodium peroxide. The nutmeg scent concoction actually belongs to a common scene cleaner. At the station, Sherlock lays out the evidence so far. He wants to find the cleaner and other cases that he’s cleaned. At the brownstone, Kitty lets Joan know she found the identity thief. Sherlock is trying to create an ad to find the cleaner. Joan gives her friend the information on the identity thief. At the station, Joan is sorting through a long list of people trained to clean crime scenes. Sherlock arrives and tells about an attempt to meet the cleaner that went terribly wrong. Joan gets a text and her ex, who she helped with an identity thief, he is asking her out. Sherlock then tries to analyze her. Sherlock has found something with a mural. Conrad Combine is obsessed with nutmeg. They go to visit him and find his nutmeg concoction. He’s brought into the station for questioning. He doesn’t’ cooperate. They have figure out who would want each person dead and see if they can get them to flip on the cleaner. Sherlock might have found a whole bunch of victims. Joan gets a text and heads out. Later, Joan meets Sherlock at the station to interview the man who may have hired the cleaner. But Sherlock goes off on a tangent about Joan’s love life. They offer him immunity to flip on Woodbine. He flips and gives him up. They storm his offices and it smells of nutmeg. He’s very much dead and cleaned at this point. As Kitty dismantles the murder board she notices something in a photo. He is Woodbine’s superintendent, but he was also at a killers trial. Sherlock and Joan go back to see the murderer. They know it’s his son who is the new cleaner. They offer him a deal ot save his son. Kitty relaxes while Sherlock shows her video of the son being arrested. He congratulates her on figuring out what actually happened. At Joan’s, she is preparing a welcome home dinner for Andrew.

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