Elementary S04, Ep15 – Up to Heaven and Down to Hell

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 15
Title: Up to Heaven and Down to Hell
Original Air Date: March 3, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Coroner: Don’t know what you think you’re going to find over there. It’s not a mystery what happened to him. The woman on this table fell on the guy on that table.

* Sherlock: The absence of mystery does not mean there’s nothing to learn. How often does one get to examine the effects of one human body crushing another?

* Sherlock: Miss Graham might not be just a murder victim but she might be a weapon as well.

* Gregson: It was nice having someone again.

* Gregson: What are you doing here?
Paige: Way to make a girl feel welcome.

Synopsis: Sherlock and Joan sit on a bench, watching an experiment. It proves Sherlock’s point that an autopsy was incorrect. Joan is starving and goes for food. In a restaurant or bar, Gregson is there with his girlfriend Paige. He notices she’s not acting right, she says she’s tired and he gets the check. Joan walks in and finds the two and introductions are made. Meanwhile, on a street a verbal altercation takes place over a parking spot. The man who lost the space is getting something out of his trunk when a woman falls out of the window and lands on the man who did get his space. Sherlock takes a look at the man who the falling woman killed. He finds it interesting because it’s not often one human body crushes another. Sherlock finds a tooth on the body, he suspects it’s from the female. The officers think the woman committed suicide as she had dementia. Sherlock points out that she has severe arthritis and would not be able to move an ottoman onto her balcony. Sherlock heads off to the scene to take a closer look. Joan visits Gregson. He tells her about Paige. She use to be a detective in the 74 and there is history. Something that happened when she was a cop and she is not one anymore. But due to running into Joan she broke up with Gregson. Sherlock and Bell enter Miss Graham’s apartment. Sherlock sniffs out a dog hair. Bell finds the arthritis meds. Bell also finds the medicine is incorrect. Sherlock examines the ottoman. He finds some blood on a nail. At the brownstone, Joan has pulled up articles on Paige. Sherlock updates her on the case. The pills were what was making it look like she had dementia. She has three kids, one of which is a 50 year old son who’s a doctor. Sherlock calls her out on cyberstalking Paige. Sherlock gets a text, Dr. Graham turns himself in and admits to changing her medicine. He doesn’t know that his mother was murdered. His mother had changed her will and cut her three kids out of the will. He tells them the entire estate was left in trust to her dog. They bring a lawyer and the dog in. This lawyer is the trustee for the estate. However, he’s leaving to work for a firm in Chicago. Joan goes to a bookstore to visit Paige. Paige tells her that she can’t understand. Joan asks her to explain. But Joan asks if there is another reason she is calling it quits. She implores her to tell him the truth. Sherlock has Joan meet him in an empty office being refurbished. He’s got a new theory that involves the air rights to air above a building. This designer needed to acquire the air rights of everyone on Miss Graham’s block including hers. They go to see Mr. Hall. He remembers them as they accused him of murder before. He doesn’t want to talk to them. But Sherlock tells him that he believes Miss Graham was killed specifically to halt his project. Joan finds a letter regarding “save the west side” as they were protesting. This building would have obstructed someone’s view and cost them about a million dollars in property values. Sherlock and Joan go to “save the west side” and find it closing. They didn’t know that the project was halted. Joan asks to speak to the group organizer, but he got stabbed to death. It’s why the group is shutting down. Now he can’t have killed Miss Graham because he was already dead. In Gregson’s office, the four go over what happened to Derrick O’Neil. They try and figure out if the two murders are linked in any way. They divide and conquer. Joan winds up going through a lot of paper work. Sherlock asks about how her meeting with Paige went. Joan says it was something else as to why she broke up with the Captain. Joan finds something odd about an environmental study that Derrick knew about but it had not been submitted. There was a park that would have to be bulldozed. There was a leak in Hall’s office feeding information to Derrick. They get his name and go to Hall’s and learn he was fired. He insists the files were not worth killing over. Sherlock swipes a picture that shows the man they just questioned had a pair of the shoes that left a print at the scene of Derrick O’Neil’s murder. Paige surprises Gregson at the station. He’s shocked but has her come into his office. She tells him that she broke up with him because she has MS. She was diagnosed two months ago. She is not worried about his career but what she’ll do to the rest of his life. His response is “I don’t get a say in this?” She tells him good bye and leaves. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock returns with several boxes and plans. Sherlock has also learned that the project will still be going forward per a press release. The building will now be 23 stories shorter than before. The plans for the new building are not out yet. Sherlock thinks both murders were done by the same killer and he wanted to shrink the building. They have Hall come to the station to update him. Sherlock tells him that a miscalculation in the wind factor of the 63 story building. Joan tells him his architect killed the two people to prevent the building being built that tall, but the math is ok for a 40 story building. The pair lay out several plans for Mr. Hall. Gregson asks Joan to meet her at a coffee shop across from Paige’s shop. He wanted to talk to Joan before Paige. He tells her that Paige has MS. He asks Joan about it. He’s done some research but he wants to truly know what will happen. Joan tells him it could be months to years and as it gets worse she will need a lot of help. Gregson sees Paige arrive back from lunch early. Joan gives him a hug as he leaves to go talk to her. She watches.

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