Elementary S04, Ep16 – Hounded

Original Air Date: March 10, 2016

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Understood. Though your talk of motive is a bit premature. We will start with the facts of the case.

* Scientist: That’s Cornwall. He’s a very special dog.

Sherlock: I could tell.

Joan: Oh my God, he’s glowing.

Sherlock: Is he also modified to account for his whereabouts the night Charles Baskerville was murdered?

* Sherlock: You’re standing on a precipice. And I cannot watch you tumble over it, mate. I refuse to. All right?

* Joan: I’m guessing when you say friend you mean prostitute. If you paid them for their company they are not going to be the most credible witnesses.

* Joan: Hold onto your hat. Roger Stapleton’s friends backed up his alibi.

Sherlock: Were they both ladies of the night?

* Joan: You have a better suspect in the Baskerville family tree?

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Synopsis: The coroner is starting an autopsy. Sherlock arrives and annoys the coroner. He is there about a specific case. Sherlock tells him his DNA matches that that was found on the body. He is shocked and upset that he contaminated the sample. That night a man is running through the park and he appears to be being chased by an animal. He makes a crazy jump to get away but then gets slammed into by a small truck. His ID reads Charles Baskerville. Sherlock and Joan go to Baskerville Hall. They meet his brother who is skeptical of the coroner’s report as to cause of death. Sherlock and Joan will take a look into the case for him. At the scene, they realize he was chased. Sherlock finds that some of the branches are broken, not once, but twice. The pursuer was shorter than Charles. He also finds evidence of a third person. Sherlock leaves Joan at the scene to go play chess. Joan asks a man about some alcohol he bought. He starts to freak out and takes off. He tells her it was an animal that was chasing him, like a bear or giant wolf and it glowed. Sherlock checkmates his coroner friend. Sherlock points out it’s the 4th game in a row he’s quickly one. He expresses concern for his friend with everything that has happened to him in the last few months. Joan returns to the brownstone and finds Sherlock going over old cases. She tells him that the man told him a giant glowing wolf or bear was chasing him. They continue to discuss what the homeless man might have actually seen. Sherlock now has access to Charles social media accounts. Death threats are found, lots of them. The two go and speak with the scientist at the lab he was funding. The lab has a dog that glows in the dark. Turns out he is a chimera. He is mixed with a jellyfish. She confirms that he has not left the lab. When Sherlock uses the term “GMO atrocity” she recognizes that she has received threats as well. They go to the suspects apartment. He’s an older, heavyset man not in good health who can barely walk with a cane. He tells them about chickens that were modified to have less feathers and smaller beaks. A picture of a dog is noticed. It’s a war dog. Trained to kill on command. Bell brings in the head of a company who has been developing these dogs. He tells them that picture is concept art. He says the project was not successful. He tells them to look into everyone he patent jacked. Sherlock compiles a list of over 30 companies that he patent jacked. The cases Sherlock has been going over is because of the DNA contamination. Turns out Henry, Charles brother, was also involved in the patent jacking. Sherlock calls Henry. He sees something in his back yard and it’s glowing. He hears a window break and the animal is now in the house. It’s breaking down the door. Sherlock tells him to go outside and keep the pool between it and the creature. It tried to run across the tarp and fell in the empty pool. It’s some kind of robot. Sherlock and Joan realize that it is made up of several patents that he stole. Gregson is shocked. They go to Stapleton Innovations and speak with Roger. He explains the machine is supposed to work like a pack mule. There are 10 robots all together. Gus 5 was shipped to a base but never made it there. They were not allowed to report it to the police. Roger is a cousin of the Baskerville brothers. When they exit, Sherlock goes to the smoking area. He finds the correct cigarette butt. Mr. Barrymore comes out. He tells them that the hunting trip is a cover for him cheating on his wife. He ran into him in Manhatten. The place is less than a mile from where Charles died. Sherlock goes to visit his friend, the coroner. He tells him about Moriarty. He doesn’t want him to go downhill. He gets very emotional telling him this too. Bell brings Roger Stapleton back in for more questioning. He still continues to say he didn’t do it. They do get some information out of him. He spells out the terms of the trust. If he commits a felony he is disinherited. However, his friends do back up his alibi. Joan is still suspicious of him. Sherlock found another person and only Henry and Roger are left. But there could be a love child that would have a claim. Sherlock asks Henry. He tells him all he needs to do is murder his cousin Roger. Sherlock is doing yoga in front of space heaters. Joan points out its been five days since Henry killed Roger. They get a bite, a woman comes forward saying she is Ike Stapleton’s daughter. She presents a birth certificate. She worked for Roger too. He knew she was related. She says he tracked her down. She is busted. She is taken into another room where both Roger and Henry are alive and well. Her plan is done. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock cleans up the case. The doorbell rings and it’s Eugene (the coroner). He gives him three files on ME’s and tells him to pick one. He’s going to get some help.

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