Elementary S04, Ep24 – A Difference in Kind

Show: Elementary

Season: 4 Episode: 24

Title: A Difference in Kind

Original Air Date: May 8, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: What kind of a bomber turns on the alarm before he leaves?

* Sherlock: We came to thank you for saving our lives. So quit the charade and tell us what transpired here tonight.

* Man: I’m sorry but I don’t answer to you, I answer to your father.

* Zoya: What else have you learned?
Moreland: You’re a murderous hag.
Zoya: Good. We’re going to be direct.

* Zoya: I’m sorry. you wished my help, but you are living proof of what happens when he perceives a threat to his power.

* Sherlock: Sometimes you have to bite the orange to peel it.

* Sherlock: This matter will be resolved. Watson and I will see to it.
Moreland: Of that I have no doubt. Thank you, son.

* Sherlock: Yes, let’s talk about bees instead of the execution you just carried out in Yonkers.

* Moreland: I told you I will not lose my son.
Sherlock: So your only recourse was to become head of an organization that murders for profit.

* Moreland: What is it about you and I that we do so much harm to the ones we allege to care about?

* Joan: You are not your father. If he thinks he needs to be alone for the rest of his life that is his problem.


Sherlock takes a closer look at the bomb in the brownstone while Joan backs away. She wants to call the bomb squad. He points out its remotely detonated and they are safe because no one knows they are home. Sherlock disarms the bomb. He then decides to go introduce himself to the person sitting in the car across the street waiting to set off the bomb. They break into the neighbor’s house and set off the alarm. Joan turns off the alarm, she has the code because she has fed their fish before when they go on vacation. Joan texts them to see if they hired a house sitter, they did not. Sherlock points out they are safe but the same bomb at his fathers was left at their home. There has to be issues in the organization. Bell calls about someone that got attacked a few blocks from the brownstone. They all go to the hospital. Sherlock goes through his coat and finds the same cigarettes at the neighbor’s house. Joan points out he is lying to them and spying on them for Moreland. He went after the man who planted the bomb. That’s why he is in the hospital. He admits he works for Moreland. Sherlock leaves to check a church that is by the brownstone that is under construction. Joan waits for Bell. At the church, Sherlock finds blood. He finds his father and two of his men standing by a dead man. The dead man is the one who set the bombs. Sherlock tells his father a number of things about the dead man. He says he does not work for the same person that bombed his father’s office. That’s the most important fact. Moreland tells Sherlock that he was right. He is going to back off to save Sherlock. Moreland tells him he will fully cooperate with Sherlock in regard to the organization and to dismantle it he is at Sherlock’s disposal. At the brownstone, Joan is not happy the rest of the bomb is still there. Sherlock shows her the identity of the dead man. He also thinks he knows who sent the bomb to their house. Sherlock and Joan ride with Moreland in his personal tank to visit the woman. They arrive at her mansion, and all meet to talk. She takes off her hijab and they all speak directly. She apologizes for the bomb in their home. She brings up Vilkner. Sherlock points out that he wants to dismantle all of Moriarty’s Legacy. She takes them to another room. She is tracking UN votes. She wants them to see all the red notations. She wants the professor out as the leader. There is one person the professor had to deal with to take over. The organization actually wants Moreland Holmes to lead them. They leave. Sherlock is excited by all that they learned. Back at the brownstone, Joan is going over the Dante files again. Sherlock has discovered something and wants to check the calendar for 2013. He discovers a woman was kidnapped and killed. He thinks she was taken and tortured for information. He plans to make the murder weapon and steal some of her blood. He’s going to use it to stop Vilkner. Joan arrives at his lecture, her phone rings. She tells him he wants to take it. He finally answers it. Moreland Holmes is on the line. Moreland calls to accept his offer of peace. He tells Moreland the offer is withdrawn. He makes clear there will be no peace until Moreland is dead. Sherlock tells Moreland he’s pleased with the call, and it gave him everything he needs. Moreland then tells Sherlock he has tried to figure out what he did that got Sabine killed. Sadly, it’s his whole life’s work that led to it. Joan is at the FBI office to meet with her connection. He informs her Vikner has disappeared. They can’t find him. Someone tipped him off. There’s a leak. He asks her to be careful. Moreland is informed Sherlock is coming to visit. He suggested more security and getting Moreland’s plane ready. Sherlock and Moreland talk. He suggests he go back to London where he is better protected. He and Joan will take care of the problem. Sherlock leaves and Moreland goes to the balcony. Moreland makes a call and accepts an offer. In the basement at the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock have been digging through Vilkner’s life. The doorbell rings and it’s Mr. Gray. He’s looking for Moreland. Mr. Gray is the head of his security detail. He’s been terminated. He terminated his entire security team. Moreland goes to an empty warehouse. He’s left his cell phone. Vilkner is there. At the brownstone, Sherlock is frantic. Joan gets a call. They have Vilkner’s address. A SWAT team is going to surround it. They race to the scene. Over the radio comes the announcement of a body being found. They go into the warehouse. Vilkner is dead. Sherlock gets a single text, “rooftop.” He meets his father on his rooftop that night. He discusses the bees. The woman they met with called him back and offered to help take out Vilkner. Moreland has decided to take over the organization. Moreland tells him he did it for he and Joan. He did not want any harm to come to them. He plans to disband the organization from the inside. He speaks about the damage their love causes. He warns Sherlock of the harm that could come to Joan if he continues to stay with her. They meet at his fathers safehouse. His father gave it to him. He offers it to Joan. She links it to he and his father’s conversation. She is not amused. Joan suggests they ask her sister to sell the place. She decides to set Bell and her sister up as well.

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