Elementary S05, Ep02 – Worth Several Cities

Show: Elementary

Season: 5 Episode: 2

Title: Worth Several Cities

Original Air Date: October 16, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Shinwell: You say it doc, I believe it.

* Joan: You agreed to work for a drug dealer?
Sherlock: In exchange for the name of another drug dealer, yes.

* Sherlock: It’s possible that Ray stole the single most valuable object in human history: the Imperial Jade Seal of China.

* Joan: By giving Taiwan the seal it could increase tensions between them and mainland China. I would rather not start a second Chinese Civil War.

* Sherlock: Everyone has a price. We’ve just established yours is north of 50 million.

* Joan: On the bright side China is probably the rightful owner of the seal and 20 times 50 million is 1 billion dollars.
Sherlock: So, we’ve established your price.

* Joan: You know what you should do? Keep screening the scary drug lord because there’s no chance that he’s going to show up on our doorstep next.

* Joan: Any chance they’ll arrest him before you end up in a dumpster?

* Sherlock: We are as always a package deal, but never fear are heads and limbs shall remain attached to our respective torsos, unless of course you ignored my instructions to contact everyone and look under a certain rock.


Joan has found a place for Shinwell to live. It’s better than a halfway house. Elsewhere, gang members have kidnapped Sherlock Holmes. Holmes has quite the conversation with him. There are four dead men. Three are his, one is an importer. The leader wants to hire Holmes to find the man who killed all four. Holmes reads the scene for the man. He pushes a cargo container to uncover a hidden cache. He finds evidence of meth. There were at least five assailants. Instead of money, Holmes wants the man to find the person selling the heroin laced with fentanyl. It killed one of his friends. At the brownstone, when Sherlock tells Joan, she is shocked. She wants to report it, but Sherlock informs her the warehouse has since burned down. Sherlock asks about Shinwell. Joan informs him he’s taking the apartment. Sherlock researches boats. It was a boot print that set him on the path. The meth as well. He discovers its North Korean smugglers. The captain says it was all him. He is quickly disproved. He explains that his employers will kill his family. He tells him that his boat was broken into and his safe as well. It had a metal box that he had to deliver. He had to deliver it. He took the meth back but couldn’t find the box. Sherlock goes through the captains phone. There is a location he finds that could hold a mistress. Joan meets with Shinwell to take care of his apartment. He asks Joan about his daughter. The mother died of an overdose 4 years ago. He’d like Joan to find his daughter. Someone comes to the door and asks for Joan in her Chinese name. The Chinese men come in. It’s about the item Holmes is seeking. They want it to. They give her a phone number and the fee they will pay when the object is recovered. They won’t even tell her what it is. But they are willing to pay $50 million for it. Bell and Holmes go to the Woodbury location. Turns out it’s Ray’s boyfriend. It was a carved and heavy green rock. Sherlock starts to describe what it looks like. The boyfriend confirms it. Sherlock does a weird thing with some stuff on the desk. He reveals some Chinese symbols. The missing object is the Imperial Jade Seal of China. At the brownstone, Sherlock and Joan discuss the seal and her visitors today. If the mean were indeed from Tawain as Joan thought, if they got the seal then Tawain would be the leader of China. Their attempt to bribe Joan for the seal means they are not the killers. Sherlock goes through Ray’s credit card statement. He’s likely been using this company to feed bidders. Sherlock hopes to get the delivery address. They get the address and go there. It’s a private warehouse with a private entrance. Joan opens the garage door. Sherlock sees where the metal at the bottom has been damaged, it’s exactly 64” apart. He tracks down a heavily armored car that would cause the damage. It belongs to Wayne Vax. While the pair watch for him to exit his building, Sherlock asks about a person she is searching for. She explains that Shinwell has a daughter, and she is most likely living with her aunt. That’s who she is searching for. Their conversation ends quickly as they see Mr. Vax. One of his attorneys serves them both with restraining orders. They had been applied for two years ago when they were investigating him. He saved them just in case. To Sherlock it’s just confirmation that they are on the right trail. They are interrupted by the doorbell. It’s the daughter of the minster of commerce for China. China has offered to pay 20 times as much as Taiwan offered. Joan points out that that’s a billion dollars. Sherlock looks disgusted at her. Sherlock finally answers the drug lords call. Sherlock meets with him. Sherlock tells him a small update. But he’s shown a garbage can. It’s someone named Jimmy Coslow. He murdered the drug dealer that caused Sherlock’s friend to die. He gives Sherlock two days. Bell has gone to the dead man’s house and confirmed the bad heroin came from there. The hacker collective came through with the information Sherlock wanted. Now he stands near Wayne Vax’s building with a megaphone listing out names that Vax has murdered. They are the names of 22 miners that he is responsible for. He hands the lawyer who came out to silence him. It gets him the meeting he wants. Vax informs Sherlock that releasing the list will not hurt him, just the politicians. He wants to help Sherlock find the Imperial Jade Seal. He says he is the legal owner, that he won Ray’s auction. He gives him papers to prove this. Sherlock informs him the seal was smuggled in just last week. He tells him to find the losers as they are the best suspects. Joan finds Shinwell’s daughters aunt. The aunt changed her name. She doesn’t want Shinwell anywhere near her niece. She does not want Shinwell to know where his daughter is. She wants to protect her niece. Back at the brownstone, C is over reviewing all the provenance. She confirms they are all a fraud. But the auction was real. She noticed on the list that museums are listed with a question mark. She tells them about one in particular that they should look at. Ray may have possibly extended an offer to bid on the seal to the person who had already bought it. Sherlock and Joan go to pay him a visit, but he is dead. There are police at his residence, he’s dead. The Imperial Jade Seal was used to kill him. Sherlock believes it to be the actual Imperial Jade Seal of China. Sherlock and Joan are making imprints of the seal on the bottom to send to experts to confirm if it is the real seal. It’s likely the same person who killed Ray killed Denchin (sp?) Now the seal will likely go back to China under law. Joan tells a story about someone returning the seal and being made prime minister. The daughter of the Chinese minister of commerce arrives at the station to speak with them. Sherlock asks Wendy to send a message for him. Sherlock pays Vax a visit. Sherlock informs Vax he knows he’s nearly bankrupt. Sherlock informs him he knows he will be awarded a hefty contract in China because he has done them a favor. He then goes on about the security guard who is left handed. Sherlock then lays out that Vax had his men kill Denchin and leave the jade seal so it will be returned to China by law. If Sherlock tells Halcon that he is responsible for Ray’s death, Halcon will kill him. He gives him the option to confess and be tried and convicted. Joan meets Shinwell at a soccer pitch. He found his daughter on his own. She plays goalie. He tells Joan that he is not going to talk to her. He has to earn having her in his life. At the brownstone, Sherlock tells Joan that Vax confessed. Falcon was not happy at first but is going to accept it and let them be. Sherlock hangs one of the prints he made of the Imperial Jade Seal.

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