Elementary S04, Ep08 – Burden of Blood

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 8
Title: Burden of Blood
Original Air Date: January 14, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Marcus was here, I took a shower, so obviously we’re secret lovers.

* Joan: I heard the same thing I heard the first hundred times. A woman who is terrified because her killer popped up behind her.

* Sherlock: I was mistaken. You don’t know what my partner looks like naked.

* Bell: FYI, this is why I went to Joan for help and not you.

* Sherlock: If you don’t want the promotion why are you taking the test?

* Joan: Did you kill Ellen because you love your wife?

* Sherlock: I think you’re absolutely right.
Joan: I don’t hear that often enough.

* Sherlock: We know you killed her but we don’t know why.

Synopsis: Sherlock arrives home and can’t get in; a door is locked. Bell comes down the stairs to let him in. Sherlock looks horrified. Sherlock goes straight up stairs and accuses Joan of sleeping with Bell. She denies it but he feels she is lying and he does not understand why. Sherlock informs her they have a murder in Queens. A woman is in a car with a plastic bag over her face. Sherlock and Joan go over the scene. He finds the cell phone. He quickly hacks her phone and plays a message on the phone. It has the audio of her murder. The next morning, Sherlock is still listening to the recording of her murder. Sherlock realized that she recognized her killer. He takes Joan’s coffee and they go to the morgue. It was an eventful autopsy. The murder victim was 8 weeks pregnant even though her tubes had been tied. Sherlock and Joan go to see the husband of the victim, Ellen. Joan asks her husband how he felt about the pregnancy. He had no idea. Sherlock points out that Ellen was having an affair as he has a syndrome that prevents him from getting anyone pregnant. He gets angry and asks them to leave. Sherlock gets the license plate of his truck to confirm he was in upstate New York. Joan pays Ellen’s doctor a visit. She refuses to help. Joan chooses to be tenacious in the hope of getting any kind of information. She waits in the doctor’s office as she goes to take care of a problem. As soon as the doctor leaves she heads to her computer. At the station, Sherlock determines Bell is studying to the Sargent’s test. Bell is shocked that Sherlock gives him his full support. Joan didn’t find out who the father was but did get a burner email address. She knows the father’s email. Sherlock wasn’t able to find any security footage of the husband’s truck. Ellen had set up a meeting with her lover, oddly enough at Sing Sing prison. She was planning to see a serial killer in custody. Ellen was the killers daughter. They meet with him. He was surprised she wanted to see him since she had not since 1993. He also has a son. The two visit the son and his family. They are upset about Ellen. They don’t know who she was with, but were able to tell them the name of the restaurant they saw her and a man at. Sherlock is helping Bell study. He’s not taking the test for himself but his mother who lost a job. She needs help. Joan comes back with the footage from the restaurant but there isn’t a clear picture of the mans face. Sherlock also tells her about Bell’s mothers situation. Joan recognizes the pose and thinks it’s the Jacob’s realtor. They go and talk to him. When they mention the pregnancy he gets a bit unsettled. He admits that they had been together a few times. Joan outright accuses him of the murder. He kicks them out. He’s now suspect number one to Sherlock. Sherlock researches the serial killer. It turns out that the realtors mother was his third victim. Gregson and Bell pay the realtor a visit. The woman at the office thinks they are there because the realtor got attacked, but he is there for other reasons. They visit him in the hospital. He admits he know who Ellen was and that all he wanted was to talk to her father face to face. He thinks it’s the husband who killed Ellen and tried to kill him. The pictures of the wounds make Sherlock think that the husband did attack the realtor. They arrest him. Joan goes to the station to see Bell. Joan is there to help him study. Joan and Sherlock have done a mock test for Bell to help him pass the test. Joan awakes to hearing the murder recording again and again. Sherlock is back. He tells her he believes he knows who killed Ellen. She use to call her brother No, not Nolan. Her first No, was his name, not actually no. They bring the brother in. They lay out what they have. They play the recording several times and he gets visibly upset. He tells them that they had a deal to not have kids, to not pass on the genes of their father. At the station, a suspect is being taken in. It turns out the case Bell solved is who just got arrested. They basically hired him as a consultant. The man had a bounty on his head, they collected the bounty which was $40,000. Sherlock kept $4,000 as a finder’s fee. He handed a check for $36,000 to Marcus made out to his mother to help her. Marcus is more than a little shocked. But clearly happy as he immediately throws away the materials for the Sargent’s exam.

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