Elementary S04, Ep10 – Alma Matters

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 10
Title: Alma Matters
Original Air Date: January 28, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: You and I have always had our differences, but I at least thought you knew the content of my character.

* Joan: If this guy isn’t behind it all then he is the luckiest innocent bystander in history.

* Sherlock: You think we are looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack? Yes we are.

* Sherlock: I see very much what I expected to see. A psychopath with no real human connections except the façade he maintains for convenience. A vampire of sorts, but instead of blood you feed on hopes and dreams.

* Moreland: It was true what you said before. I should have never suspected my own son. I do know you.

* Sherlock: You stay or go, I don’t care. But either way I’m going to find and stop who tried to kill you.

Synopsis: Moreland comes out of his office to find Sherlock standing like a statue. Sherlock asks him why he didn’t tell him he survived an assassination attack. He admits its true. Sherlock informs him that he’s placed himself and Joan in danger. He tells him the blood is so he has it available and that he doesn’t believe another attempt will be made so no one is in danger. Sherlock decides to investigate. A home is being robbed and one of the robbers witness a murder.

Two weeks Later….Sherlock limps into the kitchen for the first aid kit. As he takes off his jacket there’s a lot of blood on his shirt sleeve. Joan comes in, upset that he disappeared, but she sees his arm and is immediately concerned. His father has prevented legal avenues from finding out what’s going on. Joan realizes some of the blood is actually lipstick and he smells of perfume, she is not amused. He missed a Hemdale call. There’s information about a murder. The lady who run it gives Sherlock and Joan an article. Turns out the dead man worked for a college, who happens to own the halfway house. She feels the school is abusing her patients. She’s got casefiles for them to look at. They agree to look into it. Sherlock gets a text from an Interpol agent. Joan meets with the detective and he shows her the crime scene. He tells her about the chain of burglaries. Joan thinks crime was not connected to the other five. The thieves knew the other Russian victims. She thinks they hit because they knew the victims were at church. She does link the view. Sherlock is waiting for his father’s Interpol again at his hotel. He jumps in the elevator with him. He’s not receptive of Sherlock. Bell brings in a suspect on the five robberies. He describes the shooter for Bell. Sherlock is back at the halfway house. Lily, the woman who runs it, was strangled to death. Joan fills in Gregson on what she asked to speak with them. They do get a sketch of the killer. Bell and Watson meet with the president of the college. He takes off but leaves them with two people to answer their questions. They stonewall for the most, but allow them access to office staff and computers. Sherlock pays his father another visit. He confronts Moreland and asks if he thinks that Sherlock was who tried to kill him. He responds that he knows he was not involved. Sherlock tells him he can be certain he did not try to kill him because he is still alive. At the brownstone, Sherlock is pouring honey down the sink. Joan realizes that his meeting with his father went poorly. She tells him her meeting went poorly as well. Gregson calls and the sketch got a hit. They go to his last known address. The wife tries to protect him. Bell talks to the daughter as well. He notices her messed up elbow. She gives him an alibi for one of the murders. Bell calls Gregson. The man just showed up at the station and confessed to both murders. Sherlock talks with him. He informs him that he knows he did not kill Lilly. It leads Sherlock to determine that there are actually two killers, not one. He thinks that he is going through a list of people who owe large amounts of school loans. Bell has done some digging into Trager’s past and finds a lot of interesting coincidence, but it’s far too many to all be a coincidence. Now they have a plan: look for ex-cons who defaulted on their loans. Sherlock goes to visit Trager himself. Trager challenges him. Trager defends himself. He tries to outtalk Sherlock. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock discuss how their meetings went. Neither had much progress. The doorbell rings and Sherlock is surprised to see his father. Moreland gives Sherlock an actual apology. He then gives Sherlock the whole story. He wants to make things right with Sherlock. He then makes his leave to return to London as Sherlock had requested. Joan has been working on narrowing down loan subjects. She used Victor to model who would be most likely. Sherlock puts a picture of a Tartan on the laptop screen. A board meeting at the college, is hijacked by Sherlock. He begins show picture after picture of people who he’s had do dirty work for him. They determined and lay out how the different subjects were selected. Lily got killed because his defaulted loan had started being paid again. The police have the person in custody who coordinated everything. Bell comes in and arrests him. At the brownstone, Sherlock makes a quick exit. He shows up at his father’s office. He investigated his previous Interpol agents file. Turns out he was spying on Moreland. The agent was actually working for the man who tried to kill Moreland. Sherlock informs his father that we will find who tried to kill him. As he walks away Moreland has several emotions play on his face and he sighs.

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