Elementary S04, Ep17 – You’ve Got Me, Who’s Got You?

Original Air Date: March 20, 2016

Favorite Quotes:

* Bell: Do you know his real name?

Tailor: He didn’t want anyone to know his real name so why should I tell you?

Bell: Because you don’t want the person who did this to get away with murder.

* Joan: It’s pretty hard to say no to someone who just donated $250,000 to a charity I care about. But that was the whole point, right?

* Sherlock: You are my first superhero.

Joan: You do make quite an entrance.

* Joan: I think I might know who the new Midnight Ranger is and if I’m right he might have killed the old one.

* Joan: There’s no mole here. At least there’s nothing in the material you gave me that points to one. As far as I could tell you were just outmaneuvered. That can happen you know. You can lose.

* Sherlock: So the fact that a trusted employee shot a man dressed up as the Midnight Ranger, doesn’t seem strange to you? Why is that?

* Sherlock: You were stopped before you could even get started, weren’t you? Foiled by a caped crusader.

* Sherlock: So why don’t you do the right thing now? Why don’t you make it clear that your friend didn’t die a silly man in a silly costume? Make it clear that he died a hero.

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Joan comes downstairs and lets Sherlock know she’s going to the station. He tells her this is “everyone.” It’s the collective hacker group. They are helping with Joan’s clothing driving. He makes them strip naked. At the station, the clothing drive is going well. Joan’s friend arrives for the clothes. Her friend tells her she got a 5 figure donation. It’s from Moreland Holmes. At a bakery, the head baker tries to rouse all the homeless that have slept out front. All but one go. He turns him over and it’s a dead man dressed as a superhero. It’s the midnight ranger, he’s been dead about 7 hours. He worked in Green Point every night. He was killed with armor piercing rounds. Bell needs them to figure who the Midnight Ranger actually was. Sherlock notes that his costume was professionally made. The character is owned by Superlative. They’ve been trying to find out who the ranger is as well. Joan asks about his father. They ask the editor about the real life ranger. Turns out they are in talks for a Midnight Ranger movie. They don’t have much information on the ranger. They find the tailor, he’s very upset about the ranger being dead. His name was Danny Dalton. Apparently, it’s still not his real name. Joan goes to visit Moreland Holmes. He does need Joan’s help. He feels there’s a problem in his organization. He had a deal negotiated, 10 on the team, yet someone else got the deal. His team of 10 was well vetted, but he wants them investigated. She’s not happy, clearly the donation was made to get her cooperation. Back at the house, Joan finds Sherlock reading a pile of comic books. There are 648 issues that he is reading. The Ranger has died 5 times, but do not match up with this murder. Sherlock brings up his father. She tells him he thinks one of his people are selling secrets. Sherlock gets a mysterious call about the Midnight Ranger. He wants to talk to Sherlock, he’s currently on his roof. He’s there to help. He didn’t want to show up at the front door. Sherlock does some deduction and gets him to take off the mask. The hero community knows about Sherlock. Sherlock is known as someone who can help. The Midnight Ranger is Mark Stratton. He advises them to check the logs at the Midnight Ranger’s headquarters. Sherlock tells her he’s not comfortable with her helping his father. He then tells her about trying to find out who tried to kill his father. Sherlock finds a check for $1,000. Sherlock goes to see the Midnight Ranger’s editor. He informs him that he was friends with Mike. The editor is the creator’s grandson. He was sending Mike money to keep him safe. He also gives Sherlock access to his email to prove they were friends. The Midnight Ranger was very organized. There was a piece of a tactical belt recovered. Gregson comes and gets them both. There is new video, there’s a new Midnight Ranger. Sherlock pays his “hero” a visit. Sherlock rips open his shirt and finds the Midnight Ranger uniform. He says he was wearing it to honor Mike. At the station, they tell him about letters and things getting retconned. They ask for his alibi. He tells them a story about someone being attacked in Greenpoint. The Midnight Ranger was there to help. He wrote him and he told him to be a hero. Joan did find a drug dealer. Sherlock goes and pays the drug dealer in the park. The guy doesn’t want to talk. Sherlock answers his phone and pretends it’s the Captain. He gets the drug dealer to return what he took, his cell phone. He opens the phone easily. He takes it. Joan goes to visit Moreland Holmes. Joan wants to speak about the other case first. She asks him about his escape. He doesn’t answer any questions. Joan tells him in the material he gave her he was outmaneuvered there was no mole. At the station, Sherlock is introduced to Sgt Black from the 7-4. He shows him the phone. He called the police 37 times and the police, Black’s desk phone called him once. He knows the name Mike Stratton. He says a guy named Baxter was brought in for a DUI and he called his friend for bail from Black’s desk phone. Turns out Baxter also owns a 45 and has a permit for it. The comic book publisher tells Bell and Sherlock that Al Baxter is “working from home.” It’s code for he’s too hung over to come in. He’s not surprised that an employee might have done it. He tells them Baxter is the angriest person he knows. He states that everyone there hates him. He was only hired on a lark because the head of publishing thought it would be good to hire the creators grandson. Sherlock points out he and Mike Stratton were very good friends. A week ago Baxter found out about the movie. It was the night of the 13th, same night Midnight Ranger was killed. He was quite close to the restaurant they all ate at as well. Sherlock pulls the fire alarm. He wants everyone out of the building safely. He thinks Baxter planned to kill everyone at the company but not Mike Stratton. Baxter is now in an interrogation room. Sherlock visits him after an hour. Sherlock tells him they found an arsenal in his basement. Sherlock points out that he was foiled by a caped crusader. Sherlock lays out the concerns. Sherlock shows him the torn tactical belt piece. He lays out what Baxter’s plans were. He asks him to tell the truth. It appears he does. Sherlock has also gathered some books to loan the new Midnight Ranger to try and keep him safer. Joan heads out to dinner with a friend. However, Joan stops a Neil Kurtz. She tells him she was asked to find a mole who undermined a business deal, him. She informs him she found an encrypted email that proves he shared information with the other side. He asks what she wants. She tells him the same thing, a mole in Moreland’s office.

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