Elementary S04, Ep14 – Who is That Masked Man

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 14
Title: Who is That Masked Man
Original Air Date: February 25, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Everyone within 100 miles of Montreal has a sexy French name, I’d be suspicious if I didn’t.

* Sherlock: There is a vast gulf between impossible and impossible to imagine.

* Moreland: Someone I loved was annihilated because of me.

* Gregson: What the hell is this guy up to?
Bell: Not sure, but he may not be done killing people.

* Moreland: When I look at you I see your mother. I hear her voice.
Sherlock: I am my Mother’s son.

Synopsis: A woman in Quebec is watching The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Her doorbell rings and it’s Joan. Joan uses the pretense that her car broke down. In a video arcade a man runs for his life. A person with a shotgun has killed everyone. Sherlock and Joan join the Captain at this murder scene. Three of the deaths are Chinese mobsters. They go over the scene. Sherlock thinks it was an ambush by an ally. Sherlock and Joan go to visit a man in his shop. He runs the Ghost Mountain triad. He gives them an alibi. Sherlock has swapped out the mans cell phone to try and get the lay of the Ghost Mountain gang. His doorbell rings, it’s his father. He wants to know why Sherlock is looking into Sabine. Sherlock tells his father that Sabine might have been a party to the attempt on his life. Joan meets Bell at the station. He has a file she asked her. The file on the nephew of the gang leaders mistress. The three speak with a witness who saw the beating. The witness says an old lady did it. In the garbage can at the scene, Sherlock discovers a disguise to make the attacker look like an old woman. Gregson brings the two gang heads in to meet. They are trying to prevent a full on gang war. They show both of them the mask and wig used to disguise the killer. A war is averted. In Gregson’s office, Sherlock tells them this is a pretend master of disguise. The faked seizure helped. He does have a possible woman that the murderer pretended to be. A woman in her 70s who chose to go to jail in her 70s rather than rat out her husband or anyone else. Joan has headed off to talk to her. Joan does not get a warm reception. She tells her that the murderer was a white man who disguised himself to look like her. She tells Joan about a photographer who took her picture. He took her laundry as well. She can only tell her it’s a white man with brown hair. Sherlock and Joan meet with the manager of the facility. He’s not helpful. Back at the brownstone, they start from the dead gang member angle. Sherlock tells her about his fathers visit. Sherlock now brings up his mother. He says the good that is in him is all from his mother. His mother died in a fire. He feels his mother died because his father through her out. Sherlock found something interesting on the visitors log. He’s caught by the writing on the fourth line. The witness they spoke with he’s a very skilled mortician who’s work is described as very life like. They find a box of shotgun shells with four missing. He’s actually made three masks, not just the old woman. The suspects wife got a text that he is ok. He was diagnosed with a terminal condition, and his wife thinks he snapped. Sherlock shows the woman several pictures. He gets some answers. They show the leader of the Snake Eye boys two pictures. He does not recognize the mortician. He does recognize the man they do not. He tells them the man showed up at 1am and no one would let him in. That is why he did the mask of the old woman. Sherlock shows up at his father’s office. He has brought back Sabine’s things. Moreland gives Sherlock access to Sabine’s email to fully clear her. He also comments that Sherlock is his mother’s son. He gives him a folder. He tells him his mother had a problem that he did not understand. He wanted to help her. He sent the boys to boarding school when the mother went back to drugs. Joan tries to call Sherlock, but Gregson says he got caught by TSA. His justification was that there was three fewer bad guys out there. Joan points out a scar on his arm. She thinks there is a link to the scar on his arm. Gregson presses him and he asks for a lawyer. Joan was able to confirm he was stabbed with a double edged blade. Sherlock joins Joan in their basement office. Joan shows him the body the murderer had been working on. He had been a patient at Willowbrook. They make the administrator see the body at the morgue. The patient did not die naturally. He decides he wants to flip on the Snake Eyes. Joan tells him how he got duped by Sven. Sherlock shows up at Moreland’s office. He found something in the emails. One of Sabine’s friends were in town. That’s how the killer knew. Her email had a worm and he was getting a copy of each email. They have their version of a heart to heart.

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